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TV Thursday: Z-Nation Season 3 (2016)

January 19th, 2017

Let’s be honest, Z-Nation has never been a really good show.  It falls into the so dumb it’s tolerable category, just like most Asylum productions.  What’s made it somewhat fun have been the genre episodes, where they grab a TV or movie genre at random and go crazy.  If they ever tried to make this show serious, they’d lose whatever charm it has.

Which is unfortunately what they tried to do this season.

TV Thursday: Killjoys Season 2 (2016)

October 13th, 2016

There are some good things about Killjoys and some not so good things.  I thought the first season, which focused on this team of bounty hunters, was pretty well done.  Not perfect, but it had an interesting idea and I thought they carried it out decently.

But as they moved into the second season, I admit I got a little lost because the series seemed a bit unfocused. So let’s see what happened as I take a look at the second season of Killjoys.

TV Thursday: Wayward Pines Season Two (2016)

September 22nd, 2016

I love the original Wayward Pines books and when Syfy decided to adapt them into a mini-series last year, I was completely on board.  But as with pretty much everything, if Syfy thinks it will make money, it doesn’t remain a mini-series, they milk it for all it’s worth, which is exactly what they’re doing here.  Yet even though they had the original writer on the project, this year… wow.  Just wow.  How bad was this disaster?  Read on.

TV Thursday: 12 Monkeys Season Two (2016)

September 8th, 2016

12 Monkeys is a prime example of everything wrong with a quest show.  The first season had a quest, to find a way to stop the plague from being released. They accomplished that at the beginning of the second season.  Then they had to find another quest to go on and as expected, it has to be bigger and better than the first quest.  Unfortunately, it really wasn’t that exciting.

But was it good enough to keep me interested through the season, or did it fall apart?  I guess the only way to find out is to read on.

TV Thursday: The Expanse Season One (2015)

March 10th, 2016

Syfy, in their return to science fiction programming, has tried some big things in the past year and perhaps none so big as the TV adaptation of James A. Corey’s book series of the same name.  But while some of their attempts have succeeded, others have flopped and it was an interesting question to see what their 10-episode series would do.  So here’s my look at The Expanse and whether Syfy got it right.

TV Thursday: Childhood’s End Mini-Series

January 14th, 2016

I read the original Arthur C. Clarke book when I was a kid and while I thought it was okay, I never bought into the way mankind acted under the Overlords and I still don’t. People just don’t behave that way, they don’t embrace what is fundamentally slavery, no matter what good comes of it, and the idea that human culture would stagnate that quickly just bugs me.

But hey, it’s probably been 30 years since I read the book, might as well give the Syfy version a shot, right?  So let’s take a look at Childhood’s End, a 6-hour mini-series and see how it fares.

TV Thursday: Haven Series Finale

December 31st, 2015

Schedule 12/31

There are some shows that go on way the hell too long and Haven has unfortunately been one of them. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I really looked forward to the show every week and thought Syfy had something special, but after the destruction of the barn, all that changed and the show has just limped lamely through season after season, having lost everything that once made it great.

Honestly, it makes no sense at all to consider this part of Haven season 5 when part two has as many episodes as an entire season regularly does. Why not call it season 6 and be done with it? Because most Syfy shows only go 5 seasons at best, I guess they don’t want to play favorites?  I have no idea. But let’s take a look at the last of Haven and see what trouble Audrey Parker is getting into now.

TV Thursday: Dominion Season Two (2015)

October 8th, 2015

There are some shows that I really look forward to, either consistently, or during exciting cliffhangers.  Then there are shows like Dominion, which I find myself struggling to get through, wondering why I bothered watching the current season.  Why did I watch Dominion this year again?  I just can’t figure it out and that really isn’t a good thing.  So let’s see if we can work through this conundrum and see how season two of Dominion fared.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.