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Wondercon 2017 - Day Three - Cephus' Corner

Wondercon 2017 – Day Three

April 2nd, 2017

Front of the Convention

Final day, or the “Holy crap I’m old” edition. I could hardly move this morning as I dragged myself out of bed, but the con must go on, so we packed up our stuff, checked out of the hotel and trudged off to the final day of the convention.  Hopefully, I won’t call apart completely by the end of the day, especially since I have a long drive home afterwards. So convention ho!

We hit a panel first thing in the morning, which is where they put the unpopular stuff, it was supposed to be about comics in education but turned out to be about diversity in comics, which

Panel Without a Clue

frankly, as I’m sitting in the panel right now, they’re just wrong. They are complaining about the recent Marvel statement that their bad sales are due to diversity.  No, it’s mostly due to bad writing, but on the diversity side, it’s because of forced diversity. They are making characters black for the sake of being black, female for the sake of being female and gay for the sake of being gay. Instead of creating characters that are these diverse voices, they are arbitrarily forcing existing characters to be things that they have never been before and they’re shocked that badly written, forced diversity characters don’t do well. Duh!  But I’ve written about that before and watching these special snowflakes who can only see things in racial or gender terms just pisses me off.

The second panel was on IDW’s kid’s comics, which was cute and they had all the kids in the room asking questions for free comics.  The kids actually did pretty well, which was a little surprising, but I guess I’m used to dealing with really stupid adults who operate below the level of most 9 year olds.

We were going to run down to the Lucifer panel, and I do mean run because it was at the complete opposite end of the convention center,  but decided not to because we’re really getting a bit tired of media panels anyhow. I don’t really care about seeing the stars and they never really say anything all that interesting, which is why I don’t really mind missing both media panels we were going to hit this year.

Sadako from Ringu

I usually spend some time on Sunday, which is much more laid back than Saturday, looking at some of the cosplay going on a the con.  However, one thing that my wife and I noted was that there wasn’t a lot of “wow” moments in cosplay this year. Usually there are some standouts that we just have to get pictures of, this time, there were very few.  There was someone playing Sadako from Ringu, and doing a really great job climbing into and out of a TV they had on site.

Doctor Strange’s Cape

Usually, Wondercon falls over Easter weekend and you get a ton of Easter-themed cosplayers on Sunday, but this time, there was none of that, which was unfortunate.  We were hoping that they’d go for it anyhow, but I don’t think I saw anyone in Easter gear.

One thing that pissed me off this year was several people in mobility scooters decided to deck


out their transport as cosplay, which would be fine, but was utterly huge, slow-moving and blocked aisles, which they seemed utterly oblivious to.  I get that you have mobility problems, but making your scooter into a cardboard Star Tours Starspeeder and fouling up traffic was a cool idea, but poor in execution.

Speaking of bad traffic, they did fix the majority of the traffic jams that we saw in Los Angeles last year, except for aisle 100, which for some reason was narrower


than most others, and got completely clogged constantly.  It was like having SDCC flashbacks.  I have no idea why that was an issue because directly on the other side of the  vendors was a big open area that they could have easily pushed the booths back another 5 feet and avoided the problems.  They also apparently fixed the problems they had last year with the badges, at least in our experience, because they all

Demogorgon from Stranger Things

worked fine all weekend and I didn’t hear any grumbling about malfunctioning RFID.  That said though, and I already gave credit to the convention for having a single in/out scan, as the weekend wore on, we saw a lot of con security looking at badges inside the convention, which makes no sense at all because you couldn’t have gotten to that point without having a valid badge at the scan-in outside.  Other than having to employ the union workers, what’s the point of that?

Surprisingly, the religious freaks were gone today.  I don’t know if they got warned off or if Deadpool drove them away, or if they gave up because it wasn’t Easter Sunday, but there was no sign of any of them, either in front of the con or out in front of Disneyland.  I’m wondering what happened.

Signs make sense!

Overall, I had a blast at Wondercon this year. I really think they’re getting the hang of this Southern California con thing, it only took them 6 years to figure it out.  We were talking about it on the way in, that they actually have decent signing this year.  How hard is that?  They even had a sign linking Wondercon to the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, which seemed obvious to me and apparently Warner Bros. agreed and made them a sign.

The Haul

I am totally worn out and happy to be home, but as you can see from the picture, we got a ton of stuff, and that’s just for my wife and I, our kids got at least as much.  One thing that, unfortunately happened, is that we discovered that a lot of what we were buying, at least the common stuff, could be gotten on Amazon cheaper, so at least two major series we were going to buy got shoved aside for later purchase.  I was talking to a vendor, when she heard me say that I could get something cheaper online, and she sympathized, but she has to buy this stuff retail, at least the rarer exclusive stuff, and the vendors on Amazon typically are the ones selling it in the first place so they can sell it cheaper.  I understand why it’s so difficult for con vendors, but hey, when you’re looking at a near 50% discount off an expensive figure, you do what you have to do.  I bought a bunch of stuff from her anyhow so she wasn’t upset.

So that’s another year in the bag.  Now we just have the unpacking and cataloging to do, and of course, a ton of sleep and asprin for all of the aching muscles.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes.  Give me a week to recover and I’d go right back.  At least I have a year to go before I make the trek again.  We’ll absolutely be getting a hotel again next year, which we had meant to do more night activities, but there really wasn’t anything interesting to do, which was a shame.  I wonder why, conventions used to have a ton to do after dark.  I miss that.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.