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The Safety Police

October 8th, 2017

I know, this is getting old, but this has been an ongoing discussion over on the woodworking forum and I find it bizarre to watch how many people will actually argue against personal responsibility for their own safety and for the nanny-state.  I find it all absurd.

To recap, there have been a number of posts made for people who supposedly severely injured themselves with a table saw, all while doing something utterly idiotic, and instead of blaming themselves, they blame the saw. These people are morons.So I threw out the concept of the cult of Saw Stop, something people seem to find funny, but it’s exactly how they come off.  Not a single thread on table saws can come up without these people extolling the safety features of their saws.  It sounds just like Scientologists trying to get you to take a free personality test.  And, for the record, the green cult of Festool does the exact same thing, although not with the safety aspect.

But someone else decided to throw out the case of the guy who backed over a child in his car, thus getting backup cameras mandated in new vehicles.  And I pointed out that this is just a case of nanny-state stupidity because it doesn’t actually solve the problem.  It is everyone’s responsibility to operate their vehicle safely.  The guy who hit the kid failed to do so.  It’s unfortunate that an innocent child paid the price for this guy’s stupidity and the guy apparently killed himself over it, but that doesn’t solve the problem.  The problem is that he didn’t check behind his car.  That’s the requirement.  Sticking a camera or an alarm on the car doesn’t change the requirement.

Instead of actually fixing the problem, that of people not being careful, adding the nanny-state technology simply lets them rely on the technology instead of doing what they’re supposed to do.  The technology doesn’t make people more careful, it makes them less careful because now, there are no consequences to being stupid.

It gets even worse because well-known YouTube woodworker Matthias Wandel posted a short video that he got injured, albeit a very minor injury, and everyone was off to the Saw Stop races, getting mad at me when I pointed out that, as expected, he did something stupid, reaching over a running blade, on a saw with no guard.  But no, it isn’t his job to use the safety equipment the saw is supposed to already have, he’s got to buy technology that makes personal responsibility meaningless.

I hate humanity.  I really do.  It’s no wonder we’re in the mess we are.

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