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TV Thursday: Heroes Reborn Mini-Series - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Heroes Reborn Mini-Series

February 18th, 2016

We just re-watched the first season of the original Heroes in preparation for this mini-series event and while I was really hoping that this would be excellent, not like the last couple of seasons as the show slowly slid into craptasticness, I finally realized as I watched the opening that this mini has some built-in problems. Instead of being Heroes Reborn, it should have been Heroes Rebooted, where they just forgot the last three seasons ever happened.  But no, they had to deal with that nonsense and that crippled Reborn from the very first frame.

But even with everything inherently wrong with the concept, the first season of Heroes was, at least at the time, an amazing piece of television.

A year after a massive terrorist attack in Odessa, evos are outlawed and hunted, but it’s all a front for a super secret plan by mega-corp Renatas who knows that the end of the world is coming and evos can help humanity survive, but only a future without evos.

Okay, spoiler, this series sucked.    While everyone knows that the second through fourth seasons of the original series were horrible, this felt more like those than the excellent first season.  I guess Tim Kring never learned his lesson, which is unfortunate.

Plus, the entire premise was absurd.  I don’t care what kind of  terrorist attack happens, there is no way in hell that anyone is going to declare a group of humans, humans who, like it or not, have Constitutional rights, to be persona non grata, to the point that these people are able to be hunted and killed, seemingly without consequence.  That is utterly idiotic.  After 9/11, we didn’t declare Muslims to be non-human and issue hunting licenses, there’s no way that we’d see it with evolved humans, especially since this seems to be true to a certain degree worldwide.  The faked video by Suresh said that 18 evos were responsible, that is not remotely a reason for the Constitution to get thrown out the window.

And then there’s the really ridiculous nature of the characters.  Zach Levi’s character, I knew from the first second he was on screen as an evo hater that he was going to develop a power.  It was blatant.  I love Zach, but geez, this was a horrible character.  In fact, just about everything in this series was blatant.  I called most of it long before it happened.  AV Club calls the series a “predictable, contrived mess” and I think that’s charitable.

I guess the biggest problem is that this just isn’t the series anyone wanted it to be, for a lot of reasons.  The biggest, of course, is that all the fans from the old series just wanted all the old first season characters back and that wasn’t going to happen.  But I think the bigger issue, at least from where I’m sitting, is that because they had to deal with the worst parts of the Heroes saga, they continued that train long after it had left the station.  One of the wonderful parts about the first season is that there just weren’t many heroes around, but as time went on, more and more evos were introduced and it just got to be too much. They stopped being interesting. Even now, when anyone you pass on the street could be an evo, I really don’t care about any of them.  I care about the small group of heroes we originally got to know.  I might care about another small group of heroes, but we can always see just how poorly these new characters stack up against the ones we started with, what’s the point of any of it?

I think it’s funny that when the word came down that this wasn’t getting renewed, they tried to spin it like they didn’t want a renewal anyhow.  Tim Kring had no other ideas, therefore not being renewed isn’t a failure, it’s a feature. Sure, tell us another one.

Tim Kring is a decent idea man, he comes up with some clever concepts, but he really has no clue what to do with them.  He is utter garbage as a showrunner and you’d think people would have figured that out by now.  Heroes, as a concept, has been soundly run into the ground.  Let it die.  Let it disintegrate.  Don’t ever bring it back.  There is nothing left here, we can all move along now, let this be a lesson to anyone who has blind nostalgia for shows of the past.  Be careful what you wish for, you could get Heroes: Reborn.


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