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J-Drama Reviews: Kaibutsu-kun (2010) - Cephus' Corner

J-Drama Reviews: Kaibutsu-kun (2010)

May 27th, 2017

This just looked weird, that’s why I figured that it might be interesting to watch.   Based on a manga by Robiko, this J-drama series ran 9 episodes in 2010.  But like so many things that look interesting, you have to wonder if it can actually meet with it’s potential.  And so, let’s take a look at this series and see if it’s scary in a good way, or in a very bad way.

Kaibutsu-kun tells the story of the spoiled son of the king of the realm of monsters.  Because his father will soon turn over the throne, he sends Kaibutsu-kun to the human world to learn some humility, along with his friends Dracula, Werewolf and Franken.  But can Kaibutsu learn the lessons he needs to learn in time to save the monster world?

Now let’s be honest, this is kind of a kiddy-style show with lots of bright colors and silly action.  Kaibutsu-kun has the ability to extend his body, rather like Luffy in One Piece, but he’s unable to access his monster abilities for at least the beginning of the series because his father has restricted it.  That means that Kaibutsu, who is terribly spoiled at the beginning, has no idea how to survive. He winds up in a run down apartment building next to Hiroshi and Utako, who are generally a delight to have around and they all become friends.  But the king of the demon realm has awakened and wants to use Kaibutsu as a means for killing his father, who defeated him a thousand years before.

Of course, it’s all a bit predictable.  Kaibutsu-kun does learn the lessons his father sends him to learn, he does forge a stronger friendship with his monster companions, he does learn how to be a better person and he does get his powers back in the end, because “he had the power to change within him all the time”.

Overall, the acting is quite good, with the possible exception of Hiroshi.  Granted, he’s a kid, but he overacted quite a bit.  Still, Ohno Satoshi was spot on as Kaibutsu-kun and he’s been in Kagi no Kakatta Heya, which I’ve reviewed, and Shinigami-kun, which I really need to get around to seeing.  Of the monsters, my favorite was Dracula, played by Yashima Norito, who has been in Gamera 3: Iris Kakusei and Iryu Sosa, another one that I’ve already looked at. Finally is Kawashima Umika, who plays Utako and she’s been in things like Bloody Monday and Keizoku 2: SPEC~Rei.  This was a really impressive cast.

I really did enjoy it, perhaps more than I thought I did, and the story of Kaibutsu growing into his own man… or monster… really worked for me. Sure, he spends most of the series as an obnoxious child, but in the end, he learns how to save the people he cares about and be a true leader.  That’s a lesson more people really need to learn.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.