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Tokusatsu Review: Ninninger #1-7 (2015) - Cephus' Corner

Tokusatsu Review: Ninninger #1-7 (2015)

June 21st, 2015


I hate being right all the time, but before I even knew anything about this year’s Super Sentai series beyond it’s ninja theme, I had a pretty good idea that it was going to be bad.  Yes, I know that I’ve already explained that I’m less than thrilled with most Super Sentai series in the past decade and haven’t really watched one all the way through in a while, but it’s really sad if you’re ready to give up after the first episode.  Still, I soldiered on through the first set and here are my first impressions of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.

In the indeterminate past, the great Yokai, Gengetsu Kibaoni, ravaged the world until it was sealed by the Last Ninja, Yoshitaka Igasaki. Many years later, Kibaoni is released to take over the world once again and Igasaki’s descendants are called to follow in his footsteps and become ninjas to save the world.  The thing is, Igasaki isn’t dead and he returns, both to help train his descendants and to be a general jerk.  Can these five young people join together and defeat the Kibaoni Army Corps?

You know one thing that has really bugged me a lot recently?  It’s one thing if Bandai is trying to sell toys, but clearly, the show is just opening up the toys and using them in the show.  It makes everything look cheap.  Oh look, we’re a bunch of adults playing with children’s toys so we can make Bandai a bunch of money! No thanks.

Ninninger MechaTheir first generation mecha is really, really, really stupid looking too.  Pretty much every episode, they introduce a new robot.  Look, more toys for the kids to ask their parents for! Yet the whole idea of the robots, the individual parts crammed into storefronts and buildings, makes no sense.  These are supposed to be the robots left over from when grandfather was fighting against the Yokai, yet they are mostly modern machinery, stored in modern buildings. Sure, I know I’m asking for sense from a children’s show, but come on, it really is idiotic. Japanese kids can’t be that stupid, can they?

Plus, it looks like their effects budget took a serious hit because the effects are really awful and the music sucks as well.

After seven episodes, I have to say I’m no more impressed than I was after the first one.  A lot of the show is played for laughs but it’s not particularly funny. I’ve also been watching another Super Sentai series that was made for comedy recently, Carranger, and it’s much more fun than this one is.  Carranger was the 20th Super Sentai series whereas Ninninger is the 40th and at the time Carranger was on, ratings for Super Sentai shows had dropped so low that they were about to be cancelled.  Nobody told the Carranger creators what to do so they made a parody of the whole Super Sentai genre and ultimately, saved the series from cancellation.  Maybe we need another Carranger today or maybe a series show that has elements that appeals both to kids and to adults?  I know that would get me watching again.

Whether I will continue or not, I can’t say.  I’m not really excited by the series but summer is coming and I’ll have less to watch so who knows?  In any case, this certainly isn’t what I think of when I think of a great Super Sentai series. Maybe nothing like that will ever come our way again, I don’t know. This just doesn’t bode well for my viewing schedule, there are so many really good things to spend my time on, why would I waste it on something like this?



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