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J-Drama Review: Omukae Death (2016)

January 15th, 2017

My first reaction to this series was “Dead Like Me with giant pink rabbits” and that pretty much describes what it is.  It falls outside of our normal fare but it looked interesting and hey, it was summer, there wasn’t much on TV, so what the heck?

That said though, I could tell right off the bat that I’d enjoy it and, spoiler alert, I did.  So what is it that made this 9-episode 2016 supernatural comedy fun?  Read on to find out.Madoka Tsutsumi is part of his university rocketry club. He’s a straight talking guy who always speaks his mind and has never done anything impulsive as long as he’s lived.  One day, he sees a giant pink rabbit arguing with an old man and the rabbit is surprised that he can see it.  This is Nabeshima, a grim reaper whose bosses insisted he dress as a pink rabbit and because Madoka can see ghosts, he gets recruited for a part time job helping the recently deceased achieve their final goals so they can peacefully move on to the afterlife before their 49th day, when they become evil spirits and have to be destroyed.  Joining Madoka on this journey is Sachi Aguma, a senior agent who thinks she can do the job herself and resents having to drag the greenhorn around.

The series is based on popular manga series “Omukae Desu” by Meka Tanaka, published in the late 90s in the Japanese shojo manga magazine LaLa.

One of the nice things is that, even though this is a comedy, they don’t feel the need to wrap everything up with a pretty little bow all the time.  Some of the cases ended up downright depressing, such as the case where a teacher who wants to make her student happy ends up waiting too long to go to the afterlife and becomes a monster, completely unrecoverable and must be destroyed forever.

Omukae Death stars Fukushi Sota as Madoka.  He’s really just getting his start but he has been in a number of Kamen Rider movies over the last couple of years.  Tsuchiya Tao plays Sachi.  Again, she’s a young actress just starting out and hasn’t been in much else I’ve seen.  She seems to be more a dramatic actor and this is one of her first comedic roles, but I really enjoyed her performance and will have to keep my eye out for her in the future.  Then we have Ryohei Suzuki, who played the grim reaper Nabeshima and he has been in some other things I’ve seen, including Kagi no Kakatta Heya and the Gatchaman Movie.

Overall, while I wouldn’t say I’d be excited to see a second season necessarily, the characters were interesting, if a little predictable and the situations were fun enough to keep me coming back most of the time.  It wasn’t something I had to sit down and watch right away, in fact, we got so sidetracked in regular TV that we didn’t even see the last three episodes for a couple of months, but I actually regret not taking the time to get through it faster because it deserved the attention.  It was above average and most of the time, that’s pretty decent praise for a TV show.  You could do worse than giving it a shot.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.