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TV Thursday: Blood Drive Season 1 (2017) - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday: Blood Drive Season 1 (2017)

September 28th, 2017

You know, I thought this might be interesting, but in retrospect, knowing Syfy, it was destined to suck. Blood Drive is a Syfy original filmed in South Africa, starring Alan Richson and Christina Ochoa, ostensibly about a road race in a dystopian future where a natural disaster has struck America, resulting in millions of deaths and complete societal collapse.

The one thing it’s not is good.  So let’s look at the 13 episode first season of what could have been worthwhile, but thanks to low-budget Syfy, it’s just utter crap.Arthur Bailey is a former L.A. city cop who gets trapped into competing in the Blood Drive, a coast-to-coast road race in cars that don’t use gas, they run on human blood.  His reluctant partner is Grace D’Argento, who only entered the race to find her sister Karma, who was kidnapped by the evil corporation known as Heart Enterprises.

This is Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 meets every other cheap Syfy show ever made. Honestly, this is Z-Nation with cars and that’s not a good thing. The whole premise is taking every half-ass cliche under the sun and going for it. Every episode is the same thing, a direct lift from some famous or infamous movies or TV show and making their own version. That can be entertaining once in a while, but when that’s all you do, it just gets old.

The story, such as it is, isn’t cohesive.  It’s a road race that’s just an excuse to do riffs on various 70s and 80s era grindhouse concepts.  Except I don’t think it did any of them very well.  One week, you’ve got zombies.  The next week, you’ve got maniacs in an asylum.  But none of these come together in any kind of larger context within a common world.  It’s like the Twilight Zone if Rod Serling was actually part of all of the disparate episodes.  And as cool as that might sound, heck I’d watch it, Blood Drive is just not done well at all.  Low budget, bad acting, sub-par effects, zero consistency, this thing has it all.

Luckily, the ratings sucked too, which is why Blood Drive is going away into that big junk pile in the sky after a single season.  Can’t say I’m going to miss it at all.  Unfortunately, while it could have had potential, it did exactly what Z-Nation did, turned into a disconnected serial series with a road trip as the linking bit.  Z-Nation at least did it a little better.  Blood Drive never rose above the grade-Z stupidity that marked it from the very first episode.


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