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The Anti-Piracy Nutballs Know Better Than You! - Cephus' Corner

The Anti-Piracy Nutballs Know Better Than You!

August 28th, 2016

Wow, when you get the anti-piracy crazies out in force, you never know what you’re going to get.

Now I’m not  going to talk about piracy itself, pro or con, in this article, just the absurd lengths that some people go when arguing against it.

So this discussion gets started about piracy and almost immediately, this utter lunatic jumps in and starts with the typical “you’re all a bunch of thieves” nonsense.  This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular, just the entire thread, many participants of which are coming down on the anti-piracy side.  He hates everyone and he has a narrative to push.

But it gets worse.  I foolishly engage him, saying that I buy tons and tons and tons of movies and video games.  This week alone, I’ve already had 4 packages from Amazon and I have another one waiting for me at home right now.  I spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a year on commercial movies, TV box sets and video games.

According to him though, I don’t because if I can possibly get it for free, I do. And yes, I can get it for free if I want.  I could download every single movie for free the day it comes out in theaters.  I just don’t.  I do download every single TV show that I watch, but for those shows that are actually good, I buy the season box sets.  I’m probably keeping up with half a dozen or more series at any one time, plus buying older series.  Like I said, Amazon has delivered quite a bit this week.  We bought the whole 1991 Flash series, two season of Haven and six movies.  The reason I buy them is because I’m a collector.  Downloading wouldn’t do a thing for my collection.

Oh, but wait!  If someone was on the street corner handing out free commercial DVDs and Blurays, you’d take one instead of buying it!  Yeah, please show me where anyone is actually doing that.  That’s because physical copies actually cost money to produce whereas digital one do not.  So this is just a desperate attempt to get me to admit I’d take a “pirated” copy over a non-pirated one.  It didn’t work, but he refused to believe me.

That’s when I just gave up.  Talking to some of these ridiculous fanatics just isn’t worth my time.  You can’t have a coherent discussion with people who spend all of their time telling you what you actually think.  They don’t actually want to talk to anyone, they want to maintain their narrative, no matter what they have to do to do it.  But if any of that was true, because it is so easy to download books, movies, TV series, etc. online, then no commercial DVDs or Blurays or anything else should ever sell because everyone would just download them for free.  They’d have stopped making the things by now because they’d just sit in warehouses and rot.  The whole concept is just absurd and this guy is just an idiot.  Why are there so many idiots like this out there?

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.