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Wondercon 2014 Day 2 - Cephus' Corner

Wondercon 2014 Day 2

April 19th, 2014
This isn't a costume, this is Batman riding a prop!

This isn’t a costume, this is Batman riding a prop!

With a less-than-perfect day one under our belts, we head out for day two of Wondercon.  Today, the convention runs from 10am-7pm and our first panel is at noon, therefore we have to get there early.  It’ll be a full day, we won’t be leaving early like we did yesterday, so let’s get into my review of day two of Wondercon 2014. It honestly wasn’t bad.  Sure, all the problems from yesterday were still there but since I didn’t have to register or any of that, it wasn’t an issue.  We had a good time walking through the dealer’s room, a bit slower today, and ended up getting some fun stuff. More on this later.

Kotobukiya Star WarsOne of our panels, the Kotobukiya Spring Preview, was interesting, I took tons of pictures of upcoming figure releases.  I’ve been a fan of their gashapon in Japan for a long time but unfortunately, that stuff never sees the American shore, we get all of the American comic book, Star Wars, etc. licences, mostly in statues and the like.  I’m not so much into that, my house isn’t decorated in geek chic, but it’s still interesting to see what’s coming out.

The other, the 60th Anniversary of Godzilla, was informative at least, hosted by Peter H. Brothers, he does a good job explaining all of the background around the production and filming of the movie, but honestly, he just spends an hour reading from one of his books, it’s all a completely canned presentation with no Q&A.  He plays a couple of scenes from the movie in question, but seriously, he’s talking to an entire room full of Godzilla fans, we’ve all seen it before!  We own the DVDs!  We could probably quote the whole film!  I’ve seen him before, I was just hoping for a little more.

I will say one thing, I’m officially revising my list of criteria for cosplay that I wrote about a while back.  If you’re going to cosplay at a convention, wear something that allows you to go to the bathroom easily!  I walked into a bathroom and there was a guy undressing desperately, taking off 6 levels of costume, down to his underwear, before he could go.  He had to wait until someone came into the bathroom to unzip his bodysuit.  No.  Do not do this. Oh yeah, and the religious crazies were back, but this time they brought their pissed off uncle.  Okay, clearly this guy wasn’t from the same place, he had a hand-made sign and he stood there literally screaming the Bible at anyone who would listen.  Nobody would.  In fact, there were at least 50 con attendees that surrounded him and shouted him down.  It was a bunch of people in costumes yelling at a moron with a Bible.  Unfortunately, I had put the camera away by then and didn’t get a shot.  If he’s there again tomorrow, I’ll make sure I do.

FuncoOkay, before I do anything else, I wanted to talk more about what Wondercon is.  It’s more of a comic  book convention, like what San Diego Comicon used to be, than the media con that SDCC has become.  The overwhelming majority of panels are on comic books, how to write comics, how to draw comics, talking with creators, etc.  The thing is, there aren’t a lot of comic book vendors at the con.  There are a couple to be sure, but most of the convention caters to peripheral interests.  There used to be a company that dealt exclusively in boards and backers and all of that, they don’t even come anymore.  There was one thing that was absurdly abundant this year and even though I swore I wasn’t going to buy any of it, I did.  It was those Funco Pop-Vinyl figures that were everywhere and I mean everywhere.  There were walls built out of them.  You couldn’t get away from them.  So I bought 6 and I know there are a couple more I’m going to get tomorrow, especially since the place I got my Goonies set was missing Mikey.  My wife got Dark Phoenix and Agent Coulson and she’s got a short list of things to get tomorrow too.  These damn things are addictive!

So, another day down and a lot less stressful than the first day, even though it was the only sold out day of the entire convention.  I heard lots of people saying how much nicer Wondercon is than SDCC and I agree.  Let’s hope for a good finale tomorrow.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.