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TV Thursday: Supergirl Season 2 (2016-2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Supergirl Season 2 (2016-2017)

June 15th, 2017

There are some shows that I really wonder why they remain on the air, and more why I bother watching them.  This has become the norm for Greg Berlanti shows this year, where I was disappointed by pretty much all of them, superhero or not.

I really didn’t like Supergirl last year on CBS and with the move to CW, it’s even worse.  There is a very distinctive hard-left bent that’s hard to ignore and even harder to take seriously.  So let’s see where this show went completely wrong and why Supergirl’s first season on CW sucked.

Supergirl helps rescue Lena Luthor with the help of her cousin Superman. She discovers a space capsule containing Mon-El, an alien from the planet Daxom and over time they develop a rocky relationship.  Luthor’s mother turns out to lead the anti-alien group Cadmus and causes trouble.  James Olson becomes the new head of CatCo, but unhappy with life behind a desk, becomes the costumed hero Guardian.  Oh, and Alex, Supergirl’s sister, discovers she’s gay. Yeah, a lot of stupidity ensues.

And I have to keep reminding myself why shared universes suck.  The second something big happens, there honestly is no reason why every superhero out there doesn’t drop what they’re doing and race to help.  This is especially true when the other hero is Superman.  When aliens are kidnapping people and Kara can barely handle it, why did nobody call him?  It isn’t like he can’t be there in a literal second, no matter where he is.  I get they don’t want to use him, but if that was the case, why did they put him on the show at all?  It makes no sense.

And this is true, right up until the finale, when everyone and their brother shows up out of the blue.  Why?  Because they could.  Not because it made any sense, I mean there was a world-wide alien invasion centered over National City and even with an entire planet full of powerful aliens, nobody bothered to help out until the last episode.

The whole Mon-El romance thing sucked from the start, but it was painfully obvious that it would have to end because tying Supergirl down in a relationship simply doesn’t work for CW’s teeniebopper audience.  No relationships last for long.  It always has to be musical partners. It’s the only way that they could keep shoveling the mindless melodrama.  So suddenly, adding a tiny bit of lead to the atmosphere makes all of the Daxomites flee for the stars and they couldn’t have done something for Mon-El?  You know, a house with filtration?  A house on the moon?  But no, the goal wasn’t to make sense, it was to break them up, so they had to shuffle Mon-El off of the planet in the most ham-fisted manner possible.

Speaking of relationships, the whole lesbian couple thing between Supergirl’s sister Alex and cop Maggie was really awful.  Not that they did it, but that they treated it like they did.  First, it took them 3 episodes to introduce it, which was absurd in the modern day.  Nobody cares.  Secondly, the marriage proposal in the finale is another waste of time.  Gay marriage is legal, has been for years, stop pretending like you’re breaking any new ground here.  And that’s really the problem I have with shows like Supergirl.  Alex being gay wasn’t just another element of her character, she isn’t an agent who just so happens to be gay, she’s a gay person who just so happens to be an agent.  It’s been turned into her defining characteristic.  They could have played it like “hey, Alex is gay… moving on…” but they didn’t because this show is pandering to the regressive left.  It’s gone full feminist regard.  The female characters are simply better than the male ones in everything.  Supergirl is better than Superman.  Cat Grant is better than Jimmy Olson.  Martian Manhunter, who is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, spends half of the season in trouble and has to be rescued by the White Martian M’gann.  And yes, that is still creepy because in the comics, they behave like they are almost related.  But romance, it’s the CW way.

The only potential saving graces of the finale were Mon-El’s trip through the convenient wormhole, which I’m sure will lead to a visit to the 31st century and the Legion of Superheroes, which is where he appears in the comics, and the weird Kryptonian baby that shows up at the very end, which could become interesting next season.  But other than that, there isn’t anything to look forward to, especially if they don’t learn their lesson and jettison the whole social justice horsecrap that they’ve been carrying around since the first season.

Maybe worst of all, in the final fight between Supergirl and Rhea, it was supposed to be about honor. Whoever won, won.  Whoever lost was defeated.  But where we expected the bad guy to double-cross in the event of a defeat, this showed that Supergirl had no honor.  If she lost, she had a backup plan to drive the Daxomites off of the planet when the agreement was that the humans would put down their arms and surrender.  Yeah, real classy there.

I think they need to fire all of the writers and get someone who doesn’t have a political agenda and actually understands the characters.  Clearly, the people they have fail at both.  I know I’m not the target audience of this show, but pretty much everyone hates it, except the far-left professional reviewers who give it 100%, the audience thinks it sucks.  Maybe Greg Berlanti is stretched too thin, maybe he has no idea what to do beyond the first season, but his shows are now becoming garbage and Supergirl is maybe the worst of the bunch.  Give us something better. It’s hard to do worse.


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