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TV Thursday: The Last Ship Season 4 (2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: The Last Ship Season 4 (2017)

November 9th, 2017

The Last Ship is yet another series that started off strong but they clearly didn’t know what to do with a second  season when they got it, or a third, or a fourth. I think they did a passable job in the second year, but it’s been drifting downward ever since. It just gets more and more unrealistic as time goes on, until there’s no way to suspend disbelief. It just gets  ridiculous after a while.

So let’s see what went wrong in season 4, because this thing is going down for the last time as far as I’m concerned.

After surviving the killer plague and the political drama rebuilding the U.S. government, now there’s a new plague that is wiping out the planet’s food supply and, as is no surprise, the Nathan James the only ship that can save the world.

I’ve talked about how absurd a lot of these “quest” shows gets, where you can never achieve your goal because once you do, the show is over.  Well this one chose a different tack, they achieved their goal in the first season, then they just set off on an entirely different quest in each subsequent season.  Unfortunately, when you do too much of that, it becomes ridiculous and that’s exactly where The Last Ship has gone, into the land of utter inanity.

My biggest problem is that everyone is absolutely stupid. Every time they draw a bead on a bad guy, they just stop and wait until someone walks in front of them. They do this over and over and over again. But that’s how shows like this work, it’s all mindless drama, not matter how stupid they have to be to get it.  The characters don’t act like professional military, they act like actors pretending to be professional military.  If this show has any military advisors, they’ve got to be screaming on a daily basis.

Every single season has a new life threatening crisis that only the Nathan James can fix. It beggars belief that this one ship is at the center of absolutely everything.  It made sense in the first season where the were, literally, one of the last ships in the fleet and everyone else was dying of a deadly plague, but now?  They’re not even the flagship of the fleet and everything still revolves around them.

I have no idea if this show is coming back, but I think I’m jumping off of this train to nowhere.  I’ve stopped caring about anything that can possibly happen. Let the world die.  I just don’t care anymore.  Both my wife and I gave up at the end of the season and let the last couple of episodes sit there for a long time before we finally suffered through them.  We just didn’t want to bother and it didn’t fail to disappoint us.  This show has long since worn out its welcome.


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