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TV Thursday: Lucifer Season 2 (2016-2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Lucifer Season 2 (2016-2017)

July 6th, 2017

I liked Lucifer a lot last season and was happy that it got a second season.  Of course, there were problems, some that made the series slow and others that seriously diverged from its comic book origins, but by and large, it did what it set out to do admirably.

But was the first season a fluke or is there more behind the show than some people might think? I take a look at Lucifer season 2, which was expanded from 12 to 18 episodes, and see how well it stands up when it’s not brand new.As if Lucifer’s life wasn’t difficult enough before, now he has to deal with dear old mom, who showed up, took over the body of a wealthy socialite and is now trying to get back into Heaven to get her revenge on her ex.  But as it starts to look like God has more of a hand in the situation than Lucifer thought, can he get things under control before it all literally goes to hell?

Now one of the things that I recommended from last season was to let the entire central cast know that Lucifer was Satan.  They wasted far too much time last season playing “hide the identity”, even though Lucifer told everyone who he was, nobody believed him.  The big reveal needed to be to Chloe, who Lucifer got a lot closer to this season, up until the reveal that God had purposely put Chloe in his path.  I’m not wild about that revelation, but I guess when you’re playing the devil card, you have to expect things like that.

I never really liked having Mom around this season, especially since she was all over the place.  She’d go from loving mother to psychotic bitch in moments. You never really knew what she wanted, which I guess was the point, but it just wasn’t consistent, even from episode to episode.  Heck, sometimes even from scene to scene.  Sometimes she seemed to really care for Lucifer, sometimes she wanted to kill him.  It made it really difficult to identify with and care about her at all.  Now that she’s gone and can never come back, I’m relieved.

Overall, I’m sticking with the same rating as I gave it last year, even though I think it was a little less entertaining this year.  I know I said that the cases were hit and miss, and they still are, but I’d much rather watch that than see Lucifer moping around every episode, or some ridiculous drama going on that just isn’t interesting.  Lucifer is fun when it’s just Tom Ellis being his charming self.  Stop with the hide and seek, find some larger plot to follow that isn’t some people on one side and some on the other, and just make the show fun. This isn’t that hard.


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