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TV Thursday: Dark Matter Season 3 (2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Dark Matter Season 3 (2017)

October 5th, 2017

You know, I really used to like this show, far more than it’s “sister” show Killjoys which started around the same time. But Dark Matter soon lost the charm of the crew of strangers with amnesia trying to recover their pasts.  And seriously, I am not remotely sorry that this got cancelled.  It deserved it. That’s something sad to say about a show that once had so much promise.

So let’s look at the final season of Dark Matter and see what went wrong.

Maybe my biggest problem is that they split up the gang, taking Ryo Ishida and turning him into the biggest douchebag imaginable.  Yes, I know that most of the characters were criminals and scumbags to begin with, before they lost their memories and were put into suspended animation, but throughout the first and second seasons, they redeemed themselves and were mostly decent human beings.  Then Ryo went rogue and became head of Clan Ishida, where he lost anything remotely resembling a conscience, until the very end where they turned it all around and I didn’t buy it for a second.

Add to that the fact that they played with the characters in ways that I really hated.  Android became a real girl.  Two was revealed to be a magical clone. Six was an accidental murderer.  One, of course, died, which screwed up a potential relationship with Two.  I guess he really wanted to go do movies for Hallmark. Five, well, I never liked her at all so that was no loss.  And then they had a giant corporate war and got the magical blink drive and started traveling between alternate universes and…  yeah, not good.  But I think that, like so many other shows these days, they had a great first season planned and no clue whatsoever what they would do if it got picked up again.  Clearly, there was no ongoing story arc because they just threw out everything that made the show good and it became “throw sci-fi concepts at the wall to see what sticks”.

This started out relatively unique and then turned into Killjoys, where let’s be honest, there’s a war going on with magical aliens.  Way to screw things up.

I’m actually glad this is gone because they just couldn’t maintain a high quality, well-written, cohesively scripted show.  We got a mess that ruined the chemistry between the cast, made them things they never were to begin with and ultimately, tossed a lot of magical tech into the mix because they couldn’t figure out a way to make the story work otherwise.  Season 1 did well.  Season 3 was a disaster.  Farewell Dark Matter.  You deserved better.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.