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Placing Limits on Sci-Fi Movies - Cephus' Corner

Placing Limits on Sci-Fi Movies

June 3rd, 2014

sciencefictionThere are a lot of sci-fi movie franchises out there that go on and on and on and apparently, to be a fan of them, you have to accept all of their various and sundry versions throughout the years.  That’s not how I look at it though. I’m often a fan of only specific sections of long-running franchises and I consider things that go outside of those sections to be non-cannon, at least in my personal estimation.

star_trek-tos-07-02For example, I think Star Trek ended with the original series.  I have no love for any of the new series, having grown up on the original.  Yes, I remember watching The Next Generation but it wasn’t my show, I don’t identify with any of the characters and I don’t particularly like where the show went once Roddenberry wasn’t personally and intimately involved in the series.  I hate Deep Space 9.  I detest Voyager.  I couldn’t take Enterprise.  For me, the only Star Trek series I will ever care about is the original 79 episodes and the movies associated with them.  I find the view of the future to be far too neon and liberal once you get to TNG and beyond.  Star Trek, at least the series, ended in 1969.

The same is true of Star Wars.  Star Wars, as far as I’m concerned, ended in 1983. There were no prequels, there is no extended universe, it is made up only of the first three movies and died thereafter.  I can’t stand anything George Lucas did afterwards, I hated the cartoons and even though there are some books that I’ve read and enjoyed, I consider those fanfic, not actual Star Wars continuity.  Some of it might be good fanfic, but it is fanfic nonetheless.

I’d also argue that the Indiana Jones story was made up only of the first three movies, the fourth movie simply never existed and any TV series… pass.  There never was an old Indy and the less said about Shia LaBeouf, the better.

terminatorAliens?  Two movies.  Game over man, game over!  Predator?  I might be tempted to say the first film but I honestly do enjoy, for some reason, the second with Danny Glover so I’ll let it go to two.  Terminator also gets two, the franchise died for me in 1991.

There’s an unfortunate need in Hollywood to milk film franchises far beyond their sell-by date, to keep cranking them out until they are so awful that nobody wants to watch anymore.  I’d much rather see a series end when it’s on top than when it’s gasping for breath and crawling across the ground.  Sequels are rarely as good as the original and the more sequels it gets, the worse the franchise becomes.

So where do you fall on sci-fi film franchises?  What’s your cut off and why? Inquiring geeky minds want to know!



  • hausdorff says on: June 5, 2014 at 11:28 am


    I feel the same way about franchises a lot of the time. It’s annoying when a movie or show is really popular, so they keep making more of it even though the story they set out to tell has been finished. The matrix movies come to mind, I only like to acknowledge the first one. I broke out the trilogy about a year or so ago, the second one was…okay, but no where near as good as the first. The third one was fucking abysmal though.

    As far as star trek goes. I loved next gen, grew up watching that. I like DS9 a lot as well, but I agree with you that voyager sucked. I think I only got half way through the series before I just bailed on it. I would love to watch them all again though, I have changed a lot since the last time I saw them. I’m curious if my reaction to them would be different now. I haven’t seen most of the original series, this is a deficiency I definitely want to fix 🙂

    Also, I loved terminator 3 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, 1 and 2 are way better, but I enjoyed the hell out of 3 as well

    • Cephus says on: June 5, 2014 at 6:26 pm


      I never really cared for TNG when it was first on, I grew up on TOS and TNG was no TOS. It wasn’t until years later, when a girlfriend’s father was a huge TNG fan and always had it on around the house that I developed any kind of appreciation for it. I can’t stand DS9 or Voyager, in fact, we had a party to watch the first episode of Voyager and within 15 minutes, everyone stopped watching and was doing other things so we turned it off. That show sucked. So did Enterprise. They’re just not the series that TOS started, they’re something else, and worse, entirely. Once Roddenberry was no longer helming the ship, and even at the end when he was, it was a different animal.

      And no, Terminator 3 and Salvation were crap. Loved the first two, hated anything past that. Same with Alien. Alien and Aliens are great, the rest are garbage.

      • hausdorff says on: June 6, 2014 at 6:49 am


        I didn’t watch Enterprise when it was on, didn’t have cable for a while and didn’t seek it out. A few friends in grad school were huge star trek fans and wanted to watch it, so we got together once a week and watched an episode. I think I made it through one season and just couldn’t stand it anymore. As I recall, there wasn’t a single good episode, some were fine but that’s as good as it got. They assured me that it got better in season 3 (or 4? I can’t remember). But I just couldn’t do it.

        That kind of extreme fandom does bug me a bit. It’s like they decided they like star trek already and it didn’t matter the quality.

        • Cephus says on: June 6, 2014 at 11:12 am


          Unfortunately, a lot of people are like that. Just because it has Star Wars or Star Trek in the title, it’s got to be good. These are the idiots that are lining up 3 days in advance to see the movies opening day and all of that. Sorry, I might have done that once, when I was much, much younger and certifiably insane, but never today.

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