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Woodworking Shop Update: Outfeed Table - Cephus' Corner

Woodworking Shop Update: Outfeed Table

February 19th, 2017

So once I got my table saw completely rebuilt and the brand new blade installed, it cut like a dream, like a hot knife through butter, but there was a problem.  See, in my old shop, I had a big outfeed table that was 8 feet long and 4 feet wide behind it, but my new shop setup doesn’t allow for that so the old table went elsewhere and now, I had nothing to feed wood onto.

But never fear, a new table is on the way!

The new table is four feet wide and almost four feet long and because I don’t need it there all the time, I made it a flip-up and it works beautifully.  Compact and out of the way most of the time, it pops up when I need it and goes away when I don’t.  It functions just fine as an additional work surface to supplement the two other benches I now have, my original 7’x4′ and the old outfeed that moved elsewhere.  So that’s one project down and multiple others to go.

I’ve figured out the next two.  First, I need storage desperately.  My tools are still in boxes and on benches everywhere.  I have one wall above my workbench that I wanted to put in cabinets, but that would cut into my workspace.  Therefore, I’m putting in a whole wall french cleat system for hanging tools and cabinets.  I used to have pegboard above my workbench and while it worked, I never really liked it and there were a lot of tools that just don’t hang well with pegs.  Now I can make whatever I want for my tools and it will fit perfectly, plus I can move things around any time I want for more efficiency.  It’s going to have a stand-off from the wall because I plan on running electrical cables and a bench-mounted vacuum system that I can sweep sawdust into for easy cleanup.  Of  course, I do have to get my outdoor dust collector/compressor room built for that, but that’s something for later on in the spring.  If this works out, I may put more french cleats in various places around the shop for convenient storage.

The other thing I need to do is rebuild my router table. During the move, something in the truck fell onto the top and cracked it.  I had the mounting plate and router, plus all of the bits and stuff from the drawers, packed separately so it was just wood that broke, but when I moved the broken table into the shop, I just put another tool on top of it and I think I like it there. So I’m going to go back to having a router table mounted in my table saw wing like I used to, plus I can take the fence from the router table, which I really like, and modify it slightly so it mounts on the table saw fence perfectly.  And now with the swing-up outfeed fence, that gives me even more support for the router table and I can just use the old table for a new purpose, with a new flat top on top, of course.

Other things I need to do is come up with a new clamp rack, which I may put behind one of the two doors into the shop.  I’ve gotten several new clamps since the move so it’s time to come up with something useful.  Right now, all of my clamps are just hanging on the window sills around the shop.  The other is to build a new finishing booth, although that has to wait for my compressor setup. So things are coming along, slowly but surely, as I make final decisions about what has to go where.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.