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TV Thursday - 9/26/13 - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday – 9/26/13

September 26th, 2013

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It’s time for TV Thursday – 9/26/13 and we’re seeing a shift from summer shows to fall shows.  This week, we bid a not-so-fond farewell to Under the Dome and welcome a number of shows back, including the first of the new shows, Sleepy Hollow and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Also, this is going to be a big list because I’ve been running behind a week for much of the summer and I want to catch up.  That means two episodes of Sleepy Hollow this week.  I also bring back the best of/worst of ratings, which has been away for quite some time.  Please, read on and be warned, this week is massive…

Anyhow, just to make it clear, since this gets posted on Thursdays, it covers shows that aired between the prior Wednesday and the Tuesday before it’s published, to give me time to actually write the reviews.  I’ve been publishing Under the Dome a week behind because I didn’t get the first episode in time to watch it before publication and I just never doubled up on it.  Now, though, I’m going to get it back where it ought to be so this is a particularly long post.

Castle #6×01 – “Valkyrie” – It seems like so long ago, but at the end of last season, Castle asked Kate to marry him and we’ve waited all this time for her answer.  Okay, we knew what she was going to say but we still had to wait for confirmation.  Of course she said yes.  She also took the job with the FBI in Washington D.C.  To be honest, I don’t get why Castle didn’t move to Washington with her, he can write from anywhere, but it was an excuse to keep the rest of the cast together.  We jump forward 2 months and see Kate apparently get shot, but luckily it was a training exercise, she’s been shot enough in this show.  Castle arrives back home from a whirlwind book tour and finds that Alexis has come home early and brought with her a new boyfriend named Pi, who really comes off as a hippie jerk.  I hate him already and Castle does too.  Kate and Castle have plans for the weekend, but Kate gets assigned to an emergency case and Castle decides to fly to D.C. to surprise her.  He wants to get involved in her case just like he used to do, but it would be a federal offense.  However, Kate drops a photograph of a transformer and Castle starts to investigate on his own, getting Ryan and Esposito involved.  Castle uses the information to get ahead of Kate’s investigation, but when she and her new partner McCord catch up, there’s hell to pay.  The bad guy that they’re chasing, who has stolen a secret military device, sees Castle there and even thought Castle promises Kate he’d back off and stay out of her way, Castle gets kidnapped and grilled by the bad guy, only to drop dead in his car.  Kate and McCord show up at the scene to find Castle there and McCord has him arrested for messing with a federal investigation.  He’s questioned by the authorities, who already know that he’s not involved, and finally released.  He promises Kate he’ll go back to New York and let her work, but when he gets back, Ryan and Esposito ask him about the details of the case and tell him that the bad guy was asking some pretty sensitive questions, especially about Valkyrie, a mythical secret military base.  Meanwhile, back in D.C., Kate and McCord hunt down the guy’s girlfriend and she leads them to the device, hidden in a locker at Union Station.  They arrest her, but she was just trying to get away, she had no idea about the device, which makes Kate wonder if stealing the device wasn’t just a ruse to hide an even bigger theft.  They search the building’s directory and discover the top floor was taken up by a super secret government lab that was working with a new neurotoxin.  Back in New York, Castle is trying to avoid Pi and his vegetarian “steak” dinner, doing searches online for secret military bases, when two federal agents come in and take him away.  He’s convinced that he’s being arrested for looking up military secrets on Google, but he’s taken back to D.C. where Kate breaks the news that he was exposed to an aerosolized version of the neurotoxin and he has only a day to live unless they can find the antidote.  That’s a pretty good start to a new season of Castle, wouldn’t you say?  I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty nervous how they’re going to handle the move, I was worried that they’d just move the whole show to D.C., drop the old crew at  the NYPD, get rid of Alexis and Martha, etc.  Luckily, at least so far, they’re not doing that, although the bit with Castle directly helping with investigations is sorely missed.  Somehow, the show has to get Castle to work with the FBI, I can’t see how they’ll do that yet, but the show just isn’t Castle without it.  Still, great first episode, as always, Castle is one of my favorites and has been for 6 years now.

Haven #4×02 – “Survivors” – It’s Founder’s Day in Haven and people are celebrating, right up until people start showing up charred to a crisp.  At first, Nathan and Dwight think this is a family-related trouble, that the people themselves are exploding into flames, but when it starts to affect people outside of that family, they realize someone is killing all of these people.  But why? That’s what they have to find out.  However, Nathan has been spending a lot of time looking for Audrey, he’s calling in favors with the FBI and hospitals trying to hunt her down with no luck.  So where is she?  Back at the bar in Texas, where William is once again on the job, trying to convince her that she’s really Audrey Parker, not Lexie Dewitt.  Eventually, she tells him to bug off and leave her alone but he’s not buying.  In Haven, Duke and Jennifer go back to the Grey Gull and Duke’s half-brother points out that he didn’t leave a will, in case something happens to him.  Wade says he’s going to be leaving soon, he has to get back to his wife and kids. Duke wonders why Jennifer is still taking her anti-psychotic medications since she knows she’s troubled and the drugs won’t do anything, she says she’s used to taking them and has no plans to stop.  Wade comes back and says he can’t get ahold of his wife, Marcie, but assumes it’s because she’s remodeling the house.  He mentions that Vince and Dave had wanted to buy the Grey Gull and Duke and Jennifer go to find out why.  Nathan and Dwight find out that the toasty victim was Sally Marigold, the fire captain’s daughter.  Duke confronts Vince and finds out that the Guard wanted to get Wade out of town because he wouldn’t understand the troubles, that’s why they wanted to buy the Grey Gull.  Duke forces Vince to promise the Guard won’t harm Wade if he gets him out of town by midnight.  Dave gets to talk to Jennifer and convinces her that she’ll be able to help find Audrey, just like she was able to find Duke.  Nathan tries to talk to the fire chief about his daughter, but his men won’t let him near.  They all blame him for the continued existence of the troubles after what he did at the barn.  However, eventually he gets to talk to the chief and tells him his theory about the family trouble, but the chief tells Nathan that he’s wrong, his daughter wasn’t troubled.  Then, more people start to self-combust, this time a taxi driver.  Back in Texas, William asks Lexie about her past and she tells him about memories of traveling across country with her boyfriend, but he says she only has those memories, she has no emotions associated with them.  She gets upset that he’s carrying a gun so he disassembles it and leaves it on the counter.  In Haven, Jennifer has a close encounter with the killer as she narrowly escapes being fried alive in a store.  Nathan asks her to describe the people in the store and she tells him about five people and there are only four victims.  The last one must be the killer. Nathan realizes that the killer was wearing a fire department uniform so they go to the station and find a picture of the killer, it’s a volunteer firefighter named Don who survived a fire during the meteor storms and who feels guilty over the death of his partner.  Don was in town to be given a medal for bravery and every time someone congratulated Don, his trouble set them on fire.  Nathan reasons that if he’s given the medal, he’ll incinerate half the town.  Nathan manages to get Don away from the crowd and talk him down from being depressed before he’s ignited and Don is taken away to safety.  Duke’s brother finds out that his wife has been cheating on him and decides he’s going to stay in Haven while his divorce is finalized.  The man from last week comes back into Lexie’s bar with help, determined to stop William from telling Lexie the truth. Lexie reassembles William’s gun and drives the men off, making her wonder what’s really going on and William starts to explain her past.  This seemed like more of a filler episode to me, nothing really exciting happened, we got a little background on Lexie, but otherwise, not much went on. I tend to like the mythology episodes on Haven a lot more than the fillers or troubled-of-the-weeks so this just gets a middling score from me. Hopefully we’ll get the gang back together sooner rather than later, it really doesn’t feel like much is going on in Haven so far.


Thumbs UpMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D #1×01 – “Pilot” – This is it, the one everyone has waited with baited breath for.  Is it as good as we’d hoped or is it a horrible disappointment? Well, here’s the storyline of the pilot episode.  We start off immediately after the Avengers movie, with a montage of character shots, most of them without any faces associated, mostly so they don’t have to pay the actors.  We cut to a man on the street with his son, looking at superhero toys in the window of a shop.  If this is supposed to be very soon after the battle in New York, where did the toys come from?  Presumably there’s some amount of time between the opening credits and the series itself.  The man apologizes to his son because he’s out of work and can’t afford the toys but promises he’ll come up with something.  Suddenly, there’s an explosion in the building across the street and the man leaves his son with a friend to see if he can help.  He goes into the alley and scales the wall up to a high window and saves a woman scientist by leaping out the window and landing on his feet.  Clearly, things are not as they seem with this man. A woman in the alley takes a picture of the man, which seems to disturb him as he runs away, appearing back with his son as though nothing had happened.  We cut to S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on a mission, Agent Grant disguises himself as a waiter and using advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. technology, captures the fingerprints of a suspect, then gets into his room and uses the fingerprints to open his safe, hidden in the fireplace.  Inside, he finds piles of cash but bypasses them to take a small object before being discovered by a woman in the next room.  He tells her that her fireplace is broken and is attacked by two men which he defeats as the woman runs off.  Grant makes his way to the roof where he is taken away by helicopter, back to a S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse where he meets with another female agent and they talk about the events of the Avengers movie.  Grant says he’s level 6 and he knows Coulson is dead.  Coulson steps out of the shadows and says “welcome to level 7”.  He has a fantastic line, “it was really dark in that corner, I couldn’t help myself!”  Even the Avengers aren’t level 7, they’re not cleared to know that Coulson survived Loki’s attack, but some of the high-ranking agents say some things that leads me to believe that Coulson really did die and the current Coulson is really a Life-Model Decoy.  They examine a YouTube video of the rescue and set out to find the superpowered young man, knowing that if they don’t find him, others will do so and exploit him.  Grant is upset to be assigned to this mission because he’s more of an action-oriented kind of guy, but Coulson assures him that he’ll get all the action he wants.  We cut to the man, Mike Peterson, sitting in a coffee shop looking through the want ads.  Skye, the woman who shot the video in the alley, sits down and tries to encourage him to use his powers for good and to avoid S.H.I.E.L.D. because they’re a bunch of secretive men in black that only want to hide the truth.  Coulson recruits Melinda for the mission, she’s reluctant because she doesn’t want to be a field agent anymore but he assures her that she’s only going to drive the van.  Also on the mission are Agents Fitz and Simmons, two scientists.  Coulson arrives at their jet-based headquarters and pulls into the back in his classic 1966 red Corvette named Lola.  Grant manages to capture Skye and in the interrogation, he threatens to inject her with some super truth serum, but instead Coulson injects Grant and tells Skye to ask him any questions that she wants so she knows they’re on the level.  She accepts that S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t lying or trying to cover anything up so she decides to help them find Mike.  Meanwhile, Mike gets the notice that he and his son are being thrown out of their home so he calls someone on the phone about his powers and we see something attached to his arm.  He says that he wants to go public since his identity has been revealed anyhow and she says he can’t do that, the people she works for don’t want to be identified and it will be dangerous if his identity is revealed to the public.  Mike then goes back to his old boss at the factory and asks for his job back but the boss says Mike couldn’t hack it before, that’s why he was fired.  Mike says he’s much stronger than before and shows how powerful he is but his boss refuses and Mike goes crazy and beats up his former boss.  We see Agents Fitz and Simmons looking over the site of the explosion and they find a security camera with footage that proves the explosion was caused by the last subject to wear the “scorpion” device on their arm.  They realize that Mike can explode at any time and take out three square blocks if he does.  Grant says that he can put a bullet in Mike’s head to stop him but Coulson says that’s not an acceptable alternative and charges Fitz and Simmons with finding a better solution.  Mike kidnaps Skye and forces her to erase his identity so he can leave and start over elsewhere.  While she’s doing so, she sends her coordinates to Coulson and they try to apprehend Mike but he’s too powerful for them and he drags Skye into Union Station. He breaks down after being surrounded, saying he only wants to do the right thing but everything he does goes wrong, he says that Coulson is going to kill him, but Fitz and Simmons show up with a drug that Grant shoots into Mike and his powers fade away.  We cut to Skye and Coulson talking as they leave the house Mike’s son is staying at, he now knows his father is coming home.  They get into Lola and get a call about an emergency situation.  Coulson tells Skye that she has to decide if she’s going to join S.H.I.E.L.D. or not and she says they’ll never make it where they’re going on time.  He smiles and Lola takes off, it’s a flying car.  To be honest, I really had no idea what to expect out of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Oh sure, I knew Coulson would be back but I was really expecting them to say that it was a LMD that was killed on the helicarrier, not the suggestion that maybe it was the real Coulson and this is an LMD that doesn’t know it isn’t real.  That’s a really cool concept.  This episode was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Maybe that’s because Joss Whedon directed and future episodes are going to suck, I don’t know, but the scripting was excellent, they threw in a ton of great easter eggs for long-term comic fans (look everywhere, it’ll take multiple viewings to catch them all) and I walked away really jazzed about the future of the series.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll all be this fun.  Don’t disappoint me!

Person of Interest #3×01 – “Liberty” – Back we come with season 3 of Person of Interest and we get no more information on the location of The Machine than we had at the end of last season.  It seems like everyone but Reese and Finch have had changes in their lives. Carter has been demoted to a beat cop, Root is in an asylum, Fusco is breaking in a new partner and Shaw actually likes working with Finch and Reese, although she’s pretty difficult for Finch to control.  This time out, the number is a Naval seaman during New York’s famous Fleet Week, where thousands of “squids” flood the streets of New York City on leave.  The guy’s name is Jack Salazar and initially, it’s unclear whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy.  He’s had some trouble and was given the choice of jail or the military and he chose the military, but it’s unclear where his loyalties really lie.  Jack and his furlough buddy RJ get into a bar fight.  Jack didn’t start it but he’s sure determined to finish it.  Reese loses track of Jack after the fight and calls in reinforcements.  Meanwhile, Root is still enjoying her time at the funny farm, she stole her psychiatrist’s phone so she can keep in contact with The Machine and she’s adopted the delusion that The Machine is a god and has chosen Root for some divine purpose she’s yet to ascertain.  Her therapist takes away the phone and puts her in solitary, saying that some time away from all electronic devices will do her good.  She tells him that he’s a horrible judge of character.  Jack and RJ are at a secret bar, a hangout for both “squids” on leave and the NYPD, which is why Carter knew about it.  While RJ gets himself a hooker, he gives Jack some Cuban cigars that he supposedly got for helping the Admiral, but when Jack goes outside, he’s accosted by some elite military bad boys who demand that Jack turn over something of theirs that he has.  He has no idea what they’re talking about so they beat him up while one of them breaks into a car that they can use to kidnap him.  They toss him into the trunk, but Reese has overpowered their comrade and takes off with Jack.  Jack, Reese and Finch sit down and try to figure out what’s going on when he gets a phone call, it’s the bad guys and they have RJ hostage. They want Jack to come alone to a hotel room and bring back their diamonds, which RJ had stashed in the cigars.  The diamonds had been stolen from Somali pirates that were raided by the Navy and these Seals skimmed more than a million dollars worth of uncut gems they need to fence.  Jack and Reese go to the hotel, after Shaw spots and takes out the sniper on the roof, but RJ is strapped to a bomb and the kidnappers threaten to set it off if Jack causes any more problems.  They demand that Reese stay in the room while Jack takes a cab to another location, but Finch finds a way to feed a video loop of Reese standing in the room so he can leave.  They can’t track Jack though so Finch suggests they need to find the fence for the diamonds so they can pick up the trail again. Carter says she can handle that, she goes to Elias, who is stashed in a dark basement, and asks his help.  She did get him out of prison, after all, he owes her and he gives her the name of a fence operating out of a pawn shop.  The military Devil Dogs want to use Jack to negotiate with the Russian fence, reminding him that they can kill RJ and Reese any time.  However, Reese has switched places with Fusco, who is trying to defuse the bomb.  Jack arrives at the pawn shop and the Russian wants to pay less than expected, the Devil Dogs said the diamonds were cut, not rough and only wants to pay 40 cents on the dollar.  The Devil Dogs arrive and it’s gun-pointing all around, with people screaming at each other and it looks like it’s going to be a bloodbath.  Reese arrives and they realize they’ve been had so they press the button, but Fusco disarms the bomb just in time. Shaw, in a sniper position, sees that there are more gunmen on the second floor, which fire down into the room below and kill the Devil Dogs before Shaw takes them out.  They should use a muzzle suppressor indeed.  Everyone is safe and unbeknownst to Reese and Finch, Elias’ subordinate sneaks into the pawn shop and steals both the money and the diamonds, at least someone had a good day.  Reese and Jack meet up in a bar and Jack is considering leaving the military.  Reese tells him that he’s far too talented to throw away the opportunity, in fact, he’s pretty sure the CIA is going to call on him one day and invite him to join, just like they did when Reese was in the army.  He advises Jack to turn them down, knowing how they operate better than anyone.  Back at the hospital, Root and her psychiatrist meet again and she tells him things that she couldn’t possibly know, if not for her contact with The Machine.  She tells him that she’s having a disagreement with her god, would he like to know what the disagreement is about? They’re trying to decide if Root is going to kill the psychiatrist.  Fade to black.  Now we know that Root is crazy, she always has been, but she’s getting positively messianic. Casting The Machine as a deity and her as the chosen savior makes the future of her character very interesting.  I’m wondering how the new situation at the police precinct is going to play out, is Fusco’s new partner  going to dampen his plans to work with Finch and Reese?  What about Carter? We know she’s upset at her demotion, will she do something to get reinstated?  Will she quit the force?  Reese has offered to get her a different job but don’t they continually need an in at the police?  Carter feeds them a constant stream of information, what would they do without her?  I guess time will tell, this was a great episode that brings you right back in to the action, but we have to find out more about The Machine and I hope they do it soon.  I don’t want to wait.


Sleepy Hollow #1×01 – “Pilot” – In 1781, we see troops fighting the Revolutionary War. Ichabod Crane encounters a huge masked mercenary and shoots him off his horse. This hardly slows him down, but when Ichabod beheads the huge man, both fall over.  The next we see of Ichabod, he’s digging himself out of a cave in modern day Sleepy Hollow. Detective Abby Mills and her partner, the sheriff are investigating a local farm. She finds the farmer dead. The sheriff checks out the barn and runs into the Headless Horseman and it doesn’t end well. Abby arrives just as the Headless Horseman rides off. She calls in for backup and another cop, Andy, rushes to their aid, but runs into Ichabod, almost literally, on the way. Ichabod has been stumbling around his new surroundings and seems disoriented, perhaps intoxicated so he’s taken into custody.  Ichabod ends up being questioned by Abby and he spills his whole tale. He’s a former British soldier that switched sides while fighting the Americans. He was given a special mission by General Washington to kill a mysterious mercenary with a tattoo on his hand, but after he collapses, he’s taken to triage where he’s cared for by his wife, Katrina, a nurse, and then everything goes black and he wakes up in the cave. They decide that Ichabod has some screws loose and want to send him to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation, but Abby sees truth in what he’s saying. She begs her captain to let her take Ichabod to the hospital, after all, she’s transferring to the FBI soon and she wants closure over the sheriff’s death. While driving, she asks Ichabod to show her the  cave he woke up in and while there, they find a Bible that he was buried with and a passage in Revelations underlined, about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Ichabod is convinced that the Headless Horseman is Death and that they are somehow connected. On the way to the hospital again, Abby gets a call of another murder, this time a reverend who happened upon the Horseman and lost his head. She diverts to the case, dragging Ichabod along. While waiting for Abby, he follows a bird into the graveyard where it lands on his wife’s gravestone, she’d been burned as a witch. Finally, they get to the hospital where we learn Abby’s story, she and her sister were walking through the woods when they encountered four white trees and a mysterious voice which caused them to pass out. They awoke a long distance away and could never explain the experience, although it drove Abby’s sister Jennifer into a lifetime of mental disturbance.  Abby heads back to the office, still bothered by the sheriff’s death.  She checks out his office and finds a secret cache of documents relating the supernatural history of Sleepy Hollow. The sheriff believed Abby’s childhood story and thinks it’s related to another account from 1882. Meanwhile, Ichabod has a vision at the hospital of his dead wife. She confirms that she was a witch and that when Ichabod killed the horseman, their blood and thus their bloodlines merged.  Katrina cast a spell over the two men and hid Ichabod’s body in a cave and dumped the Headless Horseman into the sea. Something must have happened and when one woke up, it brought the other one back as well. She warns him that if the Horseman gets his head back, he can summon the other three horsemen and start the apocalypse. She tells him that all of his questions can be answered using Washington’s Bible that he was buried with. Ichabod wakes up, just as the doctors are trying to drug him, but Abby arrives and gets him out with a fake court order and they escape. Ichabod tells Abby that his wife isn’t buried in her tomb, the Headless Horseman’s head is and they have to retrieve it. On the way to the cemetery, Abby calls Andy and asks for backup. He goes back to his apartment and the Headless Horseman is waiting for him, but instead of killing him, it looks like Andy is working with the Horseman. He tells him where his head is and together they head there. Ichabod and Abby have retrieved the Horseman’s head, just as the Horseman arrives. Abby, not knowing that Andy is in league with their enemy, runs to him for protection, but he tries to knock her out and put her into the back seat. She fights back, cuffs him and takes his gun, but the sun is starting to rise and the Horseman beats a hasty retreat, just as more cops arrive on the scene. The police captain doesn’t really believe Abby’s story, but with several other officers corroborating, he can’t really ignore it. He puts Abby and Ichabod on the case and they go to see Andy in jail to see what he meant by “a war is coming”. Just before they arrive, a demonic figure appears in his cell and snaps his neck before vanishing intosleepy-hollow-8 a mirror. There are some things about this pilot that I really, really like and a few, not so much. As I mentioned in my fall preview post, I really like man-out-of-time stories, bringing fairy tales of the past into the modern day, etc. I think it was well done, although to be honest, Ichabod didn’t seem that freaked out to be 250 years out of his own time, he took it far too much in stride for my tastes. That said though, the Headless Horseman with a machine gun was just cool. Do more of that. Ichabod wondering just how many Starbucks there are was great and there were a lot of really nice touches, like the horse crossing sign, slashed at the neck by the Headless Horseman. It’s these really interesting elements that make shows like this fun. It wasn’t perfect, but it was really nice and certainly one that I’m going to keep watching.

Sleepy Hollow #1×02 – “Blood Moon” – We open with Ichabod having a dream, being chased by the Headless Horseman, which is joined by three more, apparently the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  He is trapped against a forest of vines and is sucked into the ground where he sees Katrina who explains his mission. She says “Before the Four Horsemen can ride, an army of evil will make way for their arrival. The first dark spirit rises with the Blood Moon. She’s one of us. You must stop her before she kills again.” Then he wakes up, unsure what it all meant. He wants to talk it over with Abby but a guard at the door of his hotel room stops him.  Understandably miffed, he closes the door and waits. Meanwhile, Abby is having an argument with Captain Irving (yes, named after Washington Irving, the original author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow). The two officers who had corroborated her story had recanted out of fear for being thought crazy and now, Captain Irving is reconsidering things as well.  They look at the video of Officer Brooks death and instead of showing his head mysteriously snapped back “like a Pez dispenser”, it shows him running at the wall and breaking his neck. Abby protests that’s not what happened, but no one listens.  Captain Irving says he’s going out of town for a few days and he’s giving Abby some latitude, but not to disappoint him.  She goes to meet with Ichabod who is still upset but she offers him a donut. They talk about his dream and what it might mean, but Abby is having enough trouble holding on to her sanity and her job as well.  We move to the morgue where Andy’s Pez-dispenser body comes back to life at the behest of a shadowy figure who commands him to release the spirit. Andy, his head upright once again, chokes and regurgitates an ancient amulet and then goes off to carry out his orders.  Abby and Ichabod go to Sheriff Corbin’s funeral, along the way he complains about the high tax rate and Abby suggests he not talk about the Revolutionary War, George Washington or taxation without representation in the first person if he wants to stay out of the asylum. While Abby says goodbye, Ichabod visits his wife’s grave and realizes that “she’s one of us” means they’re after a witch.  Later that night, Andy does as he’s told and resurrects the witch’s spirit, but to truly bring her back to life, she has to kill the descendants of the man who sentenced her to death and use their ashes to make her breathe again.  Andy is sent to find those descendants, the first of whom is Jeremy Steven Firth.  Apparently, Andy has to get them to say their full name in order to get the witch to attack.  Andy apologizes, saying it’s nothing personal.  Firth is attacked in his car, which is lit on fire and the witch claws some of his ash from his chest.  Abby and Ichabod arrive on the scene and it reminds Ichabod of something that happened during the Revolutionary War, people were dying and being burned to a cinder and General Washington believed it was an evil coven of witches that was responsible.  Abby wants to check out Corbin’s files but unfortunately, they’ve been transferred to the archives and she can’t get in the door to see them.  Ichabod says there’s another way and takes her to the basement, apparently there’s a secret passage for smuggling weapons under the police station that hasn’t been discovered or disturbed in 250 years.  They find the files and they reveal that Serilda of Abadon was of Romany Greek (a.k.a. Gypsy) origin and luckily, Ichabod, former professor, speaks Greek. The last words of Serilda before she was burned at the stake were “By the turn of the Blood Moon, the ashes of your ancestry will be mine. Their flesh will be my flesh. I will live again” and from this, Ichabod reasons that she has to kill the direct descendants of the people who executed her.  One is already dead, the second, they have to find, but Andy apparently already has.  He meets a young boy named Kyle, whom Brooks also apologizes to and later, we see Kyle’s mother screaming as Kyle is in the witches’ grasp.  However, when Abby and Ichabod arrive, Kyle is safe, the witch took the urn of the mother’s husband’s ashes, Kyle was adopted and not really the heir.  With the ashes she needs, the witch rushes back to the secret passage where her bones are buried, with Abby and Ichabod in hot pursuit. We see Andy digging up her bones and Abby gives Ichabod a gun, just in case.  Serilda is already in the midst of the ceremony that will restore her power and Ichabod fires a shot at her, dropping the gun afterwards, thinking it only fires a single bullet. Serilda, now completely restored, chases them and tells Ichabod that Katrina is trapped between worlds, a prisoner forever and then Ichabod throws his torch into a box of black powder, destroying everything including Serilda.  They go back to the precinct and Abby sees a vision of Corbin who tells her not to be afraid of number 49.  We change to the asylum where Abby’s sister Jennifer is a resident in room 49. The nurse gives her medications, but Jennifer only pretends to swallow the drug.  There are a lot of new questions here, such as what danger binds Abby and her sister. The sequence at the end had me remembering Sarah Connor’s time in the nuthouse in Terminator 2.  I thought it was interesting that Andy, dead and floppy-headed Andy, still has enough humanity left in him to be sorry for what he’s being forced to do.  Will he ever regain his freedom or will he just be a patsy for the supernatural?  Really good episode, I’m still digging this show.

Thumbs DownUnder the Dome #1×13 – “Curtains” – Joe, Norrie, Linda and Caroline are standing in Ben’s living room, explaining all this mini-dome stuff to Linda, who declares it arbitrarily to be police property.  Sorry, that’s not how eminent domain works. All of a sudden, the butterfly hatches and flies around the inside of the dome, making black spots wherever it touches, then it falls to the ground. Norrie wants to get the butterfly out before it dies, but suddenly, the big dome starts to go dark and widespread panic ensues.  Linda touches the mini-dome and gets blown across the room.  The kids know that Big Jim is coming and sneak the mini-dome out of the house, against Junior’s wishes, and into the old cement factory.  Julia, bullet hole and all, decides she’s going to help Barbie and while the town is running around screaming, she and Angie break into the jailhouse and help Barbie escape.  He only punches a few people on the way out.  They all go to the cement factory and all four wonder-kids touch the now black mini-dome and it breaks open.  Saddened that the butterfly is dead, Norrie reaches down to touch it and it comes back to life, flying around the room until it finds Barbie.  Joe thinks this is confirmation that he’s the “monarch”, but after Julia picks up the egg, the butterfly comes over and lands on it, crowning her with the top spot in town.  Junior pulls his gun and says they have to turn it all over to Big Jim, Barbie distracts Junior so the others can escape, but is re-captured in the process.  However, the rest have no idea what to do next, should they break the egg or should they protect it?  They have a shared vision of Norrie’s dead mother who tells them that she’s using her image to “bridge the divide”. She’s really one of the beings responsible for the dome and they’re to protect the egg, thereby earning their freedom from the dome.  Meanwhile, Big Jim is searching for them and comes across a bunch of people piling into the church, convinced it’s the end of the world.  He gets up in front of them and, as I said last time, pretends to be messianic and promises that he’ll lead them all out of perdition.  He comes up with the idea of building a gallows and has all the town’s craftspeople build it.  He figures that he can hang Barbie and blame him for all the evil in Chester’s Mill and cement his reign over the town once again.  Big Jim takes Linda over to his house to show him his dead wife’s paintings and one, in particular, shows a big black egg surrounded by falling pink stars. Interesting that Junior didn’t see that one, it was just leaning up against the wall.  Big Jim tells Julia over the radio that either she turns over the egg or he’s going to kill Barbie.  Junior arrives and tells his father about an assassination plot against him, but Big Jim isn’t worried because the Renny’s are clearly the chosen family.  Like I said, messianic.  They take Barbie out to the gallows and Big Jim gives a speech and while he does, Julia takes the egg out into the middle of the lake and drops it into the water.  Suddenly, there are tons of pink stars that rise up and make the dome clear again as Big Jim screams to Junior to pull the lever and kill Barbie.  So we’re left at the end of the first season, knowing no more than we did at the beginning.  We still don’t know who built the dome or why.  We still don’t know what the “monarch” represents.  We don’t know anything about the egg or what it does, we don’t know what possessed Julia to throw it into the pond, we don’t know anything except the Renny family is insane, but we’ve known that since day one.  Exactly what got accomplished this season?  Not a damn thing.

Best of the Week:  It was a really close battle between Castle and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but in the end, Agent Coulson took it, I couldn’t find anything that I really didn’t like about the pilot episode, it was an absolute fantastic hour of television that got me extremely jazzed for the future.  Castle was great too but it wasn’t perfect, there are things I thought could be improved and questions I had about distant cast members. Still, if you only see two episodes of TV this week, these should be the ones.

Worst of the Week:  By far, Under the Dome hits the bottom spot. It wasn’t great to begin with, but when they had to cut out half of the plot (such as it was) when they got a second season, it became an extended waste of time.  As far as I’m concerned right now, I won’t be watching the second season, unless there’s just nothing at all to watch next year.

Other Stuff I Watched: Godzilla: Final Wars, Godzilla 2000, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, World War Z, Manos: Hands of Fate – Rifftrax Live


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