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Review: Iryu Sosa 2 (2012) - Cephus' Corner

Review: Iryu Sosa 2 (2012)

March 29th, 2015

Iryu Sosa 2This title has languished at the bottom of my absurdly large watch pile forever and I honestly don’t know why.  Yes, it is a huge pile, I counted last night and there are 9 entire J-drama series in it waiting to be watched, plus a pile of specials and a ridiculous number of tokusatsu shows.  Add to that the number of regular American TV shows I watch and I guess it isn’t too hard to understand why these things fall by the wayside.  Add that to the fact that I liked the first series of this and I have never been able to find the third series subtitled, maybe subconsciously I realized that if I liked this, as I’m likely to, then I’d be left wanting more without any way to get my fix.

But finally, we sat down to watch it.  Is it as good as the first series?  Let’s find out as I get through the 8-episode second series of Iryu Sosa.

Satoshi Itomura’s life has changed since the first series, he’s been demoted out of the Scientific Criminal Unit to being a menial detective with the Metropolitan Police Department.  However, he can’t leave his examination of victim’s personal artifacts alone and it’s his quick eye and dogged determination that closes cases.  When a police officer is abducted and another woman is found dead, dressed in the officer’s uniform, can Itomura put together the pieces to find the murderer before it’s too late?

Honestly, and I know this is the show’s gimmick, but you’d think that after solving so many cases, his colleagues wouldn’t continue to treat Itomura like dirt.  Every time he comes up with a clue, every time his curiosity leads him to examine an object, everyone tells him he’s crazy, but every single time, he makes the discovery that cracks the case.  Every single time.  Yeah, it’s the defining schtick of the series, but come on, every single time?

Because I’ve already gone through the characters in my last review,  I won’t do so again here.  It’s pretty much the same cast back again.  This time though, they do lose one of their own and it was a very emotional moment.  In a lot of shows, they throw in a random death of a background character, mostly to shake the situation up.  While I think that some of that occurred here, the death wasn’t essential to the story, they could have gotten the same tale told without it, the emotional impact was very strong on the remainder of the series and so was probably a decent decision to make.

If you watched and enjoyed the first series of Iryu Sosa, you’re going to enjoy this one because it’s more of the same.  If I could ever find the third series or the special subtitled, I’m sure they’d be the same too.  It’s not bad to be consistent because this show is consistently good  Who knows, maybe in the third series, they’ll stop kicking Itomura around and laughing behind his back?

Nah, I don’t really think so either.  Iryu Sosa 2 gets:


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.