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TV Thursday: Scream Season One (2015) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Scream Season One (2015)

October 22nd, 2015

There are so many series that are ending right now, with only one slot per week, it will take nearly 2 months for this review to post.  I picked up Scream one week when we had very little to watch and, what the heck, I liked the self-aware spoof-nature of the original film series, at least the first couple of films, so what the heck?  But is Scream: The Series as good as  the original Scream: The Movie? Or can we not count on lightning to strike twice anywhere remotely close together?

Find out as I take a look at the first 10-episode season of Scream: The Series.

When a private video goes viral in small Lakewood, a copycat killer, mimicking murders that took place nearly two decades before, starts to kill again, targeting a young girl whose mother was once involved with the original killer.  Can the girl and her friends find out who the killer is while any of them are left alive?

Perhaps the biggest problem is that the Scream TV series had virtually nothing to do with the movie franchise.  The movies focused on Sidney Prescott and the Ghostface character.  The TV series did not.  It was an entirely different set of characters, entirely different murderer, different mask, different everything. So what’s the point of calling it Scream?  Who the heck knows.  Beyond that, even though Noah is supposed to be filling the role of “self-aware horror genre know-it-all”, the rest of them never seemed to have a clue and that was a major part of the Scream franchise, that everyone knew about horror movies and were sort of aware that it was a movie.

I initially balked at the reveal of the killer, mystery blogger Piper Shaw because there was no way in hell it could have been her, we saw her and the murderer together, she couldn’t have been the one in the mask, in fact she was one of the few characters that absolutely couldn’t have done it, the other being Brooke, who we both saw being attacked in the last episode, but also waiting in a hotel room while Riley was being killed.  My original theory was Audrey, but I was so pissed off when Piper was revealed that even when they finally showed that Piper and Audrey were partners, it really didn’t help.

And, as I’ve complained before, all of the characters were stupid.  They split up when the killer was nearby, even Noah, in the last episode, commented on it and I suppose we’re supposed to think that’s clever, but it’s really just stupid.  Even though I know that this series is aimed at younger people, I couldn’t remotely identify with any of the characters, all of whom were obnoxious and lacking any redeeming characteristics.  Yes, they are supposed to be teenagers, but they are stupid, obnoxious, horrible teenagers who I didn’t really care if they lived or died.  And some of it was just painful.  Take the finale.  All of the action takes place at night, people get stabbed, people are bleeding, yet the next morning, this has to be many, many hours later because it’s broad daylight, there are still kids wandering around  bleeding, not receiving any medical attention at all, even though several ambulances are evident.  It left me rolling my eyes.

Of course, toward the end of the first season, Wes Craven died, they even dedicated the last episode to his memory, but even Wes wasn’t terribly happy with what MTV did with Scream.  He hated what they did with the Ghostface mask and I’m inclined to agree with him.  While Craven did virtually nothing on the TV series, I think his opinion is entirely valid, after all, he created the franchise to begin with.

Even before the season ended, MTV renewed it for a second season, so I guess we’ll have to see if they learned anything from their mistakes here.  I guess I should have foreseen a partnership, after all the original Scream movie ended with Billy and Stu sharing the killing duties, but now that’s going to be too obvious to do again next year.  I’ll probably watch it again, at least to see where they go with it, but I’ll be hoping for better than they did this year.


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