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Sick of Forced Diversity in Comics - Cephus' Corner

Sick of Forced Diversity in Comics

September 4th, 2016

I honestly get sick of forced diversity.  I’m sitting here listening to a podcast and they’re making a big deal about Roxane Gay, the first black female writer Marvel has ever had.

And I’m sitting there going “so the hell what?”

I care if the stories are well written and interesting.  I care if the art looks good and is engaging.  I couldn’t care less what the race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else of the writers or artists is. And I honestly have zero respect for anyone who does.

Now I’m not saying anything bad about Ms. Gay’s skills, I honestly have no clue if she’s any good at the moment, I just get sick of this idiotic regressive posturing that happens constantly.  I am not going to read the comics she writes because she’s a black woman.  I am going to read them, or not, because of their quality.

I have no clue why the regressive left is so in love with forced diversity.  They only want black characters to be written by black writers.  They spend all of their time worrying about artificial quotas.  And this is nothing new.  Years back, there was a brouhaha by Christopher Priest who complained he was the only black writer Marvel had and the left freaked out.  Now Priest was a good writer, I’ll give you that, but his skin color had nothing at all to do with his ability to write comics.  It’s a point I made then and a point I’ll make now.  How many black people want to write comics for Marvel?  How many actually submit writing samples?  How many actually apply?  And the answer is, as it was before, that I have no idea.  I have no way of knowing the race of anyone who submits to Marvel or DC or any other company and neither does anyone else.  But I’m also not assuming that there’s some vast racist conspiracy going on either, like the regressive left does.

In fact, the real racists here are the ones that consider race at all.  As I’ve said over on my other blog many times, there should be no black vote or white vote, no black communities or white communities, no black culture or white culture, we should just be Americans and that’s all.  Anyone who considers race is a racist as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t care what someone’s race is, I care about their skills.  I care about their character.  Nothing else ought to matter and so long as it does, so long as people spend all of their time enforcing quotas or whining about diversity, the longer racism is going to continue in this country.

Knock it off.

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