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Helping SJWs Understand the Thor Controversy - Cephus' Corner

Helping SJWs Understand the Thor Controversy

April 28th, 2015

Thor_1_Pichelli_VariantI wrote a post on this a long time ago, but apparently in the months and months that followed, idiot liberals still can’t get through their heads what the real problem here is, instead preferring to call anyone who points out the issue racists and sexists and all manner of other names.  Therefore, I’m going to do this really, really slow for the crazy liberals among you.

Female Thor isn’t Thor.  Get it through your thick skulls.

See, unlike Captain America, Thor isn’t a title, it is a proper name.  Thor Odinson.  If is the particular name of a particular person, it isn’t something that can be passed on like the title of Captain America was passed from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson.  Anyone who has ever read a fucking comic would know this, but apparently, as is usually the case, these idiot social justice dimwits have no clue what it is that they’re talking about.  It’s just “fill a quota! fill a quota!”

But no, I’ve recently seen more of the crazed SJWs out screaming that anyone who doesn’t love female Thor just as much as the old Thor is a racist (not sure how that one works) and a sexist, because… reasons.  They can’t stand anyone pointing out that female Thor just isn’t Thor, not because it’s an inferior character, not because it’s got breasts, but because shit just doesn’t work that way and for some reason, these whiny liberals can’t figure out why.

So let’s get away from comics for a moment and see if they can understand this from a different angle.  When Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, he gained the title.  He didn’t gain the name of the person who held the title before him.  He didn’t become George W. Bush.  We haven’t had 43 George Washingtons in the White House.  It doesn’t work that way!

I suppose that picking Thor to be the one to get the female remake was problematic from the start because Thor, unlike most other Marvel superheroes, has no title.  He is Thor.  He has no secret identity.  He uses his real name all the time.  Anyone who takes over his powers has no ownership of his name, they become someone else, not Thor.  However, if they called the character something else, it would confuse readers, thus the general clusterfuck that has occurred.  Why these liberal asshats can’t understand the reality of the complaints is beyond me.  They can only see the world in terms of racism and sexism, it’s part of their mantra, something they repeat over and over and over again because to them, nothing else exists.

I’m really hoping all of this liberal stupidity goes away in May when they reboot the entire universe.  It won’t stop the liberals from whining but hopefully sanity will reign.



  • RoscoLittle says on: April 28, 2015 at 12:29 pm



    And this is a list of characters who became the Marvel Comics version of Thor the same way as thew current one.

    You are a hateful little troll for the sake of being hateful.

    • Cephus says on: April 28, 2015 at 12:38 pm


      If you had a clue in your head, you’d realize that’s simply not true. The only ones that “became Thor” are the ones that had to spirit of or the essence of Thor imbued upon them. That has not happened to the current holder of the hammer. There are many characters who proved themselves worthy to wield the power of Thor, they did not become Thor. Sticking with female characters, when Storm picked up Mjolnir, she didn’t become Thor, she remained Storm with the power of Thor. Likewise with Wonder Woman, when she picked up Mjolnir, didn’t suddenly stop being Wonder Woman, she remained who she was, with the power of Thor.

      Thor Odinson is an individual identity. Thor remains Thor no matter who wields the hammer. He was Thor before he was given the hammer by his father. He is currently Thor in the comics, even without the power of Mjolnir. It’s not that difficult of a distinction to make. Stop making yourself look like an ignorant fool by pretending otherwise.

  • RoscoLittle says on: April 28, 2015 at 2:46 pm


    The wikipedia link lists neither Storm, nor Wonder Woman. It does list Eric Masterson.

    Appealing exclusively to the dwindling number of middle-aged white men has left the comics industry in bad shape. Appealing to a wider audience is how comics will grow and thrive.

    Did the Beta Ray Bill run bring Marvel to the brink of ruin or did I see him make a great appearance in the Planet Hulk movie? The new Thor is not the end of the world.

    Thor has been around since 1962 and Marvel has kept mixing up the character to keep things fresh. And this new outing is great and interesting.

    And if Chris Hemsworth doesn’t want to keep playing Thor in movies, they can cast Katee Sackhoff for future movies.

    • Cephus says on: April 28, 2015 at 3:05 pm


      Which just shows you the inherent unreliability of Wikipedia. And for Eric Masterson, Thor bonded himself to Masterson after he took a fatal blast meant for Thor, thus Masterson *WAS* Thor, he was literally combined with the individual named Thor. Once they were separated, Masterson went under the name of Thunderstrike. You’re not doing anything to disprove my case, you’re just showing that you haven’t got a clue.

      And guess what? Beta Ray Bill wasn’t Thor either. He was Beta Ray Bill. I read those Simonson issues as they came out.

      If Marvel wants to cast Katee Sackhoff, that’s entirely up to them. I don’t care. That has no bearing on the subject of this article though. Stop running around the field with the goalposts and admit you’ve lost.

      • RoscoLittle says on: April 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm


        Whiny pissypants who throws a tantrum when he feels like the supremacy of white men is being challenged is calling someone else a loser? Really?

        Marvel Comics owns their sandbox, and if they decide to make Thor a girl, Thor is a girl. And you soiling your diaper over it just makes you sound like an idiot.

        There are 5 names on that list on Wikipedia. And the female Thor isn’t any different than the rest. Marvel decided to change things up, and things got changed up. And the hero former know as Thor is calling himself Odinson now, giving up the mantel of Thor. These are not hard concepts to grasp.

        Steve Rogers is the one who got injected with the super serum and frozen in ice, yet Marvel has made other people Captain America over the years.

        • Cephus says on: April 28, 2015 at 3:57 pm


          Seriously, you’re the poster boy for liberal stupidity. You keep coming back and missing the blatantly obvious point over and over and over again. Clearly, as usual, you didn’t bother to actually read the article, you just responded to the title. If you had actually read the article, you wouldn’t be making any of the statements you’re making because you’re just pulling all of it out of your ass.

          Now toddle off and let the adults speak. You know, people who know how to read.

          • RoscoLittle says on: April 28, 2015 at 4:10 pm


            I read your whiny bitchass article and you are wrong about everything. Thor is a mantel. And the character most often known as Thor relinquishes the name and title of Thor when the writers and editors at marvel decided that he does.

            You are just spewing hate to make yourself feel good. And it is bullshit.

            Tumblr is filled with women, gays and people of color who really really really want to like comics, but comics have spent the last few decades doing everything they can to drive them away. Sentinel’s marriage brought millions of new fans to DC, and DC sent them packing with the very next issue when they killed off his husband. The disturbing death of Ryan Choi so they could bring back the white character instead.

            Comics need to expand their base of customers, so unless you are willing to buy thousands of copies every month of every book Marvel and DC publishes, shut your hateful piehole.

          • Cephus says on: April 28, 2015 at 10:25 pm


            This is why you social justice morons are so unbelievably stupid, you’re unable to simply stick to a topic and admit when you’re wrong. Well then, good thing you won’t be around here anymore, asshole.

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