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J-Drama Review: Omukae Death (2016)

January 15th, 2017

My first reaction to this series was “Dead Like Me with giant pink rabbits” and that pretty much describes what it is.  It falls outside of our normal fare but it looked interesting and hey, it was summer, there wasn’t much on TV, so what the heck?

That said though, I could tell right off the bat that I’d enjoy it and, spoiler alert, I did.  So what is it that made this 9-episode 2016 supernatural comedy fun?  Read on to find out.

TV Thursday: Aftermath Season 1 (2016)

January 12th, 2017

To be honest, watching this series was a mistake.  I saw it go by and remembered having heard something about a series on National Geographic by the same name.  And really, the NatGeo show still sounds a lot better than what we got.  Space usually does some pretty decent shows so we decided to give Aftermath a go, but was that a mistake?  Only clicking below will tell.

TV Thursday: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Season 1 (2016)

January 5th, 2017

I am a big fan of Douglas Adams in print.  Not so much most of the televised or film adaptations of his work because a lot of what Douglas Adams has done just doesn’t translate well to the big or small screen.  Probably my favorite take on Hitchhiker’s Guide was the original BBC version from 1981.  So when I heard that they were doing Dirk Gently, hey, why the heck not, right?  Therefore, here’s my review of the first season of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Movie Review: Spectral (2016)

January 3rd, 2017

This was actually supposed to be a big-screen film released by Universal, until it was pulled and dropped on Netflix as Universal decided to focus on Warcraft. They said that Spectral didn’t have enough mass-market appeal, and I’ll agree with that.  But even smaller movies can be good, so as soon as it was released, I grabbed it and finally sat down to see if it was any good.  So let’s review Spectral.

Why are Modern Spaceships Crap?

December 31st, 2016

A discussion came up recently about why modern ships in movie and TV sci-fi were so awful compared to things that had been done in the past.  Of course all of this is purely subjective, people tend to identify more with the ships they grew up watching over things from eras they weren’t either impressionable or around for.  Of course, I have my own take on the situation which may or may not resonate with others.  But hey, it’s my blog, I can write about anything I want to.

J-Drama Review: Corpse Party (2015)

December 27th, 2016

I have a massive pile of J-drama that I need to get time to watch.  At least as TV slows down over Christmas, I might be able to get through the stack and see and review a couple of series.  But last night, having some time, I dug through the pile and came up with Corpse Party, a 2015 movie, directed by Masafumi Yamada and starring Ikoma Rina, Ikeoka Ryōsuke and Maeda Nozomi.  It’s based on a series of horror video games in Japan and has also received the anime and live action TV treatment.  So the format was right, but is the movie actually any good?

Which Fallout Has the Best Music?

December 25th, 2016

I don’t know how this came up in my mind, but I was listening to the theme for Fallout 4 and started to try to remember how all of the previous Fallout themes went.  I’m not a huge fan of music in general, but I know that when I was playing Skyrim, I used to listen to the soundtrack in the car a lot.  The theme for that game is amazing and I feel the same about the theme for Fallout 4.  So I asked myself which one was best and had to go back and revisit all of them.  Therefore, here they all are.  Let me know which one you like the best!

TV Thursday: Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2 (2016)

December 22nd, 2016

Last year I absolutely loved Ash vs. Evil Dead, I thought it added a lot to the already existing movies and showed what you could do with televised horror if the network had the cajones to just let it be horror.  But what I didn’t like, necessarily, was the finale, which wrapped the whole thing up with a nice bow while still leaving it open for another season.

Well guess what?  They did it again!  And while this time they drifted both farther and closer to their cinematic roots, did they do so faithfully to the Ashley Williams canon?  Let’s see.

Cephus' Corner

A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.