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When Good Woodworkers Go Corporate - Cephus' Corner

When Good Woodworkers Go Corporate

September 15th, 2015

I’ve kind of gotten into watching woodworking videos on YouTube and I know that there are a lot of people trying to make a living making videos and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it seems that a fair number of them have stopped being fun and interesting and have gone straight to non-stop advertising.

There’s nothing wrong with advertising and I know it’s expected that if a company sponsors a particular video or project, you have to mention them but there’s a difference between giving credit where credit is due and being an ongoing commercial for these companies.

I guess lots of channels become corporate whores from time to time, there was a period a couple of months ago when everyone started doing videos for Inventables when they sent around free CNC router systems, but I can live with something like that because I know it’s restricted to a single video and not part of everything they do.  However, some just get ridiculous and I’m really pretty tired of it.

Izzy Swan, who was one of the first people I ever subscribed to, used to do some really interesting and creative shop projects, he had a jig for everything and made the most bizarre things.  Well, he did.  Now, he’s just a shill for Fastcap, not a video goes by that he doesn’t try to push their products.  Worse yet, he hasn’t even been doing any shop projects of late, it’s all walking machines, etc.  No thanks, he’s really close to my unsubscribe list, the only reason I haven’t bumped him off is because he puts out so few videos these days, I never remember how unhappy I am with his current output.

Steve Ramsay, while he’s not as ridiculous as Izzy, has a fair bit of advertising, most specifically for Microjig, although he’s got a bunch of others that pop up from time to time. At least he keeps his interesting and fun so I don’t mind it quite as much.

Stumpy Nubs, depending on what segments he’s doing, can also be quite commercial, although he tends to work it into the show and isn’t as ridiculously blatant as some.

One more I have to mention is Jimmy DiResta, who I refuse to follow, even though I do like a lot of the stuff he does, but he has one particular thing that just bugs the ever loving crap out of me.  He puts his name on everything.  Everywhere.  Every square inch of his shop, every tool, every project, he’s got his name on it.  Now I have no idea why he does it, I don’t know if he’s trying to stop people from stealing content from his videos or what, but it comes off as ridiculously self-centered and egotistical.  He’s got talent but he’s also go attitude and I can’t stand the latter.

So who is good?  People like Matthias Wandel, who I don’t think has ever had an ad on a video yet.  He sells his plans, which is fine, but he doesn’t try to get corporate sponsors.  Drunkenwoodworker, except for all the craft beer nonsense, also produces good projects without being a long advertisement.  Jay Bates, who does almost all shop projects, is also an interesting, non-commercial channel that I enjoy.  Shop Built is pretty good too, again, mostly doing shop projects.

I know people want to make money and get compensated for making videos, I just wish they could find a way to do it without being so blatantly obvious and obnoxious about it.  It just makes me want to stop watching their channels. There are some that I’ve already unsubscribed from, exactly because of that. Come on guys (and gals), show some restraint or figure out a way to hide the commercial whoring or I might just walk away from your channel next.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.