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TV Thursday: Killjoys Season 3 (2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Killjoys Season 3 (2017)

October 12th, 2017

I’ll be honest, there’s always been something about this show that struck me wrong and I have no idea what it is.  Given a choice between first season Killjoys and first season Dark Matter, another show that started at the same time on Syfy, I’d pick Dark Matter every time.  But you can look at my review of that show where I explain where I think it fell apart.

But this one isn’t much better, even though it’s gotten a 2-season pickup, after which it dies because nothing on Syfy ever lasts longer than 5 seasons (Syfy has to start paying people more if they do).

So here’s my take on the third season of Killjoys and why… it just isn’t that good anymore.

The biggest problem I have with it is this isn’t the show I signed on for.  It went from a quirky little show about bounty hunters to a war epic against what are essentially alien zombies.  You get infected by their green blood and suddenly, you’re one of them.  Except that most of the main cast are somehow immune or have special powers or some other equally ludicrous nonsense, so they’re now in charge of everything for some reason.

This is the biggest issue I have with shows that write a great first season and then have no idea where to go from there, which is clearly the case with Killjoys. It is following the unfortunate “bigger is better” path without considering whether bigger is actually better, or even makes any sense.  Because the whole story gets absurdly convoluted as time goes on and after a while, stops making any sense whatsoever.  None of this was foreshadowed because the creators had no clue what was going on in the future until they sat down in the writer’s room at the beginning of the season and tried to brainstorm something new.  You can’t tell me that during the first season, Khlyen gave any indication that he had a daughter named Aneela.  It was just made up down the road.  Major plot points should not come about as a result of “hey, you know what would be cool?”

As such, there is nothing cohesive about the show, or about most shows these days, because nobody thinks about the big picture.  They’re so busy trying to stay on the air that they don’t bother to consider what might happen if they do. The longer these shows last, the more ridiculous they become and apparently, nobody seems to care if this is a problem.  Who knows what next season might bring for Killjoys, I’m sure they have no plan, no end-game for the series, they won’t bother to work it out until the very end because they just don’t care. It’s a paycheck, not a passion.  That seems to describe most television these days.


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