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TV Thursday: iZombie Season 3 (2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: iZombie Season 3 (2017)

August 17th, 2017

There are a lot of shows that I think just go on too long, or at the very least, don’t have any idea where they’re heading, so every season feels like it’s a stand-alone, not part of an overarching plotline.  And unfortunately, iZombie feels very much like this, a series that started out amazing, but feels like it’s flopping around looking for somewhere to go.

So let’s take a look at what the third season of iZombie did right and what it did wrong.

Now we’ve known that eventually, Seattle has to find out that it has a thriving zombie population living in it.  It’s amazing that it’s gone on so long now without someone spilling the beans.  And of course, this is why I really hate zombies, because they are an effectively unstoppable horde that converts the living into the dead, but aren’t all that bright.  And that’s one thing I liked about the concept behind iZombie, but also something that makes it not much of a zombie show.

And that’s the fact that zombies are just regular people trying to get along, very rarely does anyone zombie-out and go full Romero.  They’re just people with regular people problems, who also happen to have a taste for brains.  It makes it more palatable for someone like me who isn’t a fan of the walking dead.

But like so many other series, it’s clear that the series creators had no clue where this show was going after the first season.  This is an issue for most series where they never know if they’re getting renewed so they never bother to think about the future, but this means that the shows follow an inevitable pattern of stumbling from one setpiece to the next, with no larger vision in place. It’s always “do what we did last year, only bigger” and after a while, that gets really, really dull.  It’s not like Babylon 5, where there’s a 5-year arc in place where they know what’s going to happen but have escape hatches in case they don’t get renewed.  I guess that’s too much work for Hollywood these days.  Show-runner Rob Thomas even says he wants to look at seasons as self-contained stories.  I hate that.

Because of that, everything gets introduced in a season, explored in a season and resolved in a season.  Nothing ever has a long time to percolate, it’s here and gone in two dozen episodes because they can’t be sure there will ever be any more.

I found nothing interesting in the whole Filmore Graves storyline, I never really cared about Major being a zombie soldier, or being a newly-human psuedo-zombie soldier, or being a zombie-again soldier, it just didn’t matter.  I didn’t care about having a zombie mayor or any of the conspiracy nonsense that went along with that.  In fact, it was better when it was just Liv and a small circle of zombies trying to hide in the human world.  We didn’t need bars dedicated to zombies.  We didn’t need zombie police forces.  Once there is a significant number of zombies running around, it just stops being all that interesting to me.

Season 4 isn’t looking much better.  Now that the zombie-cat is out of the bag, they’re asking Americans to donate their brains to feed the zombies and they are saying that even if 10% of Americans do, that’s plenty.  How many damn zombies are there now?  Because according to recent statistics, almost 2.5 million Americans on average die every year, that’s about 6,775 per day.  If 10% of those donate their brains, that’s 677 brains per day.  How many zombies are in Seattle anyhow, especially since we see Liv eating a brain a week.  I know they’re saying they’re going to wall off Seattle, which is probably a good idea anyhow to control the liberal lunacy, but the population of Seattle is only 700,000, just how many are infected?

I just wish the show had remained small and interesting instead of getting massive where it makes very little sense to have our little cast of characters still being in the middle of everything.  It’s getting bigger just for the sake of being bigger.  I hate that.


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