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TV Thursday - 3/27/14 - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday – 3/27/14

March 27th, 2014

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After a bit of insanity last week, things have lightened up a little, but only a little. Luckily, in the next week or two, a bunch of shows end for the season, or forever, and things get a little more manageable.  Let’s delve into the 13 shows in this week’s offering on TV Thursday – 3/27/14.

Arrow #2×16 – “Suicide Squad” – As I’ve said before, I think Ollie is being way too hard on himself regarding Shado’s death.  In fact, he has a nightmare about it and when he wakes up,  even Sarah tells him to stop blaming himself. It honestly makes no sense, he isn’t to blame in any way, shape or form, Ivo is. Enough already!  However, Oliver is an archer obsessed and he reaches out to the Russian mob that he dealt with before and demands that they find Slade Wilson.  He’s actually kind of a dick about it. They ask him to do a favor for them in return and he beats them up and says hell no.  Wait, is he paying for this?  I don’t think he knows how favors work.  Oliver is concerned for his entire team, he’s got Diggle sitting out in front of Felicity’s house making sure Slade doesn’t hurt her, but honestly, Diggle is in as much danger out in the open, it’s good that Felicity sent him home.  It gives him time to get jiggy with his ex-wife and current girlfriend Lyla, but they’re interrupted by both a flashback to their time in Afghanistan, where they were protecting a group of civilians and a drug lord named Golem Qadir was found in their midst, then by Amanda Waller who shows up and demands that both of them come with her for a super secret mission.  Lyla, I can see, she works for Waller.  Diggle?  He’s got no reason to trust her, nor should he. However, ARGUS has intel that suggests that Golem Qadir, who was released by the DEA a couple of years before, has come into possession of a powerful nerve agent and she needs Diggle and Lyla to smuggle her team into Markovia.  Who is this team? It’s some of the worst baddies Oliver has taken out in the series, Deadshot, Shrapnel and Bronze Tiger.  In the background, you can hear Harley Quinn laugh, straight out of the Batman cartoons.  It was amazing, we got a quick glimpse but just hearing the voice was fantastic.  I want her on the show now!  Oliver, meanwhile, is so worried about Slade that he forgets that he’s a crimefighter, but Felicity sends him to take out bank robbers and he reluctantly agrees.  While there, we see Deathstroke in the background for a moment and later, he finds the mask but Slade is gone.  I guess Slade has a lot of extra masks laying around.  We jump back to Afghanistan where Diggle saves Qadir from sniper fire, thus earning his friendship and admiration. I’m sure Diggle wishes he had let Qadir get hit. They arrive in Markovia and Diggle meets up with Qadir who tells him that Diggle changed his life. After being turned over to the DEA, Qadir provided evidence on all of his old drug contacts which is how he got released.  He says that he wants to give back to the world to make up for all the bad things he did before.  Just then, Deadshot nearly hits them with a bullet so that Qadir would think Diggle is a fugitive.  I don’t know, if someone shot at me on my own supposedly secure property, I might do more than blow it off.  Shrapnel tries to escape from ARGUS control but Waller put a bomb in his brain and blows it up to keep him from getting away. Qadir is having a private benefit and he invites Diggle into his private sanctuary where he must be keeping the nerve agent. Our Russian mobster Alexi gives Oliver financial information that might lead to Slade but because Oliver was such a dick, Alexi doesn’t want to ever deal with Oliver again.  Good job Oliver. The data provides a target but Oliver wants to do this alone, he doesn’t want to put Sarah or Roy in harm’s way.  However, when he arrives, Slade isn’t there, only Alexi’s dead body with an arrow through his eye, which reminds Oliver how smart Slade really is.  Plus, I guess it doesn’t matter if Alexi wants to work with Oliver ever again or not now.  Oliver reaches out to Sarah and tells her that he doesn’t want Slade to hurt her but she reminds him that she’s not the same Sarah that Slade knew on the island. Diggle and Lyla get into Qadir’s shindig, along with Deadshot who uses a fake, computer-printed fingerprint. He’s been told by Waller to find the nerve agent, which he does, but it’s far too much for him to get out, there’s enough there to kill millions of people. While they talk to Waller about what they should do, she commands Diggle and Lyla to get out, telling Deadshot to stay right where he is.  She’s got a GPS tracker on him and she’s going to use his signal to send in a drone strike.  This will kill everyone at the party.  Diggle tells everyone to get out of the building and then goes to get Deadshot.  Lyla almost gets killed by Qadir but Bronze Tiger takes him out with a blade, saving her life.  Deadshot doesn’t want to leave, he knew that this was a suicide mission and he wants it all to be over with. Diggle tells him that his little girl, Zoey, deserves better, but the drone isn’t targeting the mansion, it’s targeting Deadshot’s GPS signal.  They race down the road while Lyla cuts out the transmitter and dumps it behind the van and the drone misses them.  This does not make Waller happy, she had to send in a SEAL team to mop up the mess.  Diggle says he never wants to work with her again and that’s good thinking.  As he walks Deadshot back to his cell, they’re no longer the enemies they once were, Deadshot has redeemed himself, at least a little. Lyla, however, has not and even though Diggle is unhappy with her conduct on the mission, he doesn’t want to lose her again.  At the end, Arrow goes to see Amanda Waller to let her know Slade is still at large. She says it’s impossible, she knows Oliver killed him, meaning that Waller is going to show up on the island at some point in time.  She does say that they’ve been tracking an assassin that has killed people around the world and we see a picture of Deathstroke and they say his name for the first time.  Although it was a great episode, it wasn’t without it’s problems. They say that the drone is carrying a Hellfire missle that can totally destroy the mansion, yet when it hits the ground, the explosion is relatively small.  It should have been much, much bigger.  Also, even though this episode was supposed to be about the Suicide Squad, I was hoping for a set of ongoing adventures.  They lost 1/3 of their members and the rest don’t want to deal with Waller anymore.  Deadshot, even though Diggle convinced him that his daughter needed him, is still suicidal, are we supposed to think that they’re going to keep replacing members every episode?  It could have gone better.  Still, hearing, more than seeing, Harley and actually getting a proper introduction to Deadshot was amazing and they’ve now used Markovia twice in the show, how long until someone from Markovia actually shows up?  

Believe #1×03 – “Origin” – I’m never quite sure about this show.  On the one hand, it seems to be a random “help someone every episode” series and that’s not really all that interesting but on the other, it’s starting to build up a backstory that I’m really enjoying.  It has the potential for greatness if they can avoid filling airtime with random strangers.  Anyhow, Skouras and Winter sit down for dinner to discuss Bo’s future.  Skouras wants Winter to turn her over so she can experience greatness and Winter wants her to be free. Here we really find out about Bo’s background, her mother, Nina, was a gifted psychic and after Skouras convinced her that she could be great, she gave up her mind-reading business and started working for Skouras and Winter.  She was already pregnant at the time, I’m not sure if Tate was out of the picture and in prison for murder or not at that time but he was clearly never aware that she was pregnant.  Nina begs Winter that, if anything ever happens to her, that he’s to take care of her daughter.  This doesn’t seem to be anything random or a mutation, it’s something that runs in families.  Bo has it.  Her mother had it.  Her grandmother had it.  Bo is the strongest of the bunch, or at least the one with the most potential.  Some of the others we’ve seen at the institute seem to have much better control and much stronger abilities than Bo but she’s only about 10 so I can forgive that.  Anyhow, Bo and Tate get off the train in New York, heading to the safe house that Winter gave them last episode.  While in the street, a rich woman and her chauffeur almost run her over.  Tate yells at the woman while he steals her purse but there’s no cash in it.  Bo forces him to go back and return the purse and while at the woman’s house, she talks to Bo and Bo tells her all about her long lost son.  Bo gets some reward money and Tate steals a golden cross.  They reach their safehouse and it’s nothing to be proud of.  It’s a hovel with no food but there’s a fake ID and passport for Tate and Winter promises he’ll bring dinner.  However, they were spotted entering the building and a woman calls the police to report seeing Bo.  The FBI arrive and Bo and Tate barely make it down the fire escape.  Winter tells them to meet him at a different address in an hour and, not knowing what to do for an hour, Tate says he’s going to pawn the cross.  Bo picks a pawn shop and they go, only to find the woman’s long lost son working there.  Bo shows him the cross and he recognizes having given it to his mother.  They take him back to his mother’s apartment and they have a tearful reunion and Bo and Tate walk away empty-handed once again.  However, the police arrive, the woman had called the police after Tate stole the cross and they take him into custody.  They run his fake ID and almost immediately, it pops up with his real identity.  Bo uses some of her mental magic to get them out of the situation and they run before meeting up with Winter and they all board a train together for places unknown.  Winter promises that he’s not going to let anything happen to Bo, just as he promised her mother.  Now there are some really good points to this episode.  We see what might be the limit to these people’s abilities when Skouras, demonstrating Nina’s abilities to the military, turns a drone against their boardroom and has Nina blow the missile out of the sky.  The strain kills her, just as Bo is born.  Nina didn’t just blow up the missile though, it looks like she opened a portal and sucked it somewhere else.  Maybe the fact that Nina was so untrained explains the effect it had on her, maybe her pregnancy made her weaker, I don’t know, but we’ve seen things more impressive than that since and if Bo is the strongest of all, she’s got to get mighty impressive down the line.  They also activated one of the other “specials” (I don’t know what to call them) to hunt down Bo.  He was only really interested when he heard Bo was involved, I’m not sure if he wants to protect her or hurt her. Another thing, and this has been going on since the first episode, but don’t they ever change Winter’s bandages?  It’s been at least a couple of days now, he still has this big blood stain in the middle of his hand where he got shot.  Is it still bleeding or is he still wearing the bandages from the first episode?  Come on, be realistic, please?  Another problem, and perhaps the biggest one so far, is that this show has far too many coincidences.  Bo even has to say “there are no coincidences”, like it’s all to do with her abilities, but I look at it as bad writing.  Tate burns the note from Winter that has his new identity on it but conveniently, it doesn’t burn all the way, allowing the FBI to easily read his new name.  The rich woman who mourns the loss of her son conveniently lives within mere blocks of him.  Or things that are just unrealistic, like Tate being locked in the back seat of the police cruiser when Bo opens his handcuffs. The rear doors of police cars don’t open from the inside and if we’re supposed to think that Bo popped the lock, it’s not made clear in the episode.  And finally, Tate has proven to be a piss poor protector so far, Bo has been in constant danger.  I know he’s her father but seriously, couldn’t Winter just take care of her?  He seems to be saving their asses constantly anyhow and he’s the one who made the promise to Nina to keep Bo safe, I don’t think she’d be very happy with this situation, do you?

Castle #6×19 – “The Greater Good” – We get the obligatory dead body, a man laying on a bed in a hotel room while the killer takes a picture of him.  Keeping a scrap book, huh? But we can’t have an episode without more wedding angst and this week, Castle wants to get married on the Coney Island Cyclone!  However, it doesn’t hold enough people and both of them make their list of people who have to be invited to the wedding and, combined with Martha’s list, that’s almost 600 people!  They have to find a way to get those numbers down!  Oh, and solve a murder while they’re at it. Castle and Beckett arrive at the hotel room and find that the man, named Peter, died between 8-10 when an anonymous call to 911 was made from down the street. They find a camera that takes a picture of the woman who called 911 but nobody in Peter’s life knows who she is. They locate Peter’s next of kin, Maria Cordero, who says her cousin was like a brother to her, her parents adopted him when he was young after his parents were killed in Venezuela.  Castle and Beckett go to Peter’s work, a major Wall Street investment firm and walk in on a meeting where the owner of the firm, Jamie Berman, dumps a million dollars on the table as a reward to the first person who steals an account from a competitor.  Jamie has nothing but good things to say about Peter, he was his #1 guy.  He also doesn’t know the woman in the picture but he does remember seeing a tattooed and scarred man talking with Peter in the stairwell and he saw him give Peter a small box but he says that because investing is so stressful, he doesn’t intrude on what keeps his employees sane. However, he does talk to a sketch artist and Laney has some more information too.  She found some numbers written on Peter’s hand and some adhesive on his chest, she thinks he was wearing a wire. Beckett goes to Gates and says they have no idea which law enforcement agency might have been using Peter, but just then, the woman in the photo comes into the office, along with Gates’ sister, a big wig from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Gates’ sister, Elizabeth and the other woman, Stephanie, were using Peter as an informant into the activities of Jamie, who they suspected of fraud and other crimes, and Castle suspects that the picture of the man in the stairwell was just made up to throw them off the trail. However, Esposito comes over with a photo of Peter’s childhood friend Hector, who looks exactly like the drawing.  Castle and Beckett go to a local bar that is the unofficial hangout of the street gang that Hector runs with and while he acts big, when he learns that Peter is dead, he becomes extremely helpful to the police.  Hector says he protected Peter from getting involved in gangs when he was young and he hadn’t heard from Peter for many years until a couple of weeks ago when Peter asked him for a favor.  He wanted Hector to deliver an envelope to a mid-town bank and Hector kept a copy of the bank account the money was wired to but when Castle and Beckett check the account, it requires a password to access.  They try the number written on Peter’s hand and it works, they learn that $25 million dollars was wired to the account, then moved to another account of someone named Armando Garcia. Without knowing who Armando is, they cannot track the funds.  Elizabeth and Victoria have a very strained relationship because Victoria is a straight-shooter that always follows the rules and that cost Elizabeth a case in the past.  Elizabeth wants to keep the unsavory parts of Peter’s past a secret so it doesn’t screw up her case against Jaime.  Elizabeth reluctantly turns over the conversations recorded on Peter’s wire and Esposito listens to them, confirming Hector’s story about the money transfer. They discover that Peter had tried to get a passport so they go to the Venezuelan consulate and they confirm that a passport in the name of Armando Garcia was issued, to be picked up in Mexico City, but Armando and Peter were one and the same person. He changed his name when he came to the U.S.  They realize that Peter was never planning on testifying for Elizabeth, he was going to take the $25 million and vanish into South America, which will destroy Elizabeth’s case. They learn that Peter was in an Internet cafe at the time the money transfer went through, they check the cafe’s video feed and see that Jamie was there to transfer the money to Peter.  Jamie knew that Peter was spying on him and decided to give him $25 million to feed fake information to the feds. Gates calls in Elizabeth and Stephanie and tells them that someone had the final recording on the wire where it was revealed that this was all a hoax.  Elizabeth was innocent but Stephanie had gotten the files and deleted them. She went to see Peter to try to talk him out of it but when she failed, she killed him. Peter had sent the majority of the money to the town in Venezuela where he grew up to help them to rebuild the town following an earthquake. Gates and Elizabeth talk, Elizabeth is happy that her sister’s by-the-rules work had saved her from looking silly going to the courts with false information and they make up.  Castle and Beckett decide that they’ll write down all the people they absolutely have to have at the wedding in one minute and decide they only need each other.  Then they start to add a couple of people, who knows where it’ll end up.  This was a good episode, we never really see much of Gates outside of the office.  At least when Montgomery was around, we got to see family and the like. Please, can they get married soon?  Please?

Continuum #3×02 – “Minute Man” – Every episode title in the third season of Continuum has “minute” in it.  Get used to it, you’ll see it a lot.  We haven’t seen many flash-forwards lately, but this time we get a jump to 2067 where we see Kiera’s mother and her sister (the one who will later jump off a bridge), having items from their house confiscated to pay off debts. Her mother wants to keep a few items for emotional reasons and Kiera and Hannah find a box of contraband in the bedroom that could get her mother in serious trouble.  Back in the present, fKiera confronts fAlec, accusing him of possibly destroying her family in the future.  She also wants to know who killed her other timeline self.  She knows she has to do something with the body and turn to Carlos for help.  We haven’t seen a lot of Carlos lately and he’s not at all happy to have to dispose of a body, especially the body of his partner. He’s also unhappy with all of the crazy time travel stuff, he doesn’t know if fKiera is his Kiera and which Alec is really the right Alec for his timeline.  I don’t blame him. Meanwhile, Jim Martin is celebrating his election as mayor of Vancouver but he had to use Liber8 to achieve his victory and they’re back to collect on their side of the bargain. However, Sonya and Travis are warring and it looks bad for him so he offers to turn evidence over to the police if he’s given immunity.  Martin turns over information on a gang run by Travis and while the police take them away, Travis, watching from afar, runs into Garza, who Kiera released from her glass prison last episode.  They meet up in an abandoned warehouse where Garza and Sonya reunite and they decide to kiss and make up and take the fight to their enemies.  Modern-day Alec calls fKiera and we see a conversation like we did back in the first season, for some reason, Alec can’t access fKiera’s suit but fAlec turned that off because he thought his present self shouldn’t know too much.  Alec gets the DNA results from Jason and makes the wrong guess, that Jason is his father instead of the other way around. Kellogg comes by the precinct to give testimony about Escher’s murder but Carlos knows that Kellogg was sitting right next to Escher before he was shot and suspects he knows more about it than he’s letting on.  Kellogg goes to talk to Emily and offers her a job now that Escher is dead. Actually, he blackmails her because she doesn’t want Alec to know all the things she’s done, especially that she killed Alec’s father, Escher. She reluctantly agrees. Martin takes an ambulance ride to a meeting with some of Vancouver’s biggest CEOs but he’s kidnapped by Travis and taken to the warehouse. Sonya forces him to read a confession and list of demands on video, trashing Vancouver’s elite.  Kiera brings in modern-day Alec to the police department to track down the Martin transmission while speaking to fAlec in her head.  Betty locates Martin and they go to the warehouse where they find him sitting inside with a bag over his head.  Dillion says he won’t press charges against Martin, he thinks Martin committed political suicide anyhow and will leave town and never come back.  fKiera and fAlec meet up in an empty condo, the same one we saw in 2067, where she grew up.  We flash back to the future where Kiera agrees to join the police force in exchange for all charges being dropped against her mother.  fAlec is done with time travel, he refuses to do anything more to help Kiera, suggesting maybe present-day Alec might be better suited.  Carlos is getting drunk in a bar, thinking about how he just covered up the death of his partner.  Kiera has to kill one of the Alecs and it’s really got to be the future one, he’s ruined the timestream by jumping back to save Emily.  I was thinking maybe fAlec and Emily could run off together to Thailand or something but since the Alec remaining in the timestream has to breed with Emily for the future to take place, that won’t work.  I suspect fAlec will be killed doing something heroic, allowing that loop to close. Who killed modern Kiera?  We just don’t know yet.

Thumbs DownHelix #1×12- “The Reaping” – This show gets weirder and weirder and it started out pretty damn weird.  After the arrival of the Ilaria assassin, Scythe and everyone hiding out down in the faux cabin shelter, things were pretty odd, but this week, Scythe contacts his masters at Ilaria and tells them he can’t find Sutton, who, surprise surprise, turns out to be his mother.  He gets instructions, pretty much the same as Sutton’s, to get the Narvik, take Hatake alive and kill everyone else.  Down in the bunker, Sarah and Julia talk about their shared immortality and we find out just how old some of these “silver-eyes” really are.  Hatake is 513?  I agree with Sarah, I’d never want to live forever and watch everyone I know and love die.  Peter is faring no better, he’s guilty over all of the people he killed when he was under the influence of the virus.  Peter tries to tell him that it’s not his fault but he’s not buying it.  Sergio, Anana and the villagers perform what has got to be the slowest emergency evacuation ever, do these people not understand that Ilaria is coming with guns to kill them?  Anana’s other brother Toluk argues about her relationship with Sergio, saying that he’ll never change and he doesn’t belong.  Yeah but he’s saved your sorry ass a couple of times, that’s more than you’ve managed.  Back at the base, Miksa/Daniel is looking over the security footage and discovers that Scythe is just a kid.  Sure, he’s a kid that likes to kill, but Hatake says they shouldn’t underestimate him, he’s hundreds of years old. Why is this stuff just coming out now?  Alan says Scythe is going to underestimate them but honestly, how many mistakes have these people made since day one again? It’s really hard to underestimate their stupidity. Meanwhile, Scythe, whose real name is Spencer, finds out that Hatake killed his mother and while he’s understandably upset, he can’t stop watching the execution over and over.  Then, he watches Alan make plans to destroy the virus.  What, didn’t Hatake know that there were video cameras all over the place?  Julia and Miksa talk and she says she’d be happy to be his sister.  Miksa says he already has a sister.  Both of them are dicks.  Hatake tells Alan that his plan sucks and Spencer will see right through it.  He says he’s worked for hundreds of years to create the virus and the cure.  All of this comes out of nowhere. They go out into the snow as a decoy, pretending to have the virus and Spencer’s partner Thea goes along to grab it but it’s a trap and she falls down into an ice crevasse.  I guess Spencer’s people are just as stupid as Hatake’s.  You know, for Spencer watching his mother’s death so many times, it’s strange that he didn’t back up the tape a few more seconds where they were talking about Hatake’s daughter.  He has his last remaining minion, Blake, do research on Hatake’s daughter, whoever she is.  Hatake, Alan, Julia and Miksa/Daniel, having found all of the dead scientists killed by Spencer last episode, are headed back down to the bunker but the power goes out momentarily and Julia vanishes.  Funny how nobody heard anything or felt her get whisked away.  Hatake says that Spencer has her and knows she’s his daughter. Down in the shelter, Peter is about ready to mutiny because the rest have not returned. Sorry, is he supposed to be an effective leader?  I guess he did okay with the Vectors. What happened to the Vectors anyhow?  Hatake, Alan and Miksa get back and they get a package, it’s one of Julia’s fingers and Spencer demands that Hatake come out if they want her to live.  Instead, Alan says they ought to use knockout gas in the vents to incapacitate Spencer and Blake, but they have to go up into the vents and open them manually, because that’s exactly what you do in a high-tech facility.  Hatake is supposed to stand by and turn on the gas.  We see that Spencer has put an explosive collar around Julia’s neck and if she touches it, it will explode.  Alan and Peter open the vents and have a heart-to-heart chat, then they call for Hatake to turn on the gas but he doesn’t do it, he just walks away to face Spencer alone.  So he stood at the valve the whole time that they were opening the vents, then he leaves?  Why wait?  Anyhow, he gets down to Spencer and it’s revealed that they took Miksa captive as well.  Hatake has to choose whether he will save Julia or Miksa and he refuses to choose. Miksa sets off his charge so his father won’t have to pick.  Hatake attacks Spencer and after Alan and Peter arrive, he takes off Julia’s collar.  Then they find a box in another room that contains Julia’s mother. This episode shows, once again, that the writers had no clue what they were doing.  Here, we see the hangar where they store their snow tractor, something that they clearly didn’t consider in the first episode when the helicopter had to fly away because there was nowhere to store it. Besides, how exactly do you do what they did with the tractor anyhow?  How does anyone do what they do in this show?  It’s like the writers are too busy watching another series to be bothered thinking about their own.  I mean seriously, they built Spencer up as a monster, a killing machine, yet one that never performs as one. In fact, Alan, our favorite incompetent scientist, takes him out with a crowbar. Next week finishes the season and hopefully the series, maybe they’ll surprise us and actually wrap this thing up in a neat bow.  No, I don’t expect that either.

Intelligence #1×12 – “The Event Horizon” – Down to the last two episodes in it’s first season, Intelligence gives us a 2-part finale that threatens to shake the intelligence community to it’s core.  After a retired intelligence director and a deputy FBI director are killed in a mysterious off-the-books meeting in a hotel room, CyberCom is called in to find out what’s happening, but after Gabriel cyber-renders the scene, he finds that all the evidence points to himself as the shooter.  He and Riley had gone out to eat the night before and while he had only had two beers, he couldn’t remember anything that happened the night before.  Cassidy had written a paper many years before about the potential for a chipped agent to be taken over externally and used to perform nefarious acts.  While they’re trying to figure out the events of the evening, DCI Jeffrey Tetazoo appears to take them into custody and replace Lillian Strand as acting director of CyberCom.  Gabriel and Riley are questioned separately, trying to get them angry enough to mess up their stories.  I guess we know there is still sexism in the TV FBI, as Riley is told she almost didn’t get the job because she was a woman and they were afraid she’d form a romantic relationship with Gabriel.  Gabriel escapes and Riley helps him to get away, they know that they need to find the truth behind the murders and they can’t do that locked up inside CyberCom.  Gabriel is afraid that he might really have done it and Riley tells him that he’s a good man, not a robot.  It’s the same kind of discussion they’ve had in the past and it betrays Gabriel’s insecurity about himself and the chip in his brain.  Lillian, now that she has no official job, goes home and talks to her father.  You remember him, he was on a couple of weeks ago? He tells her that the director of CyberCom was always a dangerous job and that her head was always potentially on the chopping block.  Together they work out that if she wants to find out who killed the victims, they need to take a much closer look at why they were meeting off-the-record.  She schedules a clandestine meeting with Cassidy, Nelson and Chris, reminding them that they can go to prison just for showing up, but hey, they at least get some amazing milkshakes out of the deal.  Chris reveals that he’s already erased at least one signal from Gabriel, a felony if anyone finds out.  They agree to play along with Tetazoo, at least for the moment, giving Gabriel and Riley a chance to clear themselves.  Of course, that’s just what they’re doing, they get into the hotel where the shooting took place and Riley realizes that Gabriel is too tall to have shot the victims in the manner described.  They break into the Cassidy lab, surprising Shenandoah and Nelson, and try to figure out how the video could have had Gabriel on it.  Cassidy realizes that it could be done, a fast rendered pixel-by-pixel substitution but it would take a chip like Gabriel’s to do it.  They point out that there is someone else with a chip like that, Mei Chen.  She must have framed him.  He has Cassidy take down his firewalls and lures Mei Chen into his render like he did in the past and she comes by for a chat.  She tells Gabriel that they belong together because they’re the next stage in human evolution and they kiss, giving Cassidy time to track her location. Riley rushes to the site and cuffs Mei Chen.  They make plans to turn her over but are unaware that Tetazoo has bugged their communications.  Lillian asks her father about something called “the flood” and while he tries to deny knowing anything about it, clearly he’s hiding something.  They show up at the transfer point but Tetazoo and his goons are there and so is an assassin who shoots Gabriel and tries to kill Mei Chen. As they get Gabriel to safety, Mei Chen reveals that their own government hired her to frame Gabriel and now, the government is out to kill them all.  To be continued in the season finale.  It’s a cool set up, although it’s certainly unnecessarily complicated.  If we have this deep dark conspiracy that’s suddenly shown up out of the blue, why frame Gabriel, especially if they plan on killing him later?  Does he need to be discredited before he’s dead?  It seems Tetazoo has been very much against the whole Clockwork program from the beginning.  Why?  I love Lance Reddick but seriously, they haven’t been using him very well.  What’s the secret and why is he so adamantly against CyberCom?  I guess we’ll see how it all wraps up next week.

Mentalist #6×15 – “White as the Driven Snow” – I was worried that this plot thread would go on through the end of the season but never fear, they wrapped it up in episode 15.  Last episode, Grace was attacked in her hotel room and we didn’t know what happened.  Now we do, she was abducted by whoever the mysterious individual who has been stalking the former CBI members.  Except it’s not really all that mysterious, they narrowed it down to Richard Haibach last week and even though he said he didn’t do it, he was the only one who could have.  This week, after disappearing, he walks into the FBI, sits in a chair, and says he’ll prove he didn’t do it and then he spends all of his time acting like he’s guilty.  This is less about if Haibach did it and more about how he did it.  His lawyer was a complete bitch, not at all concerned whether Haibach did it, so long as she “wins”.  Haibach says he was on a bus the whole time that the abduction took place and brings in not only video of himself on the ride, but signed affidavits from several passengers and the driver. Yeah, like that doesn’t scream “set up”, right?  Who does that, especially when you have no idea that you’re going to be accused of a kidnapping?  But let’s get back to Grace, who has been locked in a basement in a cabin somewhere in the mountains. After somehow managing to get herself out of the basement, she stumbles out into the snow, runs out onto a road and almost immediately encounters Hazel, who is entirely too helpful and, of course, turns out to be Haibach’s sister.  I called it immediately that she was in on the scheme but Grace fell into it hook, line and sinker. Hazel drives Grace to another cabin and ties her up and all I could think of was “she does look a little like Kathy Bates, doesn’t she?” Hazel is totally committed to Richard, saying he was abused as a boy.  Meanwhile, Patrick, Wayne, Haibach and the bitchy attorney are out driving, Jane misses a turnoff and pulls over, ordering the lawyer out of the car.  They kidnap Haibach, with Wayne in the back seat beating him up, ordering him to tell them where he took Grace.  They pull over and Wayne pours gasoline all over Haibach, threatening to set him on fire.  However, Haibach gets Wayne’s gun and orders them back into the car and has Jane drive them up to the cabin.  Obvious much?  Back at the FBI, Cho, Lisbon and Abbott are trying to figure out where Jane might have gone.  The IT tech Wally tells them he’s figured it all out, they have to be in the mountains of New Mexico and they send out a drone and there’s all the evidence they need.  Abbott calls for a helicopter saying they’ll be there in an hour.  Haibach, Wayne and Patrick get to the cabin and Haibach threatens to kill Wayne but there are no more bullets in the gun, this was all a trick.  They tell Haibach to call his sister outside but she won’t do it.  They go into the cabin and Wayne finds Grace and as he takes the tape off her mouth, she shoulds “behind you!” and Haibach shoots him.  Haibach and Hazel drag Patrick and Grace outside and want to have a gave of 20 questions, each one that Patrick gets wrong, he loses a finger.  Just before that happens though, Wayne comes out, knocks down Hazel and shoots Richard in the chest.  We get to the hospital where Wayne is in stable condition.  Abbott and Kim tell them that there’s a place in the FBI for them if they ever want it but they turn him down and Lisbon is mad at Jane for kidnapping Haibach.  From what I understand, this is the last appearance of Wayne and Grace, they’re off the show after this, which is sad because I really liked them.  I also think the whole Haibach thing was pretty dumb. Yes, he blames Jane for losing his finger to Red John, but what was his plan? Why was he spying on them?  Clearly, Grace was a target of opportunity, what did he really want to do to get his revenge?  Haibach has always been kind of pathetic, I suppose it’s no surprise that he failed so badly here.  The writers tried to tie this current plot to the Red John plot but really didn’t do a very good job, the second part of this season has been very inconsistent, sometimes great and sometimes painful. I don’t think they have a good plan for where to go from here, I don’t think they expected to last  beyond the Red John storyline.  Please, figure out what you’re going to do and do it well!

Murdoch Mysteries #7×16 – “Kung Fu Crabtree” – I don’t know that they’ve done any episodes in Chinatown, or whatever it gets called in Canada, but this week, Crabtree and Brackenreid are called before the leaders of the Chinese community to ask them to solve a crime involving the Boxer Rebellion, but when the leader of the community is killed, poisoned  by his own shrimp allergy, it sets Crabtree, Murdoch and Brackenreid on a path into the heart of the dragon.  The clear villain here is Wu Chang, and of course it’s a red herring but he impresses George so much that he teams up with him, even though Brackenreid continually scolds him for doing so, because he believes him to be innocent of the murder.  This leads to a lot of kung fu fighting, something that equally impresses George, such that he wants to learn how to fight and even does a couple of reasonably well-executed kicks and punches by the end of the episode.  Even Mrs. Brackenreid gets involved this week in what I think is her longest appearance in any episode so far.  She becomes enamored by Chinese culture and Chinese cooking.  In the end though, while Wu Chang didn’t kill the Chinese dignitary, he did take the blame for it to protect his sister who actually did kill him.  His reasoning, and I’m hard pressed to find anything really wrong with it, is that he is wanted in China for a killing that he committed in self defense. He reasons that he will be extradited back to China within a year or two once the Dowager Empress regains favor with Chinese royalty and his death there will be slow and painful.  Better to die here protecting someone he loves than to go there and be tortured to death. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about all of that and I know that neither George nor Brackenreid are happy with it either.  However, all of that isn’t really the big part of this episode.  We saw last week that Julia told Murdoch about the letters and this week, they’ve been sneaking around, trying to figure out how Gillies was able to take the pictures.  They bring Brackenreid in on the mystery and he knows he has to keep it quiet because it might mean his life too if anyone finds out.  However, after dragging the river beside the train tracks where James Gillies leapt and was apparently killed, they found a body, badly decomposed.  It gets shipped back to Toronto where Julia and Emily work on it to establish identity and eventually, using clues through the entire series, they do determine that it belongs to Gillies, he’s been dead all this time.  But if that’s true, who could have sent the letter and the photos?  It turns out to have been Leslie Garland who was upset with Julia, assuming she had been cheating on his brother with Murdoch the whole time.  Garland is almost arrested for threatening a police officer, Emily, who was with him at the time, slaps his face and now Murdoch and Julia are free to get married.  Yes, I’m happy that Gillies is now gone once and forever but I’m not terribly happy how long they let it go dragging on. Garland is a dick, granted, but he did reveal how shallow Emily was and frankly, I don’t thing George ought to take her back, at least not without some serious groveling. Just for the final disposition of the Gillies nonsense, this episode gets some high marks, even if the mystery was nothing particularly special.

Thumbs UpPerception #2×14 – “Obsession” – As soon as it came back into my life, Perception is now gone again.  This was the season finale, shown absurdly late, and Perception will return in the middle of June for it’s 3rd season.  However, this episode was great, a textbook example of why I love this show. It’s one of those episodes where everything changes.  While giving a lecture, Daniel is dragged away by a law enforcement officer who accuses him of stalking his ex-girlfriend Caroline.  Because of this, he has a psychotic break in the classroom, shouting about something written on the board when nothing was actually there.  This causes the father of one of Daniel’s students, a wealthy investor to the college, to insist that he be removed from the classroom until he can be certified sane.  But that’s not the real case, Daniel tries to contact Caroline and tell her he isn’t responsible, but someone is after her regardless.  Her new boyfriend is murdered in the bedroom while she’s in the shower, pushing Kate and Daniel to find who is targeting his ex, but there’s a wrinkle.  After Kate puts the DNA from the crime scene in a database, an investigator from Canada arrives, on vacation, because the DNA matches a murderer from several years before in her jurisdiction. They work together, chasing leads, to find out who might have committed these two murders, thousands of miles apart.  In the end, it turns out to be the hospital administrator at Caroline’s hospital, but as Kate and Liza chase him around the hospital, he ends up on the roof and then, he falls to his death.  Liza claims he jumped but Kate isn’t so sure.  He supposedly mentions the murder in Canada and as Kate checks it out, it turns out that the murdered girl, Ahneesa, was Liza’s niece.  Finally, Liza comes clean, the man slipped and she grabbed his hand as he confessed and claimed to have loved Ahneesa, but his hand slipped, it’s not clear if she lost her grip or if she let go, and he crashes down onto a car dead.  Clearly it’s not murder but Kate says she’s going to report it to the Canadian Mounted Police and Liza should lose her badge.  This incident gets Daniel and Caroline back together, not as lovers but as friends, something that’s been missing from the show.  Sure, he’s always hallucinated about his fantasy version of her, Natalie, but ever since they broke up (stupidly IMO), Daniel’s life has been missing something.  That’s not the only change by far though. Donnie gets an offer to join the DEA.  It’s a great opportunity, probably once in a lifetime but he’d have to move from Chicago to San Diego, just as he and Kate are getting serious.  She tells him to do what’s best for him, but as he packs up his office, she comes and tells him to stay.  I really do want to see those two together and I’ve come to really like Donnie in the series.  He’s a stand-up guy, he and Kate deserve each other and a second chance.  Now for the biggest change.  The university initially suspends Daniel, giving him a research-only position and barring him from the classroom.  Teaching is the only thing he loves, he gets upset and as the dean of the school comes by to see how he’s doing, he turns in his letter of resignation and quits. This is going to affect everything in the series.  A couple of episodes ago, Lewicki turned down an internship overseas to stay with Daniel.  Kate will no longer be able to work cases with Daniel.  We see that Daniel has gone overseas to Paris, we have no idea how long this will be the case, but he’s approached by an agent there to work for the U.S. government so at least he’ll remain busy, but I hate these kinds of breakups, no matter how temporary.  I hated it when Castle did it.  I hated it when Burn Notice did it.  I hate it now, although I know it’ll breathe some new and interesting life into the series, I hope it doesn’t go on more than a couple of episodes in the third season. These teams work well together and even if Daniel doesn’t end up back in the classroom right away (and I’m going to miss Levar Burton as Paul for as long as that’s true), get him back in Chicago and get the team back together, please?  It’s what makes the show so enjoyable.  

Person of Interest #3×18 – “Allegiance” – We don’t see a lot of international intrigue here but this week, we get it in spades.  When their latest number turns out to be a woman who seems to be stalking a U.N. diplomat, it’s all hands on deck to solve the mystery.  Their number, Maria Martinez, works for a humanitarian organization that installs hydroelectric dams in third world nations to generate power. From what they can tell, she’s good at her job, her boss likes her, why is she after a French ambassador named LaPointe?  In fact, she’s not, the ambassador is in charge of the disposition of an interpreter that she used in Iraq, who came to America to get away from the political atmosphere but is now in danger of being sent back to his native land and his almost certain death.  Maria has been trying to find evidence that her interpreter, Omar, is innocent of the terrorism charges that he’s accused of.  In reality, Maria and Omar fell in love in Iraq and she waited for him to get to this country and get asylum so they could get married.  She can’t understand how he could be mixed up with any terrorists, after all, he saved her life by shooting terrorists overseas.  However, this isn’t what it seems and it’s more international espionage than street-level terrorism. Fusco, Reese and Shaw are forced into action after gunmen from the French Foreign Legion try to kill Maria and after rescuing her, she gives them the whole story, prompting Harold to adopt a brand new bird-identity to go undercover as Omar’s lawyer and get the whole story.  After Maria and her company left Iraq, the six generators that they left behind for the hydroelectric plant were packed up and shipped out, apparently stolen by persons unknown.  It shut down all the power, people died in the hospitals and Al Qaeda took over the region within a week. Now, whoever stole the generators wants Omar and Maria dead so they don’t uncover the truth.  In the midst of his story, Omar is hauled away saying his asylum has been denied and he’s immediately being deported.  Sure, our government works that fast, right?  Anyhow, he’s dragged outside and thrown, yes thrown, into the back of a black van but Reese is driving and he knocks the other guard out (and tosses him out the door), rescuing Omar.  Maria has been staying with Shaw and together they realize that her boss both wrote a letter of recommendation to Omar and forged a letter from the Iraqi government that Omar had terrorist connections.  They also discover that it’s LaPointe who took delivery of the stolen generators, he signed the order to transfer them out of Iraq.  She escapes from Shaw and rushes to the U.N. building, knowing that if she can find the original letters in LaPointe’s office, she can get Omar freed. She runs into the Greek ambassador who had been helping her all this time and he agrees to get her up into LaPointe’s office but he can’t take part in ransacking it.  However, all is not as it seems, the Greek ambassador is really the one who got the generators and he needed the evidence back from LaPointe.  When LaPointe arrives, the Greek ambassador, who speaks fluent French from his time in the French Foreign Legion, shoots him and is only apprehended by the timely arrival of Fusco and Reese. It turns out to have been a plot by Maria’s boss to sell the generators and get repaid by insurance, but where were they really going?  All this time, Root has been following a lead, using Bear to help.  She corners Greer, the head of Decima and confirms that he took receipt of the generators in his plan to get Samaritan online.  He doesn’t bother to hide it, in fact, he has parts of Samaritan working, it can stop video surveillance of him, for instance and he offers Root employment if she wants but she’s dedicated to stopping Samaritan and Decima so that the Machine can truly be free.  The Root stuff was interesting, the case a bit less so.  Shaw is supposed to be extremely competent, Maria made her look like a fool and I don’t think Shaw should have fallen for something so obvious.  Still, it was nice to see a bit of a window into Shaw’s past so extra points for that.  

Psych #8×09 – “A Nightmare on State Street” – This is another excellent episode, it was just fun to watch and wasn’t involved in sobbing that the show ends next week which is exactly what I want.  It’s also a very hard episode to follow because it happens both in the real world and in Gus’ dreams.  We start out with Shawn and Gus driving somewhere in Gus’ mom’s car.  Gus says he’s having trouble sleeping because he wants to get back together with Emmanuelle but she won’t return his calls.  Shawn gets out of the car to get some gas, leaving Gus alone, but over the horizon comes a horde of shambling zombies.  Nah, it can’t be that easy, Curt Smith from Tears for Fears pulls up next to him.  Curt has been in a number of episodes, from “Shawn 2.0” to “100 Clues”.  Anyhow, it’s just a cameo, he gets eaten by zombies and then tries to attack Gus, who is freaking out in the car.  Of course, it’s all a dream. Gus is in the office of a dream therapist played by none other than Bruce Campbell.  Damn, I love me some Bruce Campbell!  Anyhow, Dr. Simpson keeps hitting Gus with a giant flyswatter (it’s part of the process) and tells him that his problems aren’t with Emmanuelle but with Shawn.  He’s afraid that without Shawn, he isn’t complete. Gus diagrees but Simpson reads a passage from his new book to keep him quiet. Back at the Psych office, a potential new client comes in, he’s afraid that his wife is cheating on him but he doesn’t have any money right now.  Shawn wants to turn him down but Gus is very sensitive to relationship issues right now.  Zach has to go install someone’s cable but tells Shawn and Gus to come along and he’ll explain everything. They get to a creepy old house, Shawn gets out to pee and Gus has another nightmare. This time, he sees someone stumbling toward him in the rear view mirror so he rushes into the house but Zach isn’t there.  Instead, he sees himself watching a creepy television program and as he  goes into the kitchen, it’s filled with rotting meat and a chainsaw on the table.  Outside, he can see the strange man from outside running on all fours, then another guy in a leather mask drags Gus away.  It’s hard to figure out all of the influences, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre riff is clear but I think I see some Ring in there too.  Of course, it’s a dream and Gus is back in Dr. Simpson’s office and Simpson tells him that he’s changed his diagnosis, Gus is afraid that working with Shawn is going to get him killed.  Gus and Shawn are sitting in the SBPD office waiting to talk to Lassie, Gus is trying desperately to call Emmanuelle but she won’t answer. Lassie is less than pleased to see them but things have been quiet and there’s nothing for them to do.  Shawn is less than enthusiastic about Dr. Simpson and tells Gus he’s coming to the next appointment.  They go talk to Zach’s wife, who is a teacher at a creepy school where the kids all look like Stepford children.  To allay suspicion, they pretend to be a gay couple asking about the school for their son.  They notice that the coach, Bagg, keeps showing off for her and she’s obviously attracted to him so they next try to find out more about him.  He tells them to come to his office and after a rather large man comes out, he invites them in to talk.  Bagg was an athlete who had a shot at professional football if not for an unfortunate accident.  Shawn notices a post it note written in Zach’s wife’s handwriting. They leave, only to be confronted by the janitor and when they try to avoid him, they  get lost.  A red ball rolls toward them with children laughing and in running away, Gus gets lost. He gets cornered by evil children who shrink him to the size of a fly, stick him to a web and pelt him with balls. Yes, it’s another nightmare and this time, Shawn is sitting with Dr. Simpson.  Gus admits that he can’t trust Shawn to keep him safe and Shawn is shocked to hear that he’s the problem.  However, he also realizes that Zach’s wife wasn’t cheating on him, she was teaching Coach D. Bagg to read.  Yes, that is his name.  Unfortunately, D. Bagg ends up dead and it looks like Zach killed him.  They meet up at the precinct and Mrs. Zach doesn’t seem to care much about her husband.  They head down to the morgue where Woody is smoking a pipe and standing next to a silver skeleton. He tells them that Bagg was severely beaten and that his fingers were broken a couple of days before his death, which is funny because he told the guys that it was an old lacrosse accident.  While this is going on, Bagg comes back to life and eats Woody and the guys run out into the hall where McNabb is eating someone on the floor.  Yup, nightmare, but at least not at Dr. Simpson’s place.  Gus wakes up at his parent’s house and finds his mother in the kitchen.  She’s nice but she speaks strangely and then an eyeball comes out of the sink and she talks to it kindly.  Too kindly, I think, because it turns into a big mouth and eats her.  Gus rushes out of the room and finds Lassiter and Betsy boarding up the windows, ala Night of the Living Dead, trying to keep the zombies out.  They don’t do a very good job because the zombies get in and Curt Smith kills Lassie.  Betsy gets some shots off before she too gets carried away to be eaten.  Gus grabs the first weapon he can find, a 3-hold punch and all the zombies laugh at him.  Henry appears and pulls Gus into a closet, but the closet is already occupied and a zombie eats Henry.  Finally, surrounded by zombies, Shawn arrives and tries to eat Gus’ brain.  This brings us back to where we started, with Gus asleep at the gas station.  Shawn returns with snacks and explains how D. Bagg died. He was a gambler and couldn’t pay back his debts.  The man they passed on the way into his office was an enforcer who had broken his fingers and then come back later to finish the job.  They head back to the precinct to tell Lassie but Betsy had already figured it out and released Zach.  He’s reunited with his wife who isn’t all that impressed.  In the end, Dr. Simpson is at a book signing but nobody is interested in his new book.  He signs a copy for Gus and as he’s walking away, Gus reads the inscription which says “Muahahahahaha”.  He turns around, we get a great Bruce Campbell “Come get some” and then the witch from Army of Darkness appears and mugs the camera.  Gus wakes up and calls Shawn, who rushes right over and they watch Val Kilmer in Real Genius, drinking huge milkshakes until they turn around as zombies for the camera. Confused?  You ought to be but it was a fantastic episode.  When you have nothing to prove and no larger plots to worry about, this was just a fun-filled show that probably could never have been done except at the end of this great series.  I’ve honestly got no idea how Bruce Campbell wasn’t on the show before now, after all, Campbell’s equally long-running show Burn Notice was on the same network.  Maybe I’m just used to the absurdly incestuous use of stars that Syfy does, where everyone is in every other show (and all the really awful movies too).  Still, Bruce was great as always.  He needs his own series, I don’t care what it is, I will watch it.  And now, I have to bid adieu to this episode of Psych, next week is the last time we will ever see them and that makes me really, really sad.

Resurrection #1×03 – “Two Rivers” – Last week, Marty and Maggie opened up Jacob’s coffin but we didn’t see what was inside.  This week, it’s revealed that Jacob’s body is, indeed, inside and that he was buried in that ugly red shirt.  Someone call the fashion police.  Marty takes samples and apparently they put the coffin back in the crypt. Maggie says it’s like someone made a carbon copy of Jacob and by extension Caleb. But why? Is it magic or is it science?  They come up with a working hypothesis later on but I’m still trying to make sense of it.  Jacob asks Marty what was in the coffin, like that isn’t macabre or anything.  He tells Marty about his dream where Caleb turned to dust and he started to fall apart.  Speaking of Caleb, he’s off washing the blood off of his hammer after his murder last episode.  Marty comes by and they talk about Caleb’s petty theft record.  Marty says that in his experience, men like Caleb never change. Caleb implies that he somehow knows that Marty has made some mistakes in the past too but we don’t know how.  Marty wants to know why Caleb told Jacob to lie and he says he didn’t want anyone poking and prodding him, which is entirely understandable, after all, isn’t that why Marty suggested to Lucille that Jacob lie? Henry goes to see Maggie and tells her that he has some muscle cramps in his hand. She says she’s going to give him a full examination and he gets mad and leaves.  Marty asks Maggie about the circumstances surrounding Caleb’s death.  She was with Elaine when the call came in that Caleb was DOA at his hunting shack.  Marty wants to go check out the shack. Caleb is eating the family out of house and home and Elaine has hardly any money.  Why such a huge appetite?  We don’t know but it’ll come up later, I’m sure.  People in the town are starting to talk about Lucille, who thinks that the little boy is really her dead son.  Unfortunately for them, he actually is.  The townspeople get together and vote to throw Jacob and Lucille out of the church, which is probably the best thing that could ever happen to them, but Tom refuses, it’s his church and he refuses to throw people out.  Sheriff Fred goes looking for Henry but he’s not home. Jacob comes out and says he wants to play cops and robbers, just like they used to.  Fred is amazed that Jacob remembers so much about what they used to do and asks about his wife’s death.  Jacob tells him that her lover didn’t kill her, he was trying to save her and then leaves uncomfortably.  Elaine finds Caleb at her desk at work and he tells her that he brought her lunch.  He can’t figure out why she isn’t married yet, but with taking care of her job and Ray, she doesn’t have time. He says they can take care of Ray together.  Maggie takes Marty out into the woods and they pass the spot where Jacob and her mother died.  She says there are two rivers that meet and there was a Civil War battle where the waters ran red and it has bad mojo.  She gets a sample of the water, just as a group of hunters take a shot at them, but all is good and they head up to the cabin again.  Once they get there, they find that there are holes, human-sized holes, dug all around it.  Marty  gets into one of the holes and finds a rubber Halloween mask.  Henry gets home and tells Lucille that he can’t accept the new Jacob because he’s never been able to let go of the old one and he’s ashamed that Lucille could.  This is not a good thing.  She gets up and leaves, mad.  Henry goes out to his workshop and Jacob comes in and suggests they build a boat together like they did in the past.  They start working on a pirate ship when Henry’s hand slips and he cuts himself on the tablesaw.  Marty and Maggie discover that Ray has been poking around at the shack.  He takes them back to his room where he shows them news clippings from the day Caleb died.  He thinks Caleb is an alien. Heck, why not?  However, Marty sees one clipping of a bank robbery, the same bank Elaine works in, on the day Caleb died.  He asks who found Caleb’s body and Maggie tells him it was Dale, one of Caleb’s best friends.  He wants to meet Dale.  Marty invites Maggie out for dinner but she gets a call about Henry’s arm and she goes to stitch him up.  Henry says that he felt this way when Jacob died the first time and she tells him that his feelings are affecting his health.  Caleb tries to make peace with Ray by working on a motorcycle together but it doesn’t work.  Marty goes over to Dale’s house to talk to him about Caleb but the door is ajar and as he goes in, he finds Dale’s body.  Pastor Tom finds that someone has broken into the church, he goes inside and finds his dead girlfriend Rachel sitting in a pew.  Okay, so far do good I guess, but they have three definite and almost certainly a fourth dead person risen from the grave, they have to do more than look at it as a curiosity now.  Marty can’t keep this from his employers, he has to call in outside forces and the town can’t get away with being insular and xenophobic either.  And why are these people rising?  We have no clue. Was it the river?  Did Rachel’s death have to do with the river too?  And why right now?  This is four people in a week or so.  Are there no other people who died in or around the river who might have risen?  We need more explanations, all the character drama is fine but come on, these are people back from the dead and nobody is doing a thing about it!

Tomorrow People #1×17 – “Endgame” – Sometimes things just smack you in the face and you don’t see them coming.  Last week, Stephen found his father, frozen in the  basement and Jedekiah found them both.  We suspected that all hell was about to break loose but… not so much. In fact, Jed presents himself as knowing that Roger could be brought back to life, that’s why he hid the body from the Founder. We get a flashback of Jed finding out about Roger’s powers and then a montage where they supposedly tested the limits of Roger’s powers for several years until they met the Founder, whose real name is Balfry and they all agree to found Ultra.  However, we see Jed is always jealous of Roger’s powers and his ability to talk to Balfry telepathically.  There’s another breakout this week, but Cara can’t properly track her, she describes her as being almost inside of her like Stephen was.  Yeah, but there was that time when he was… never mind.  Anyhow, she knows she’s around a performing arts center and so she and Russell go there while she tries to sort things out.  Just then, a couple of Ultra agents show up, tracking the same breakout and Cara and Russell are forced to take them out to teleport the breakout to safety.  It turns out to be Cara’s sister Sophie which is why she was so close, but Sophie, an aspiring dancer, doesn’t want to be a paranormal, she just wants to dance without people chasing her. Stephen confronts Jed and he’s told that the Founder is out to control people with paranormal abilities and he’s only been held under his thumb this whole time.  The only way to stop the Founder is to kill him, part of a plan that Jed has been hatching for many years.  John’s ability to kill is part of that plan.  The Founder is out of control, he’s reconstructed a machine that was intended for Roger years before until Roger destroyed it.  Now, Balfry is using his own daughter to try to power the machine and he’s driven her into complete withdrawal.  Jed gets Stephen into the facility to see Cassie and uses his TP powers to return her to consciousness, then they teleport away.  When she learns that the plan is to kill her father, she signs on immediately, she’s not happy that he allowed her to be tortured.  John goes to see Jed and they talk about the plan and once John is convinced he’s on the up and up, he brings him to the lair where he can use TIM to defeat the safety measures around the Founder’s house. John leaves Russell in charge of Jed but when he, Stephen and Cara are about to teleport to the attack, Cara finds that Astrid, who promised to keep an eye on Sophie, instead allowed her to go the opera and dance.  John tells her family comes first and they take Cassie along, she’s the only one who can get past the DNA-coded gates. Cassie gains access to the house, begging Balfry to let her come home, then she slips a power eliminator into his pocket and tells John and Stephen to come in for the kill. After a fight, they come face to face with Balfry who tells them that he’s not the one they need to worry about, they’re being manipulated by Jed and he’s on their side. Jed is jealous of anyone with powers and wants to acquire powers of his own through any means necessary.  Cassie begs John to pull the trigger but when he does, Balfry deflects the bullet and it hits Cassie, killing her.  Stephen and John get back to the lair but Jed has cracked Russell over the head and escaped.  John wants to teleport into Ultra but Stephen says he’ll get the truth.  He arrives in Jed’s office as he’s packing up to leave.  He tells Stephen that he needs to decide who he really wants to be and then leaves, just as Balfry arrives with his goon squad.  Cara arrives to see Sophie dancing and wants to take her away but Sophie begs to be allowed to dance this one last time. She does and afterwards, Cara gives her a power-repressing bracelet so she can stay in the human world.  I never really cared for Cassie, but to see her die like that?  Wow. And who is telling the truth?  Jed?  Balfry?  I really bought into what Jed was saying to Stephen but by the end, after he hit Russell, I wasn’t so sure and I’m still not.  We’ve seen that the Founder is ruthless and will kill to get his way but how is he that powerful?  What does he really want?  What do any of them really want?  We’ll find out next week, I guess.  

Best of the Week:  There were so many great episodes this week, it was hard to pick just one but I had to go with Perception because it had so many dramatic changes for the show and I think the show really needed it.  My runner-up has to go to Psych for an amazingly fun romp through the horror genre with Bruce Campbell.  If not for the fact that I think I’m getting misty over the show ending next week, this might have  been my #1 pick.

Worst of the Week:  The bottom show has to go to Helix, simply because the story is such a mess, they just keep throwing things at the audience out of the blue week after week, it makes no sense at all and I’m honestly going to be happy that it’s over. Hopefully over anyhow,  you never can tell with Syfy.  It had so much potential, I can’t decide exactly where it derailed, went off the cliff, jumped the shark on the way down and crashed, but it has.

Other Stuff I Watched: Cosmos #1×03, Super Mario Bros. (Rifftrax)

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