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TV Thursday - 3/20/14 - Cephus' Corner

TV Thursday – 3/20/14

March 20th, 2014

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Alright, I am officially crazy.  Not only am I checking out another new series this week but I found out, completely by accident, that one of my favorite shows, Perception, had an additional four episodes ordered that have been showing the last couple of weeks so I have to get through all of those too. Oh, and Continuum starts this week too!  That means that this week’s countdown is up to 15 shows!  I’d better get started on TV Thursday – 3/20/14!

Believe #1×02 – “Beginner’s Luck” – Honestly, I have no idea how Bo and Tate hope to escape given the modern communication’s system.  They’re on a bus headed for Philadelphia when the bus is pulled over and officers come on looking for Tate.  Bo makes the police car roll away and that gives them their chance to get to their destination, although it would never work that way.  They get off in Atlantic City but the police are still looking for him.  He steals some luggage and barricades himself in the restroom for a couple of hours while he cuts his hair and Bo gets some sleep. They still have no money so Tate concocts a plan to roll craps while Bo telekinetically fixes the dice so he wins.  Tate sets up Bo in a coffee shop so she can drink milkshakes and still see the game and Bo meets a nice waitress, who she immediately reads her mind and finds that she has a son, Jesse, with leukemia.  Meanwhile, we find out that Bo is a test subject at a government firm led by Mr. Scouro.  The CIA sends a couple of agents to the firm where they find out that they have several gifted telekinetics who can move things around and are told that Bo is much more powerful than any of the others that they meet.  We also discover that Winter was the former head of the institute, a partner of Scouro, who left under unknown circumstances and took both Bo and other staff members with him.  Scouro tells them that he doesn’t care what happens to Tate, he just wants Bo back and afterwards, he hires an assassin, Marcus, to help him get Bo back, no matter what it takes.  The CIA put Bo on the Amber Alert system and people on the train they’re riding on recognize them and they have to rush off the train.  Bo helps Tate steal a car, but when they pull in to get gas, Marcus is there and he beats up Tate and shoves Bo in his car.  However, Tate and Marcus fight and the gas station blows up as they race away.  Marcus’ car gets a flat and they have to get out and walk and are picked up by the waitress from the casino.  Bo asks if she can see the son Jesse and since they have some time, they go over to the waitress’ house where Bo makes Jesse’s stuffed animals fly.  She also gives him $30k because his mother can’t afford the experimental cancer treatment.  The police have tracked them down, however, and Tate is arrested and Bo is put in the car, but it’s really just Winter and his gang who have come to take them to their next safehouse.  Back at Jesse’s place, he gives his mother the money Bo left and they hug because he’s going to be okay.  So, back to the problems with the manhunt.  Back in the 70s, this kind of
“moving from place to place” thing might have worked, heck, it worked with The Incredible Hulk and similar shows, but today, forget it.  Facial recognition, Amber Alerts, video cameras everywhere, putting criminals on every TV, tablet, computer and cell phone in the area, there’s no way that someone trying to ride public transport is going to be able to stay in the open very long.  I’m glad that Believe recognizes this but I’m really not sure how they’re going to get around this in the long term.  Moving from place to place, town to town, every single day, they’re eventually going to get caught and I don’t know of any way around it.  I just hope it doesn’t get too ridiculous as time goes by.

Thumbs UpCastle #6×18 – “The Way of the Ninja” – A woman, running through an alley in a fancy dress, gets a knife in the chest.  That’s gotta hurt.  Castle invites Beckett out to the symphony but she has to meet with an old friend, Carly.  She’s regretting it because Carly is an obnoxious, self-centered idiot.  Beckett makes Castle promise to call her at 10pm so she can excuse herself and he sets an alarm.  Off to the murder!  Esposito says the woman is named Jade, a Japanese national in the country for the last 6 months.  The coroner says the blade was thrown and Castle thinks a circus knife thrower must have done it.  Wrong, but that would be kind of a cool case someday. Ryan finds an antique dropkey at the scene and also that Jade had a boyfriend named Dean.  Dean and his parents come to the station and it turns out Jade was a dancer at the conservatory and didn’t have a lot of friends. They ask him about her time in Japan but he says she didn’t talk about it.  Ryan traces the dropkey to an abandoned bakery and they check it out.  Behind the elevator is a secret room with a shrine and what appears to be the murder weapon.  Beckett hears a noise and checks it out while a ninja swings through to steal the murder weapon.  Beckett can’t believe it was a ninja and neither can Captain Gates, but they’re interrupted by someone from the Japanese consulate, Saya.  She has informed the family and offers to be a go-between with Jade’s parents.  Castle asks about ninjas and is told that there is no such thing as ninjas anymore.  They find out there are no prints on the shrine and that a guy named Lee, who was Jade’s dance partner, had gotten into a fight with her the night before so they pull him in.  He’s been upset because Jade has been making a phone call at 8pm every night and leaving practice early.  They track her call and it goes to a tea importer, but that’s just a front for a Japanese hostess club.  Castle, Esposito and Ryan try to get answers but Castle gets pulled away by a hostess who tells him that Jade was after a guy named Saito and had gotten invited to a private party the night before.  Esposito and Ryan, trying to get info, put more than $6000 in sake on Castle’s credit card.  Big deal, he can afford it. They all get thrown out and in the alley, they are attacked, not by one ninja, but by two.  Apparently, they are fighting each other and they vanish into the night without a trace.  Castle wanted to call Beckett like he promised but he took a shuriken to the phone.  Gates can’t believe there are actually two ninjas.  Beckett is mad, not because she didn’t get a call, but because her friend was so boring and whiny the whole night, not at all what she expected.  She worries that marriage is going to make them boring but Castle promises that will never happen.  Ryan finds Saito, who is a crime boss for the Izumi crime family.  They want to ask Jade’s parents about any possible connections and find out that Jade’s entire family was killed in a Yakuza hit. Jade apparently suspected Saito of being the Green Dragon, the assassin who murdered her family.  Saya, from the consulate, was a fake.  It turns out that Saya is really Jade’s sister who likewise survived the attack and was hidden from the Izumi crime family.  Saya tells them that an American businessman had come to Japan to work with the Green Dragon and it turns out to be Randall Bedford, Jade’s boyfriend’s father.  Randall says that he left Japan because he found he was involved with criminals and he had no idea who Jade was.  Jade had only become Dean’s boyfriend to keep an eye on his father and his father had information on Saito which she stole from his office.  They go to arrest Saito, but he tells them they’ve been played and then a ninja drops in and kills Saito.  The ninja claims to have killed the Green Dragon but another ninja appears and they fight.  Castle and Beckett don’t know who to shoot, but one ninja defeats the other, the first, the one who killed Saito, is Randall and turns out to be the real Green Dragon and the other is Saya, Jade’s sister.  Captain Gates refuses to press charges against Saya and Saya says she’s not a ninja, she just studied martial arts.  Castle plays with the throwing star still in his phone and accidentally hits Gates or something around Gates.  This was a fun case, I really can’t find anything wrong with it.  I did notice that Laney wasn’t around and I don’t remember seeing her for a while, where is she anyhow?  I thought she and Esposito were making up.  

Continuum #3×01 – “Minute by Minute” – At the end of the last season, everything went wrong.  Alec stole the time orange and went into the past to save Emily and Kiera was thrown into a glass cage with all the other members of Liber8, captured by the Freelancers.  As Alec zaps a week into the past, the Freelancers fire at him and a bullet grazes his temple so we know who is the future Alec and who is the past Alec.  There are a lot of classic time travel tropes like don’t contact your younger self thrown in, but I think largely, they handle time travel, which is usually problematic, pretty well.  Alec hides the time orange in the park and marks the location on his cell phone’s GPS, then heads back to the lab.  Along the way, he sees Emily and his younger self and bumps into Jason, who we now know is his son.  Jason offers to help and together they go back to the lab where Alec collects the time orange slice, erases all of the video footage of himself and has Jason grab the future suit so Travis can’t use it as he did last season.  Kellogg arrives and thinks that this Jason is his Jason and kids around with him, but future Alec knows things about Kellogg that he can’t possibly know, such as his deal with Liber8.  Jason and Alec leave the lab and run smack into Emily, who thinks that Alec is her Alec… I can see this is going to be a problem so I’ll call future Alec, fAlec and future Kiera, who will show up later, fKiera.  Anyhow, fAlec and Emily go out to eat and he tells her that he’ll go to Thailand with her, as she wanted to do last season.  She’s afraid that when he finds out the truth, he won’t want to be with her but he reassures her and then he’s off to work on his master plan to save her life. Back in the future, Kiera is in the cell and she sees Curtis Chen, who she killed herself, still alive.  This is an alternate timeline created when fAlec went back in time. Chen interrogates her and she tells him what she knows and is taken to Catherine, leader of this particular cell of the Freelancers.  Catherine explains the history of the future, that a few years after Kiera and Liber8 go back in time, time travel technology is perfected and it falls into the hands of criminals who have no problem going back in time for ill-gotten gain.  The authorities finally disarm the criminals and retrieve the time technology but it’s too late, some damage has been done.  A self-proclaimed group of time cops go back in time to fix the damage and make sure no other damage is done, one goes back 1000 years and sets up the Freelancers, who are really fanatics protecting the time stream.  Catherine tells fKiera that since there are now two Alec Sadler’s in the timestream, he’s created a whole new branch of the timestream and the original timeline might be destroyed since Alec will now never grow old, never create SadTech and never create the time machine in the first place.  It also means that fKiera’s family will never exist, there’s no way to go back and this makes fKiera sad. The Freelancers want Kiera’s help  but she thinks they’re a cult so they take her back to her cell, but on the way, she passes Garza headed up for questioning and the two work together to kill their captors and escape.  They put aside their differences and help each other escape.  Along the way, Garza tells Kiera about a military operation where she got lost and only avoided an ambush because she was bringing up the distant rear.  Garza sacrifices herself so that Kiera can escape and she finds herself on a spillway where Chen captures her again and takes her back to Catherine.  The existing timeline is about to be destroyed and only fKiera can save it if she goes back in time to find fAlec and stop him from changing the future.  They give fKiera the tattoo of the Freelancers, stick her in a time chair and send her back in time to the same date that fAlec went to save Emily.  Anyhow, Kellogg meets up with Escher in an art gallery, in front of a painting that looks suspiciously like the time vehicle fKiera just used, and while they’re talking, Emily puts a bullet in Escher’s head.  fKiera gets back, in the same cell that she had been in, and lets Garza go, telling her how to escape.  She’s taken back to Catherine and after she proves she’s  Freelancer, she gets Catherine to promise not to pin Agent Gardiner’s murder on her like she did in the past.  fAlec goes back to the lab to get his passport and wallet and he finds the body of Kiera with a bullethole in her head.  However, his mourning is short-lived as fKiera arrives just behind him and they stare at each other.  Yeah, that’s not weird or anything.  It seems like fAlec has already changed a lot of things, I’m not sure how flexible the timestream is (Catherine said that 1000 people could die and not affect anything, but the right person making the wrong changes could destroy the universe), but I’d think Escher’s death would be a pretty big change.  I will admit that there is a lot of potentially confusing elements right now, that’s always how time travel stories work, but I’m left with a couple of questions.  We know that Jason is fAlec’s son but do we know who his mother is?  Is it Emily?  If so, then the original timeline they were in was not the one that would have led to fKiera’s future.  If things have changed, how much of Liber8 is running around?  We know Kellogg is, we see Lucas in a much better state of mind, is it possible that Kagame is back too?  Clearing up the season finale wasn’t flawless but it was pretty damn good and I’m glad this show is back!

Elementary #2×18 – “The Hound of the Cancer Cells” – Marcus, who has now completed his rehabilitation and is recertified for duty in the field, invites Joan and Sherlock to a party being thrown by his co-workers.  Joan is happy to go but Sherlock, not so much.  Ball talks to Joan about a witness, Nicole, who has suddenly backed out of her testimony and he’s afraid that without her on the stand, they might lose the case. He wants Watson to look into it and see why she changed her mind.  However, we have a murder to get to, don’t we?  We see a man taking a shower, his vision gets blurry and he starts to talk with a funny voice until he collapses, saying he doesn’t want to die.  Sorry, today just isn’t your day.  However, when the police arrive, the dead man is dressed, in his office chair with a bag over his head and a suicide note in his lap.  Something is going on here and it doesn’t take Sherlock long to figure out what happened.  Someone had taped up the shower and gassed the man, Granger, with helium.  According to the note, “it’s all true” but they have no idea what that means and nobody in the lab will tell them because they’re under a non-disclosure agreement.  They go talk to the boss and he tells them that they’ve been working on a cancer-detecting breathalyzer, but it was discredited after Granger was accused of cooking the clinical trial results.  When asked where he was at the time of the murder, the boss says he was with his girlfriend and she can give him an alibi but he doesn’t want it getting out because he’s going through a messy divorce. His alibi checks out and Sherlock starts wondering who might want to kill the project and is told of a self-appointed medical watchdog named “Adam Peer” who made the accusation of misdoing.  Joan tries to tell Sherlock about Ball’s party repeatedly but he keeps changing the subject.  He found out that Granger was seen fighting with a woman, one of his friends, and go to talk to her.  She works in a travel agency and she blows it off as something unimportant, but Watson realizes there’s something wrong about the agency.  They go outside and Sherlock dials Gregson to get a warrant to search the agency, he suspects it’s some kind of criminal activity but instead, it turns out to be an undercover base for a Mossad outfit, done with the full knowledge and agreement of our government.  Nicole has vanished and Joan goes to talk to an old teacher of Nicole’s, hoping he might be able to shed some light on her disappearance but she’s staying with him and is pregnant.  She’s afraid to testify, knowing there might be retribution against her and her unborn child.  Granger’s spy friend is getting moved and she comes to Sherlock’s home to give him whatever information she can before she vanishes.  She looked into the e-mails by “Adam Peer” and they were fraudulent but very well hidden so she couldn’t find out who had actually sent them.  Joan tells Marcus why Nicole won’t testify and says she’s staying with Manny Rose, the teacher. Manny is a legend, he’s chased criminals away from his students with a baseball bat and is well known in the neighborhood.  Joan again asks Sherlock about Ball’s party and he says he’s not going.  Not only is it being held in a bar, where a recovering addict like him shouldn’t be, but he feels responsible for Marcus losing his place at the precinct, he doesn’t feel right being there as Marcus’ journey begins again.  Sherlock looks at some of the other cases “Adam Peer” has been involved with and the first was a medical malpractice suit regarding painkillers.  They go to visit the head of the company, Ms. Buckner and she tells them that the person who blew the whistle, Lawrence, has been off the grid ever since he reported the abuse but they had no reason to pursue it because the FDA shut down their clinical trials.  Marcus goes to see Manny and tells her that Nicole would be testifying against a really, really bad guy named Martenz, but that he doesn’t want to pressure Nicole and if she doesn’t want to testify, she shouldn’t.  Sherlock finds out what happened to Lawrence, he moved to Mexico and became a surfer and died a couple of years before, he reasons that Lawrence must have told someone else about his suspicions, someone higher in the company who took him seriously. They go back and talk to Buckner and accuse her of being Peer but she says she was only half of Peer, the other half was Granger. Buckner and Granger had met at a conference and had sent the e-mail for the painkiller, but she denies sending anything for the cancer detector.  The owner of the company, Printz, gets hauled in for questioning when his wife turns up dead but he again has an alibi with his girlfriend.  Manny goes to see Marcus and says he had a fight with Nicole over the testimony and she moved out and went to live with family out of town.  Marcus says that if they can’t get Martenz this time, they’ll get him next time and Manny seems upset by that.  Sherlock starts to look at the competition, maybe someone else would kill Granger to stop the cancer detector from coming out but the competition says they’d just buy the company and the owner would become a very rich man.  This makes Sherlock realize what’s going on.  Printz discredited his own product and killed Granger to keep it from being a financial success while he was getting a divorce and when things didn’t work out the way he had planned, he killed his own wife so she wouldn’t get a slice of his very lucrative pie, going so far as to frame himself for the crime, knowing nobody would believe he did it.  Marcus gets a call to the morgue where he finds the bodies of Martenz and Manny, apparently Manny went and killed Martenz so he wouldn’t get away with his crimes and some of Martenz’ gang took out Manny in retaliation.  Manny tried to clean up the streets to the end.  Ball goes to his party and stands outside where he meets Sherlock.  They decide to go out for coffee rather than go in and face the party.  For a case that alludes to the most famous classic Sherlock Holmes tale, Hound of the Baskervilles, this one unfortunately didn’t meet those lofty standards.  There are so many elements that could be great, Mossad agents, death by helium, medical malpractice, but none of it really amounted to anything in the end, it was all fluff.  Add to that the rather cliche testimony angle, completely with  gangs, teenage pregnancy and street justice and there just wasn’t anything great to recommend about this episode.  It was nice to see Sherlock and Marcus finally put their past behind them and become friends again, after all, Marcus made a full recovery and has nothing more to blame Sherlock for, even though, as I argued a couple of episodes ago, he had nothing to complain about to begin with, but it’s still nice to see officially.  Hopefully, next week will be better. This outing is just average.

Helix #1×11 – “Black Rain” – Just when I think things are going to become amazing, they don’t.  Such is the way this show runs.  A hungry doctor scrounges for food when she finds a rat in a microwave in the middle of the hall.  Instead of recognize it for what it clearly is, a trap, she walks up to it, doesn’t bother to release the rat and gets taken by the Vectors.  If you’re that dumb, you deserve it.  Hatake gets a text message on Sutton’s phone that they have 6 hours until Ilaria sends in a strike team to take them all out and confiscate the Narvik virus.  This is something we’ve know would happen for a while but Hatake grabs a briefcase full of bombs and goes around the base, not doing a very good job of hiding them.  He plans on waiting until the strike team arrives, then blowing the base, killing the Ilaria agents, the Vectors and pretty much everyone else as well.  That was always the plan, remember back when Sutton was around and nobody got out alive.  Sarah seems to be getting better after receiving injections of Julia’s spinal fluid, her tumor is in remission and she’s feeling much, much better.  Julia says that her fluids are the key to saving everyone but Alan tells her that it will kill her.  I guess nobody remembers that Hatake has the silver eyes too, his fluids can do the same thing, right?  Convenient memories.  Dr. Duchamp comes in and tells Alan that the Vectors are kidnapping people for some clearly nefarious purpose.  Apparently, the Narvik virus has evolved and is allowing the zombies to make complex plans.  Hatake comes by and tells them all that Ilaria is showing up in less than 6 hours.  It might have been nice if he’d told them before wasting at least an hour bombing the place.  Of course, there’s even more secret places in the base that Hatake didn’t tell Miksa/Daniel about, although the rest of us know about the cabin bunker that Julia used to stay in.  They have a talk about Julia being Hatake’s daughter and Miksa storms off pissed, claiming he’s going to check all the bombs. Alan and Hatake put all the rest of the non-Vectors into the only secure room in the base while they work on their plans, there’s no air ducts, there’s only one door and they post a guard.  Of course, they don’t look at the really obvious weakness of their plan, the sprinkler system.  The Vectors have been kidnapping scientists, infecting them and then draining their blood into buckets that they can load into the sprinkler system and infect all the remaining scientists!  It wasn’t painfully obvious or anything, was it?  So now, the vast majority of the humans are infected, which is good because we can get down to the last of our main cast and don’t have to worry about people wandering around the halls.  They were useless anyhow.  Alan and Julia work up a plan, using her fluids, that can reverse the effects of the Narvik, but it requires getting up close and personal and injecting the concoction into their stomach.  They make a freeze gun that will slow down the Vectors enough to be injected and Julia and Hatake, being the only two that are immune to attack, go out to freeze and stick the zombies.  They get through a half-dozen or so, including Peter, they get back to command.  Sarah cares for the recovering Vectors and Peter wonders why they bothered with him, considering what he’s done.  She gets a headache and wonders if her tumor is coming back.  Come on, it’s been 20 minutes, it can’t be that fast, can it? The alarms go off, signaling that Ilaria is here and they send everyone down into the bunker while Hatake, Alan and Miksa/Daniel go up top to slow down the troops. They see tons of lights coming across the ice but that’s just a ruse, there are only three people parachuting into the base.  Hatake gets inured as a snowmobile explodes and they all go down to the bunker.  Hatake says that they don’t need an army, they sent in their best assassin named Scythe and he’ll kill everyone. Apparently, Scythe can find bombs really, really easily too since he’s disabled every single one of them in the base.  Sarah gets another headache and suddenly, she’s got silver eyes.  Surprise surprise.  I’m not sure why anyone puts up with Hatake’s “you don’t know what I know” crap anymore.  Someone beat it out of him, please?  People are dying left and right and Hatake has all the answers but he’s not talking.  Enough.  We’re really left with a ton of questions and only 2 more episodes to get the answers, I really, really, really hope this isn’t another disaster like Under the Dome where they just don’t bother answering anything, they let it go to another season.  It just makes no sense. Kill this thing at 13 episodes, please!

Intelligence #1×11 – “The Grey Hat” – Tobin and Dominic are brothers and Russian nationals and terrorists and those are their good points.  Tobin goes to see his brother in federal custody, just before he’s scheduled to be turned over to the Russians for prosecution and execution, probably in that order, but we know they’re not going to go quietly into that good night.  Someone’s going to start some shit.  However, there are other things to worry about, there’s a city-wide blackout that’s got CyberCom worried. Someone released a sophisticated worm into the system that is shutting down substations and causing a lot of damage.  Nelson identifies the worm as belonging to a legendary hacker named Cortes and realizes that the worm could only have been uploaded locally.  They scan the city for places operating on generated power and with fat connections to the Internet and find a condo that Cortes might be using.  Riley and Gabriel arrive there, just in time to shoot a terrorist who was, in turn, there to take out Cortes.  The super-hacker turns out to be a 17 year old boy with a serious attitude, who hacked his way out of foster care and is using his life of crime to pay for his extravagant lifestyle.  He denies being responsible for the blackout but offers to fix it for $20k.  Gabriel slaps on the cuffs and drags him back to CyberCom. Cortez, whose real name is Troy, tells them that the worm isn’t his, it’s a sophisticated clone version that is wandering around the power grid looking for a specific target.  He has no idea what that target might be, he coded his worm so that ha can’t predict it’s moves.  If he doesn’t know what it’s after, nobody else will be either.  Just then, Tobin sends a ransom video, he’s going to overload a nuclear power plant unless the U.S. government turns over his brother.  Tobin and Dominic grew up in the shadow of Chernobyl and have a thing against nuclear power.  Troy says it’s not his problem and Gabriel tries to talk him into helping defuse the worm but he steals a car and runs. Good thing Gabriel can track the car using GPS and good thing Troy doesn’t disable it, genius hacker and all.  Troy gets back to a hacker friend of his who stole his code, but before he can get any information, the terrorists are there and kill his friend and try to kill Troy.  Gabriel uses a new wifi attachment that allows him to see people through walls based on their disturbance of wifi signals and takes out the terrorists.  Back at Cybercom, Lillian fights to get Dominic released, just for a while, until they can stop the worm but the government secretly moved up his extradition and he’s already in the hands of the Russians.  Troy tells them that he has to have the “mothership”, the computer that uploaded the virus so that he can stop it with his backdoor signal, his own heartbeat.  Gabriel stops the Russian plane from taking off and they get Dominic back and take him to an exchange, placed strategically in the path of the nuclear meltdown, just in case something goes wrong, the terrorists will get killed by radiation first.  However, Tobin doesn’t want Dominic alive, he stabs him and then sets off a grenade that destroys the “mothership” computer.  Without it, Troy can’t possibly stop the worm.  Riley  gets the idea of a diversion, if they can make a fake electronic power plant, the worm might attack it and fry itself.  Gabriel sets up the fake reactor and after a few tense moments, the worm takes the bait and the fake reactor and the worm are destroyed.  Troy is worried that the government is going to have him imprisoned but Gabriel says when he turns 18, he has a job waiting for him at CyberCom.  Riley found Troy’s long-lost brother and they are reunited and the brother promises to keep Troy on the straight and narrow.  So, what was the whole deal with Tobin and Dominic?  Did Tobin hate Dominic and want his wife or something?  Why not just send him back to Russia where he’d be executed anyhow, why the whole terrorism bit, just to get him out of prison so he could be stabbed? I really liked Troy, after he got off his high horse, I hope to see him again very soon, he and Nelson could make a really great team.

Mentalist #6×14 – “Grey Water” – Back at the beginning of this new Mentalist world, we found out that the former members of CBI were being targeted, their cell phones were being tapped and last week, J.J. LaRoche was killed trying to investigate the case.  This week, Wayne and Grace get home with their baby and almost get killed by a gunman who had broken into their house.  First off, do you people know how to turn on lights?  Seriously?  They wander around the house in virtual darkness for several minutes, you don’t have to shoot them, you could just move the furniture and they’d kill themselves.  How many people do that?  Every light in the house is on within the first 30 seconds when we get home.  Seems fishy.  Anyhow, because of the assault, Wayne and Grace are officially called in as consultants on the case while they send their kid off to stay with her grandmother.  Lisbon tells them that the intruder got into the house through a basement window that was conveniently not hooked up to the security alarm.  Seriously?  I’d be suing the security company immediately.  Cho says that they have 12 possible suspects but Patrick tells everyone to pick their favorites to focus on.  Kim grabs Patrick to work on a different case, a man named Becker was found dead in a waste water pit at a fracking site.  Becker was suing the fracking company and was killed with a blow to the head.  They go talk to Becker’s family and find that the town is sharply divided on the fracking.  Some people are making a lot of money selling off the fracking rights to their property, but the water table is polluted with methane so not everyone is happy.  Emmett, Becker’s best friend, says that the company killed him and almost gets into a fight.  Cho and Rigsby check out John Hutton, last seen in the season 5 episode “Not One Red Cent”.  He’s been let out of prison due to overcrowding but they try to take him in for questioning, only to find another FBI team has him on their payroll, he’s wearing a GPS ankle bracelet and can’t get away.  I’ll be honest, there is a problem with this, Cho and Rigsby walk Hutton to the car and immediately, the other team shows up with a cell phone app showing Hutton outside of his house.  Where were these people?  Around the corner? How did they get there that fast?  Later on, Cho checks to see if Hutton has left the house and says he hasn’t moved in 14 hours. Wait, didn’t he and Rigsby take him out of the house and that’s why the alarms went off?  Has it been more than 14 hours? Doesn’t seem like it.  Back to the main case.  The owners of the fracking operation show Kim and Patrick a file from a group calling themselves the Cooperate, a cyber terrorist group that plays a bizarre version of London Bridge is Falling Down behind their message.  As Kim and Patrick make accusations, another threatening message arrives accusing the oil company of killing Becker. What, do these people have every message they receive set up to auto-play?  They deserve all the viruses they get if so! Back at the FBI, Lisbon is called into a meeting by Abbott, she’s been looking into her suspect, Richard Haibach, who we last saw in “Red Listed” as one of the discredited suspects for Red John. Haibach’s lawyer demands they stop harassing him, but something is fishy so Abbott gives Lisbon the go ahead for a closer look.  Grace’s suspect turns out to be a bust so all they have left is Haibach.  Grace helps Jason, the computer tech, hunt down who placed the threatening videos online and that leads them to an Internet cafe where they arrest the head of Cooperate who folds pretty easily. It turns out that the head of the oil company kept a book of all his illegal payoffs in a wall safe in his office and Becker was going to break in and get the records.  Patrick asks Jason, the president, why he didn’t mention that his office was broken into and he denies it ever happened, but Patrick knows better, he sees that furniture has been moved during the search.  They call together all of Becker’s friends and play the music from the videos to see who reacts.  Cho and Rigsby find that Hutton hasn’t moved in 14 hours, but calling the house gets no answer.  They and the other FBI team break into the house and discover that he’s hacked a cell phone to give off the same signal so he can leave the house without anyone knowing.  They track him down and find he’s out with his girlfriend so that his wife doesn’t find out.  He can’t have done it, he was otherwise occupied.  Abbott is following Emmett to a gas station where the gas pump starts playing the Cooperate music and tells Emmett they know what he’s done.  In reality, it’s Patrick faking the call.  Emmett races back to where he hid the $100,000 he stole from the wall safe when he and Becker burglarized the office and is arrested by Lisbon.  He admits that he and Becker fought and Becker hit his head and was accidentally killed so he dumped the body into the waste water pit.  Wayne calls Grace and tells her that Hutton isn’t their man and he’s going out for drinks with the boys.  Grace hangs up and we see a black-hooded man behind her…  They do touch on the Red John case lightly here, Haibach was once a suspect, I just hope that it’s a minor thing and we don’t go back into the Red John blender again.  The case here was cool and they are keeping on the CBI tracking bit so this was better than some of the past couple episodes.  I hope this keeps being an exciting, well-written show, it could easily slip into something really pointless.

Perception #2×11 – “Curveball” – I honestly have no idea how I could have missed this show’s return.  It is utterly absurd that there were 7 months between episodes.  Seriously, TNT, what were you thinking, especially since the new season starts in June!  Kate and Donnie have been trying to have lunch and Kate’s workload gets in the way.  I think it’s nice that they’re trying to make another go, or at least Donnie is, they’ve shown Kate being somewhat more hesitant, but the more they can do to make sure that Kate and Daniel never get into any romantic situations, the better as far as I’m concerned.  She gets called to the rail yard where an autistic boy stole a train and apparently ran over a security guard.  The police are yelling at the boy and Kate steps in and realizes that she needs Daniel to question this particular suspect.  Meanwhile, Paul is showing the mother of a new prodigy around the campus and wants Daniel to show him a little personal attention, but he ought to know better by now.  Daniel ducks out to assist Kate, leaving Max to show the kid around the school, but the kid, Eli, is really a jerk and ditches Max, going off to eat some pot brownies instead.  Daniel determines that the autistic boy, Andre, couldn’t have intentionally killed the guard, Henry, he was fascinated with trains and only wanted to be around them, but when Donnie pointed out that killing someone in the commission of a felony was still murder, that was stupid. Clearly, this kid was in no fit mental state to be held accountable, it never would have gone to court at all. However, Daniel isn’t convinced, he knows that Andre understands and follows all the rules of the railway, he would have checked the tracks.  When it turns out that Andre claims he saw Henry throw Henry into the tracks though, it turns into a whole different kind of mystery.  See, Henry was adopted but he has a twin brother, Micah, who was on a fast track to becoming a major league baseball superstar.  It turns out that Micah, who had broken his wrist during a minor league game in Florida, had come to Chicago for surgery and had met his brother for the first time and had even offered to help cover his gambling debts.  Daniel starts hallucinating Hall of Famer Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown and starts to suspect that maybe Micah isn’t Micah at all, maybe it’s Henry playing the part of his  twin brother.  They convince the baseball team to have his wrist x-rayed because he clearly wouldn’t be injured but he has the identical injury.  They finally realize that Henry had gone down to Florida and met Micah and after a night of drinking and talking, Micah had let Henry play in the game for him, Henry had gotten injured, which upset Micah and during an argument, Micah had fallen, hit his head and died.  Henry decided to solve all of his problems, he would become Micah, fulfill his own dreams of playing baseball professionally, but he had to get Micah’s body back to Chicago so he could cause an “accident” and “kill” Henry.  Andre, being a train fanatic, realized that two trains were on a collision course and after being thrown out by railyard maintenance, decided to move the train and save the lives of a lot of people.  However, in doing so, he saw Henry throw the body of Micah onto the tracks and unable to stop in time, ran him over.  Henry gets arrested and Andre gets the commendation he deserved.  Back at the school, Max brings Eli to dinner but Eli is wasted and suggests to his mother that Max helped him get drugs.  His mother storms out, but later, Paul goes to see if there’s anything he can do and they sleep together.  I called that pretty early in the story  too.  Eli is mad and doesn’t want to go to the school after that.  Donnie asks Kate if she wants to keep trying and she realizes that she’s been allowing work to interfere so she gets some takeout and goes to Donnie’s office.  It’s really nice to see this show back, I love the characters and the mysteries, the one thing I don’t quite get is that Daniel was on his anti-psychotic meds for a long time, why has he just gone off of them?  Where is the explanation for that?  I know it’s necessary because without his hallucinations, there is no show but I want there to be an explanation on screen and I don’t remember seeing one that I thought was credible. Still, great to see four unexpected episodes before the start of season 3 in June.

Perception #2×12 – “Brotherhood” – I just watched these straight through, I love this show that much.  In the second episode for the week, we meet Max’s brother, Kenny. (“Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”).  But first, Paul tells Max that he’s considering putting him up for an overseas internship and wants to know if he’s interested.  It would require going to Europe for a year and he’s concerned what would happen with Daniel, but Paul says he’ll make sure Daniel is taken care of.  Daniel and Max get home and find Kenny standing at the counter drinking milk, but he drops it when Daniel surprises him.  He says he was waiting outside but he got cold so he broke in. Daniel says he’ll look into dead bolts.  Kenny doesn’t want to say what’s wrong but Max asks if he can stay the night and Daniel agrees.  However, for some reason, Daniel stays up all night doing reports for Kate and never sleeps.  Hallucination Natalie suggests he might be racist, having a young black man in his house but he points out that he’s had a young black man, Max, living in the house for a long time. The police knock on the door and tell Daniel that there have been break-ins and the criminal matches Kenny’s description, he says he’ll let them know if he sees anything. Daniel goes to Kate and asks her to run a background check on Kenny and they find out that he’s wanted for murder.  She has to report it and when they get back to Daniel’s house, the police are there and they have Max handcuffed.  They tell the cops that he’s the wrong one and Kenny had escaped through an upstairs window.  They arrest Max anyhow for aiding and abetting, but Kate gets Donnie to cut him loose. Max and Daniel go to see Kenny’s foster parents but they say they can’t control him. They send them to see Kenny’s only real friend, a basketball player named Charlie, who tells them that Kenny has gotten mixed up with drug dealers.  They capture Kenny and he tells them that a local gangbanger named Darius had asked him to kill a drug dealer named Boots.  According to Kenny, he dropped the gun and Darius pulled the trigger before knocking Kenny out, but Darius had an alibi so he couldn’t have done it.  Daniel theorizes that Kenny was stressed out and imagined the whole thing. This makes Max mad and he moves out of the house and tells Paul he wants the internship.  Paul wonders if Max is mad because of Daniel’s hypothesis or because Kenny might actually be guilty.  Daniel and Kate talk to a local shop owner who initially denies seeing the shooting, then admits that he saw the killer run past his shop and he had his shoes tied the way Kenny does.  It doesn’t look good for Kenny. Max tells a story of when they were younger and Kenny took the blame for something he didn’t do to protect his foster brother and Daniel realizes he’s doing the same thing. Max goes to talk to Charlie and says he knows that he shot Boots, Charlie tells the story that he came across the situation, Boots had a gun and was going to shoot Kenny so he picked up Kenny’s dropped gun and shot Boots.  Kenny had given Charlie his shoes and told him to run, that’s what the shop keeper had seen.  Kenny is made, he doesn’t want Charlie’s promising career ruined by prison time and Max makes Kenny promise that when he gets out of jail, he’ll go live with his adoptive parents in Florida to get him out of that bad situation.  Okay, why is Kenny in jail for 6 months?  He didn’t actually do anything.  They have no evidence on him, other than he loaded a gun.  Charlie shouldn’t go to prison either, he only fired in defense of Kenny, it wasn’t murder, it was barely manslaughter.  He deserves a medal.  So why is anyone in prison at all?  Max goes back to Paul and tells him he doesn’t want the internship, he has a responsibility to take care of Daniel, but I agree with Paul, how long can he put his own future on hold?  I’m sure Max is feeling guilty for not being part of Kenny’s life and he’s using that guilt to take care of Daniel, but you can’t do that forever.  Someday, he’s going to have to graduate and move on.

Thumbs DownPerception #2×13 – “Cobra” – This time out, Daniel gets a call from a friend, Jack Crawford, who is convinced he’s found a CIA spook that’s responsible for killing Americans on American soil.  However, the assassin, known as Cobra, has vanished and Crawford sends Daniel on a hunt for proof that the CIA is violating it’s mandate. He turns to Kate who uses her FBI mojo to search for Cobra, they get squeezed between the CIA, who deny everything, and her boss at the FBI who wouldn’t mind seeing the CIA being made to squirm.  It’s made worse when Crawford is murdered in his own office, ostensibly because he’s getting too close to the truth and Daniel’s inherent conspiracy side starts to go a little crazy.  Okay, maybe I’ve seen just a little too much Perception this week but the first thing that occurred to me is that the spook is a fake and that’s exactly what ended up happening.  It’s not exactly a new plot, I’ve seen it many times before, some regular shmoe wants to impress a girl so he pretends to be a secret agent and gets embroiled in something that he can’t get out of.  The professor falls for it.  Daniel falls for it.  Kate falls for it.  Her bosses fall for it.  The CIA says they have no clue what’s going on but you can tell that they even start to fall for it.  The problem is, it’s so blatantly dumb, this guy is playing James Bond without being very convincing in the role.  At the end, he admits to being a fraud because his girlfriend will never love him if she knows that he’s a mall cop and he takes blame for killing Crawford.  Didn’t we just see this in the last episode, the guy taking the blame for someone else’s crime?  Anyhow, the girlfriend actually killed Crawford because she didn’t want him outing her boyfriend’s lies.  Yes, I’d say that’s true love, to know that your boyfriend is lying to you and still loving him, but putting a bullet through a man’s skull to keep the lies going really makes very little sense, but the girlfriend really seemed rather… oblivious anyhow.  There also wasn’t a good use of Daniel’s delusions this week, Natalie showed up wearing some very unconvincing spy gear once or twice but beyond that, nothing.  There were no super-spy hallucinations talking Daniel through the case and that’s the core of the show.  It would have been more interesting if Cobra had actually stumbled upon some real spies or enemy agents or something.  This just wasn’t that interesting and once you know he’s a fraud, it really goes nowhere.  Sorry, I love this show and maybe it is a matter of too much of a good thing in too short a time, but this episode just didn’t do it for me. I guess they can’t all be winners, huh?

Person of Interest #3×17 – “/” – Damn glad to see a Machine-centric episode again, it’s been so long!  A prison transport bus stops in the street when a woman is laying in front of it but it turns out to be Root who dispatches the guards and helps a criminal escape.  The guy looks like someone else and she uses him to intercept a package at a company.  Once he does, she leaves him to be recaptured by the police, but tells him to befriend someone in prison and he won’t regret it.  She then goes to pick up Cyrus Welles, a maintenance worker.  The Machine has been telling her what to do but not why and she’s confused what use he can be.  However, it must be bad because at the exact moment she approached Cyrus, the Machine reported Cyrus’ number to Finch and crew.  Finch meets up with Root to talk about the latest number, he wants to know if she’ll take care of Cyrus but she’s willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, or at least whatever the Machine wants.  It isn’t long until people start shooting at Cyrus and Finch is at a loss to explain why.  Cyrus’ name shows up on a list of 15 names belonging to Decima Research and it turns out that Cyrus was a millionaire by the time he was 35, but he refuses to talk about what went wrong.  Since everyone is out gunning for Cyrus, Root puts him into police custody but nobody is afraid of the police, they’re willing to invade the precinct to get him back.  With two armed parties converging on Fusco’s station, Root shows up with an official warrant to retrieve Cyrus.  Apparently she took a mail-order FBI class.  We find out about Cyrus’ past, he had started a highly successful company, but one day, shooters arrived and killed almost everyone and he had an epiphany.  He gave away all of his wealth to charity and started doing things more worthwhile for society.  He claims it’s God’s will but in reality, Root was the one who shot up his company and killed all of those people. However, seconds later, Cyrus is kidnapped and Finch learns that he is one of 15 people with retinal scans able to open a secret door in a lab that has been working on the next generation super-chip.  Clearly, Decima, who bought the plans for the Samaritan computer, now needed a computer capable of running the software. Vigilance is trying desperately to try and stop Decima, no matter who they have to kill along the way.  Root, Reese and Fusco arrive at the building in time to save Cyrus but they couldn’t stop Decima from stealing the prototype chip.  Finch agrees that maybe he and Root ought to collaborate more often, but she’s off to Paraguay on a mission from the Machine and Finch provides her a police escort to the airport to show his good faith.  Something has to be done fast though because as Root says, if they finish Samaritan, the first four bodies on the floor will be Finch, Reese, Root and Shaw. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed stories about the Machine.  Oh sure, some of the stories have touched on it, but the Machine went missing last season and, so far as we know, they haven’t even gone looking for it.  We’ve gotten lost in the whole Carter debacle, the Machine has given out numbers but none of the stories have centered on the Machine’s whereabouts.  All we’ve seen is the development of Samaritan, supposedly Machine 2.0, and while that might be interesting, it’s really just a side story.  There aren’t many episodes left in this season, I hope we get somewhere closer to where the Machine is by the end.

Psych #8×08 – “A Touch of Sweevil” – You know, as sad as it’s been watching various long-running characters leave Psych, I guess it’s even sadder to see characters come up that have no future.  That was the case this week when new head detective Betsy Brannigan starts her job and we know that there are only 3 episodes of the series left. But before we get to that, let’s get to the episode.  Gus walks in on Shawn throwing lunch meat at Professor Stein, a man running a convention for unconventional paranormal police consultants.  Shawn hasn’t been invited for the past three years and assumes that this year, he won’t be invited again, but he’s wrong.  He got the call. They rush down to the university where the convention is taking place and meet Shawn’s other two panelists, a woman named Hazel who uses Wicca to solve crimes and a man named Garth who uses his ghost friend Bernie to find the truth.  They also see another psychic, a man named James Earl Craig, who was once on the convention circuit until Professor Stein accused him of being a fraud.  As Stein goes on stage to introduce the panelists, he suddenly drops dead, just before he announces Shawn and things go downhill from there.  Lassie and Betsy show up and Lassiter has a plan that if he can get Betsy to resign or put in for a transfer, he can get Jules back as his head detective, therefore he wants Shawn and Gus to crank their nonsense up to an 11 and with the unwitting help of the other two psychics, they might be able to drive the apparently straight-laced Betsy off her rocker.  They do their best to show just how crazy psychic detectives really can be.  Later, at the morgue, Betsy is introduced to Woody, who isn’t normal on his best days, and Shawn suggests to him that there might be a topical poison that was responsible for Stein’s death.  Shawn breaks into Stein’s assistant’s office and finds a discolored bottle of hand sanitizer, indicating that Randall might just be the killer, but when they get back to the office, one of the other psychics had already come to that conclusion, tipped off Betsy and she’d made the arrest.  It turned out not to be the case, the hand sanitizer was clean and Stein had ingested the poison.  Back to square one.  Shawn then goes lookint at Craig, whose career had  been ruined by Stein. He was now living on the streets, or at least in a public restroom  but he said he wasn’t guilty, he had come back to make amends with Stein for only if Stein admitted he was wrong could Craig get his life back.  Craig also tells them that Stein was shacking up with a girl and she might be involved.  They check into it and find out that it was Hazel who was sleeping with Stein and cheating on her husband, the CPA/warlock.  Randall texts them saying he has evidence, but when they arrive, he’s dead and Hazel is standing over him.  She admits to the affair but not to killing Randall and she punches Shawn and runs away.  They find her hiding in the janitor’s closet in the men’s room with Craig but Shawn realizes she didn’t do it since they were working together to figure out who did it.  They meet up back at the precinct where Shawn does an over-the-top performance and Craig falls to the ground, poisoned.  He’s not dead though and while getting loaded into the ambulance, he shows Shawn his hand where he’s written evidence down suggesting another psychic is about to get discredited.  It turns out to be Garth, who in turn accuses Bernie of the murders, but Lassiter and Betsy arrest him.  Back at the precinct, Lassiter is happy that Betsy has filled out her transfer request but she tells them that she’s changed her mind, that all the craziness is perfect for her and she’s staying.  She turns out to be a female version of Lassiter and together they go off to talk about her guns.  It’s actually been the first episode in a while that hasn’t been sad and morose, where we’ve been constantly reminded that the series is down to a few last episodes.  I actually liked Betsy and seeing her and Lassiter hit it off was great.  I was a little worried that she’d be too strict and stiff for the show but after the reveal that she was totally down with all the nonsense, I’m really happy with her.  There were no goodbyes in this episode, no crying, it was just fun like the old days.  Two more episodes and Psych goes away, I hope those episodes are just like this one.


Resurrection #1×01 – “The Returned” – I completely missed this show, which aired in the same week as Believe and has a very similar feel.  When a young boy wakes up in a rice paddy in China, he has no idea how he got there.  He refuses to speak to anyone and he’s sent back to America, where ICE agent Marty Bellamy picks him up on an assignment he thinks will just see him delivered to child protective services.  When the boy, Jacob Langston, indicates that he’s from Arcadia, Missouri, Marty breaks protocol to take him home, but finds that the town isn’t the same as the one the boy left behind.  His parents are far too old and they report that their son, Jacob, died 32 years ago, yet here he is at the same age as his death.  The town sheriff, Jacob’s uncle, wants Bellamy to stop harassing them but everyone is amazed at the boy that looks just like the Jacob they remember.  The story around town is that Jacob had fallen into the nearby river and his Aunt Barbara had fallen in and drowned trying to save him but that’s not the story that Jacob is telling and slowly, people start to realize that what they thought happened, all those years ago, isn’t what actually happened.  Jacob remembers that Barbara had fallen into the river and he had tried to save her but had fallen in.  A mysterious man had been present too, maybe trying to save Barbara, Jacob couldn’t tell for sure.  Jacob’s cousin Maggie, now a doctor, performs tests on Jacob to find out the truth and it turns out that he really is who he says he is, but how?  Jacob escapes from the hospital and runs into a man who had come to town under mysterious circumstances, specifically looking for Jacob, but his father and an officer “rescue” him.  He runs through the woods, chased by the officer and his father, who can’t keep up, and finds a tree where he hid his G.I. Joe 32 years before.  I called that, the second he started digging into the tree, it was obvious.  His best friend from back in the day, now a pastor, had been shown playing with it in a flashback.  In fact, his best friend, Tom, has a real problem reconciling Jacob’s reappearance with his faith and when Jacob and his mother go to church, he’s so overcome he can hardly continue his sermon.  We discover that Barbara, wife to the police chief and Jacob’s uncle, was having an affair with the man Jacob saw at the river, something that had never come out before and the mysteriously menacing man?  He turns out to be the father of Maggie’s best friend and he’s been dead too.  Now I know I’m overthinking things, this being the pilot and all, but I do have some questions.  We know Jacob was dead and has no memory of those 32 years, he was in the water, blacked out and woke up in China.  How did he get to China?  Why China?  Who got buried in the family crypt?  I suppose they’re going to have to exhume the body, is he going to be in there? If so, how is that going to be explained?  And if he isn’t there, how is he wearing the clothes he was presumably killed in and not the ones that he was buried in?  That’s really what I’m most curious about, it’s not like he vanished and was never seen again, like in Disney’s Flight of the Navigator.  They had a body.  They buried a body.  There’s no question he was dead.  How and why?  I know the original book that this was based on never went into details about how people were coming back from the dead but they really have to explain it in a TV show.  I will be very disappointed if they blow it off, it’s the most important part of the story as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a good start, the acting is excellent, the story is compelling but it depends on where it goes from here that really matters to me.

Resurrection #1×02 – “Unearth” – This is what happens when I add a show late, I end up with extra episodes and that’s exactly why I’m doing a second episode of Resurrection this week.  I’d remind you what happened last week, but you can scroll up for that so I won’t bother.  Jacob wanders around the graveyard until he encounters his own family tomb.  He sees a man wearing a hoodie and the man turns to ash, then he sees his own hand start to crumble away.  Yes, it’s a dream, but let’s be honest, that would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?  Elaine wonders if her newly returned, formerly-dead father is really him, after all, she has a jar of his ashes on the mantle. We’re not told exactly how long he’s supposed to have been dead but it can’t be too long, maybe a couple of years at most.  All he knows is that he blacked out in his truck and woke up 3 days before in Portland.  He’s told that he died of a heart attack, which is silly because he’s standing right there, right?  Maggie tells him to come by the office in the morning for a full checkup.  Marty asks if it’s possible they cremated the wrong man and Maggie says that’s impossible, she saw the body before it was reduced to ash. Marty is curious why Jacob remembers dying and Caleb doesn’t, but then Caleb’s son Ray comes out and insists that whoever that man is, it’s not his father.  Back at Jacob’s house, he’s getting out of the shower and wonders why he only has one set of clothes.  What, they have no stores in town?  Mom has an old box of clothes from 32 years ago and she gets him dressed.  Marty calls Toni and tells her that he’s still investigating, if she kicks this upstairs, they’re going to take Jacob and Caleb and turn them into circus freaks in a lab somewhere.  Maggie shows up at her father’s office and wonders if Fred is okay, considering what they just learned about her mother’s cheating.  He refuses to believe it, especially on the word of a boy who can’t possibly exist. She tells him that Caleb showed up too.  Marty goes to see Maggie and asks if he can count on her help.  He wants to exhume Jacob’s body and check DNA between his old body and his new body.  Of course, he doesn’t have to ask, he has the power to do what he wants and I don’t know why they wasted so much time in this episode not acknowledging that.  In fact, it would have gone better if he had said the government is going to do what it wants to do, he’s trying to make it as easy as possible and hopes they will cooperate.  There was a lot of needless angst because he didn’t spell it out like that.  Jacob’s mother, Lucille, takes him to the park where he plays with the other kids, until all the parents start talking and call their kids back, leaving Jacob on the field alone.  Caleb tells Elaine that he wasn’t the greatest father but now that he’s been given a second chance, he’s going to make up for everything.  Then he goes out, fixes things around the house and tells Ray he’s useless.  Yup, that’ll make up for everything!  Marty and Maggie tell Jacob’s parents that they’re going to exhume the body and Henry says no.  Marty goes to the local courthouse, but Fred has already told the local judge not to give him the exhumation order.  Yeah, nobody ever heard of a federal judge?  Marty also suggests to Lucille that maybe Jacob ought to lie about who he is so he’s not ostracized.  Meanwhile, Maggie goes to check out Sam Kaplan, the man most likely to have been sleeping with her mother.  After spending a long time in her car, she confronts him and asks if he’s her real father.  He says no, but he did stick around in the woods to make sure she was found safe.  He also didn’t kill her mother, as some had speculated.  He goes inside and says “they found us!”  Who is he talking to?  Maggie’s now resurrected mother?  We just don’t know.  Caleb gets checked out by Maggie and she says that he did suffer a heart attack about 3 days before, exactly the time he said he woke up in Portland.  Lucille goes to talk to Pastor Tom, Jacob’s former best friend and he’s having a lot of trouble with the whole concept of rising from the dead.  Funny.  She invites him over to talk to Jacob, just to see for himself.  Elaine comes home looking for Caleb but he’s not there. His jacket is though and she has a flashback to his funeral and a note that she stuck into his pocket.  She checks and it isn’t there.  Okay, hold on.  So Caleb comes back in the clothes he was buried in, are we supposed to think that Jacob did the same?  He was buried in a cheap red sweater?  Yes, I know it was his favorite, but seriously?  Caleb takes his shovel out into the woods and digs something up.  He has a flashback to his heart attack, apparently this is where he died, but it looks like he’s not the only one as there’s a skeleton in the hole.  Lucille and Henry are trying to set up a video game for Jacob but he’s frustrated and leaves.  Pastor Tom comes over and gets handed the job, which he accepts and then he and Jacob are playing games together.  I guess they made up.  Ray is looking through Caleb’s room and Caleb comes in and tells him to stay out.  Wait, how long has he been dead?  He still has a room?  Anyhow, we see that he has Elaine’s note in his Bible.  Lucille takes Jacob back to the park and this time, he can play with the other kids, but he’s really bad at it.  He  goes to talk to Caleb on the other side of a chain link fence, that’s not creepy at all, is it?  Finally, Marty gets the court order and opens the tomb, he and Maggie open up the coffin with Jacob’s remains and… yeah, we don’t get to see anything.  Caleb shows up at someone’s house and accuses him of stealing something, presumably whatever was in the hole. The man begs for his life before Caleb beats him with a hammer.  This show is turning out to be more interesting than I first thought it would.  There’s something going on with the dead returning, not like that’s a surprise, but it’s something sinister.  Is Jacob in on it?  How many dead are coming back and why?  This could either be very interesting or very bad, depending on how they spin it, I’m hoping for interesting.

Those Who Kill #1×03 – “Rocking The Boat” – Okay, this isn’t a review because, due to really horrific ratings, A&E yanked Those Who Kill from their schedule.  They swear it’s not cancelled, it will be relaunched at a new day and time but there’s been no announcement when this will actually take place.  Wish I could say I was surprised, there were really serious problems with this show.  Ah well, I had tons to watch this week anyhow.

Tomorrow People #1×16 – “Superhero” – After spending half the season following up Arrow, Tomorrow People moves to Mondays so we’ll see how it fares there.  So far, the Tomorrow People have spent most of their time hiding from Ultra but here’s a new idea, and perhaps a good idea, maybe they should try to help people.  When a new breakout comes to town and leaves a rose as a calling card, Russell remembers someone he knew in his past named Talia.  They took casinos for millions and Talia wanted to help people but Russell was more interested in other activities so one day, she took all of their winnings and just disappeared.  John and Cara find out about the device from last week that lit up when Stephen touched it, apparently it’s some sort of tracking device and Stephen thinks that it will lead them to his father’s body.  He just needs somewhere to start and wants to invade Jedikiah’s mind because the last time went so well.  Morgan volunteers, she can get close to him and scan his brain when he’s at his most vulnerable. Cara doesn’t want to do it, but Morgan isn’t a prisoner and John supports the plan so together, Morgan and John go topside.  Back at Ultra, Hillary drags in a conspiracy blogger named Avery who has written about this new breakout and knows some details about her operation.  She always leaves a particular strain of rose, an R-16.  There’s also a picture in the guy’s notebook of Talia with Russell in the background.  Stephen confronts Russell with the picture and he gives in, telling him all about Talia and their past together.  TIM reports that the R-16 rose is only grown locally at a single place and that video cameras recorded Talia gathering some roses, then going to a bar in Little Saigon.  Stephen and Russell go there and find that Talia is in the basement where a money laundering operation is, she’s kicking ass and breaking up the scam.  Stephen and Russell try to intervene and find that it isn’t Talia, but Mallory.  Apparently, Talia has been training others to follow in her footsteps.  Russell is somewhat of a legend among the Red Avengers, Talia explained that he’s the one that influenced her to use her powers for good, even if that’s not strictly true.  They go back to Mallory’s lair and find that she’s been hunting down a Vietnamese crime syndicate that’s been trying to keep their leader out of prison by any means necessary.  Their next major operation is against the judge of the case and they teleport in to the judge’s house, just as he and his family are being terrorized by the gang.  Mallory, Stephen and Russell beat up the bad guys, then escape just as Ultra arrives, but Stephen leaves a bar wristband on the counter and Hillary knows he was there.  Back at Ultra, Hillary is mad and accuses Stephen of being there but he tries to deny it.  She tells him the story that her entire family was killed in a home invasion robbery and that’s why she joined Ultra, to protect humans. Mallory says the last target will be the courtroom itself and Russell ought to come.  He decides that he’d rather help people than be stuck in the sewers so he gives a dramatic speech and teleports off to help fight crime.  Mallory gives him a mask and together, they take out the gangsters that invade the courtroom.  Ultra shows up and it takes the combined power of the Tomorrow People to escape, even Cara gets into the act, leading Ultra away.  Afterwards, Mallory says she’s leaving but she passes on the mantle of the Red Avengers to Russell.  Talia arrives and has a brief reunion with Russell, saying she hopes that someday he will be the hero she knows he can be. Meanwhile, Morgan contacts Jedikiah and they sleep together, but while she tries to scan his mind, he catches her and tries to strangle her.  John arrives and tells him that Morgan is carrying his unborn child, then they teleport away.  Now honestly, if I had been John, I would have told Jedikiah that she came to tell him about her pregnancy and she was scanning him to see what he might think about it before she told him. That would do away with the suspicion, but they never think logically in this show. John and Morgan get back and Morgan says she only got fragments, a butcher shop somewhere.  John remembers being at an Ultra front once that fit that description so with the help of Cara, gets an address. Stephen goes home to get the detector and Hillary arrives and then end up… busy.  Poor Astrid.  Again!  Anyhow, Stephen eventually gets down to the butcher shop, gets into the sub-basement and finds his father’s body, just as Jedikiah arrives and says they both have some explaining to do. I got into a discussion on a Google+ group this week about how stupid the “TP’s can’t kill” thing is and he didn’t get it.  He thought it was the coolest, most original thing ever.  It’s the most asinine, unrealistic, absurd thing ever.  I think that’s what he meant to say.  Nobody can be that blind.  Anyhow, there are some interesting things going on in the show and I hope that they get some of them resolved by the end of the season.  Having the idea that with great power comes great responsibility is actually a great idea, something they should have introduced earlier.

Best of the Week:  No question, it goes to Castle for a fun ninja story and what’s better than ninjas?  They kick pirate ass!

Worst of the Week:  I could give it to Those Who Kill but that’s unfair because it didn’t even air.  Seriously, how many shows get yanked after their 2nd episode?  No, it has to go to either Elementary or the last episode of Perception I watched and both of them really suffered from the same kind of problems.  Lots of stuff on screen, none of it really meant anything.  I waffled a bit because it was hard to pick one but I think I’m going to go with Perception because the story was just a tiny bit more empty than Elementary.  It’s really hard to take two shows you like and realize both of them are just throwing things at the screen this week.  Come on guys, you can do better, you have done better!

Other Stuff I Watched:  Kagi no Kagetta Heya Special, Young Detective Dee – Rise of the Sea Dragon, Cyborg Cop 2 Rifftrax, Top Gear (UK) #21×07, Cosmos #1×02

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