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TV Thursday: Z-Nation Season 3 (2016) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Z-Nation Season 3 (2016)

January 19th, 2017

Let’s be honest, Z-Nation has never been a really good show.  It falls into the so dumb it’s tolerable category, just like most Asylum productions.  What’s made it somewhat fun have been the genre episodes, where they grab a TV or movie genre at random and go crazy.  If they ever tried to make this show serious, they’d lose whatever charm it has.

Which is unfortunately what they tried to do this season.After failing to get a vaccine from Murphy, he takes off and builds his own little civilization, leaving the team behind.  But they’re in hot pursuit, with a lot of newcomers along for the ride.  Speaking of newcomers, Citizen Z has a girlfriend and the immune in Zona from last year are after Murphy’s daughter, who seems to be aging at an alarming rate.

Frankly, this season wasn’t much fun.  There was one episode where Doc had to escape from a group of female cannibals, but that was about it.  Otherwise, this was serious, at least as serious as Asylum gets, and I spent most of my time bored.  The thing is, I don’t really care about the characters, I don’t really care about the apocalypse, I just want some laughs in a zombie setting.  I didn’t get that this year.

Maybe the best character of the season was the different incarnations of Lucy. She was put in danger by “the man”, who kidnapped her and was taking her to Zona so they could study her for a cure.  Along the way, she was at least interesting to watch most of the time and the two forged somewhat of a bond, even though “the man” was a giant douchebag.  I was expecting him to change his mind in the end, but he didn’t and I suppose that’s what the writers wanted us to think.  Of course, they left the season with a giant cliffhanger, which you expect with these shows, but I can’t say I’m all that invested in who survives and who doesn’t.

I really don’t think the Asylum brand of insanity works all that well in a weekly televised setting.  I mean, I was on board with the show when they jumped from setting to setting, from genre to genre, but now that they’re trying to tell a story, I really don’t care.  Because for a story, you have to be invested and I’m not. After a while in the zombie apocalypse, either you have to have a way out of it or you don’t.  I know they’re trying to find their way out without actually getting out because if they get out, the series ends.  So we know that they won’t ever actually get out of it and if it isn’t funny or clever while they’re not getting out of it, what’s the point?


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