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SJWs Take Over Furry Fandom - Cephus' Corner

SJWs Take Over Furry Fandom

April 23rd, 2017

Now this isn’t any surprise to anyone who has any clue what furry fandom was, or has continued to be, but I keep finding people who seem to think that furry fandom is a supportive, open-minded kind of place.

Like hell it is.I have no idea where anyone got that crazy idea.  It has never been, and I suspect never will be supportive or open-minded to anyone that falls outside of their very narrow ideological boundaries.  Anyone who is remotely conservative gets attacked endlessly.  Furry fandom is supportive of their own “kind”, that’s all.

I honestly haven’t really thought about furry fandom for decades, since I abandoned it because I was too “normal” for them.  But recently, 2, the Ranting Gryphon, got banned from Anthrocon, now the largest furry convention, because he’s been declared a “Nazi” by the radical SJW convention committee. He’s not allowed to step on stage, a stage he’s been a part of for 14 years, because he doesn’t fit into the SJW view.

Fuck those idiots.  I mean, it isn’t like I’m going to Anthrocon or anything, I’m done with furry forever because of crap like this, but to have a major convention be polluted by this kind of ideological garbage is ridiculous.  But this is nothing new, I was on the convention committee of the very first furry convention and watched the thing fall to pieces as anyone who didn’t think screwing real animals and humping in fursuits was the greatest thing ever got slowly purged in the name of “acceptance”.

You couldn’t disagree with anyone wearing their fetish on their sleeve, you couldn’t question whether naked furry porn was good for the fandom or not, you were just a bigot and bigots had to go.  So I went and never looked back. There was no need to.  I didn’t need furry fandom and had no interest whatsoever in what they had to offer.  In fact, I lost track of a lot of the good people in the fandom who remained, including 2.  I only found him again in the last couple of weeks and, no surprise at all, furry fandom is still every bit as crappy as it ever was.  I wish I could say I was surprised.

This is what happens when you allow ideology to get in the way of your fandom. It all comes tumbling down as people fight over who is the most ideologically pure, demanding that everyone who doesn’t signal their virtue as strongly as they do be purged.  People ought to be upset over this, but lots won’t be, because they’re the ones involved in waving their arms and screaming how evil everyone who doesn’t agree with them are.

Is it any wonder I hate fandom so much?

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