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TV Thursday: Castle Season Eight (2016) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Castle Season Eight (2016)

June 30th, 2016

It’s the end of an era, Castle is no more, having been cancelled at the end of this season and honestly, it’s time.  As much as I love the series, I think it’s done as much as it can do, it’s time to hang up the mantle of Richard Castle and call it a day.

Unfortunately, they got word the series was being cancelled after all of the episodes were in the can and frankly, their finale… well… sucked.  But more on that in a bit.

Let’s see how this final season of the writer turned detective finished up.

Beckett finds out that a mysterious entity called Loksat has been behind all of the really awful things that have happened to her, from Senator Bracken to the death of her former FBI team.  But can she and her newfound partner Vikram get to the bottom of it all?

I’ll be honest, season 8 was horribly disappointing and the Loksat storyline was ludicrously convoluted and honestly, I never cared about it at all.  They wasted half of the season with this ridiculous “Castle and Beckett broke up” nonsense and lying to the rest of the team and by the end, I just wanted them to get it over with because it really wasn’t fun at all.  In the end, it didn’t even make sense.  When we find out who Loksat is, it wasn’t some great reveal, it was “so?”  It wasn’t some grand revelation that made 8 years of Castle suddenly make sense.  It was stupid.

You know what else was stupid?  The ending.  Okay, I know that the episode was in the can before they found out they were cancelled and I appreciate that they made some effort, but it really wasn’t that much of an effort.  They filmed a 30 second “finale” bit and showed that at the end of what was going to be the season ending cliffhanger.  So we found out that Caleb was still alive, he broke into their apartment and shot both of them.  Beckett was supposed to die and next season would have been Castle sans Beckett.  I’m glad there is no next season.  But what they did really made no sense at all, they showed the cliffhanger, then tacked on the 30 second “seven years later” finale showing Castle and Beckett and three kids.  Um, guys?  Why didn’t you just take out the whole Caleb thing and just do a couple of minutes showing everyone happy  after a couple of years?  You could have shown Castle and Beckett and their kids. You could have shown Ryan and his wife and kids.  You could have shown Esposito and Laney together.  I mean come on, do something!  Or do nothing! But to half-ass it like this was just ridiculous.

It’s been obvious for years that this show was going down the tubes and I’ll be honest, I know what killed it, getting Castle and Beckett together.  The sexual tension between them was great, it made for exciting episodes, but once that was over, so was the vibe between them.  Yes, characters have to grow and change, but getting them together and getting them married really killed the show.  It was that “will they/won’t they” dynamic that kept things fresh.  As soon as they answered that question, that was the beginning of the end.

Still, I love the show overall, I have it all, or at least will have it all, on DVD once the last season is released and I’ll miss what the show used to be more than what it became.  For as fun as the ride as been, this is yet another cautionary tale proving that changing the core dynamic is often a really bad idea.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.