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Fallout 4: Starting Over - Cephus' Corner

Fallout 4: Starting Over

June 18th, 2017

I’m not the kind of guy who plays games over and over and over again in quick succession.  I think I’ve played through Fallout 3 two or three times and I’ve only gone through New Vegas once.  But sometimes things break, even though they shouldn’t, and you just have to start over.

So now I’ve restarted Fallout 4 from scratch, sort of, and I’m going to see if I can do it differently than I did last time.I never intended to do it, to be honest.  My character was level 112, I had finished the game long ago and all I really did was built settlements.  But I tried to get back into the game yesterday and it would not load.  I’ve known I was in trouble for a long time because my saves were massive and took forever to load.  The reason for this is simple, but unfortunate.  The mod I was using that let me scrap things didn’t do it very well, it just marked objects invisible and having “scrapped” thousands and thousands of objects, each of which had to be saved as invisible with every save, I very quickly ran out of space in my partition.

Xbox One only allows 2GB of data for Fallout 4, period.  That’s everything, mods, saves, you name it.  It got to the point where I could only have 3-4 saves  before it ran out of space and I had to go delete one.  Like I said, I knew I was in trouble.  But yesterday, it didn’t work.  I tried to delete saves.  It still wouldn’t load.  There was a problem with the mods that simply could not be fixed, so I tried deleting them.

And when I came back, having re-loaded all of the mods again, everything that was modded in the game was hosed.  So I could either try to go back and fix thousands of objects, knowing that when I did, I’d probably crash the game again, or just start over.

So I started over.  I hope that this time, it’ll work better because the last time through, I didn’t even install mods until I had nearly finished the game.  That means that all of my settlements were a hodge podge of vanilla assets and multiple versions of mods, some of which worked and some of which didn’t.  Plus, I can’t say I was very happy with the way my settlements worked in the first place, now I get to rethink them and do them over.

But the one thing I was not going to do was struggle through all of the fights that I had already been through again.  I had nearly 400 hours into the game and I wasn’t going to start from scratch.  I already won all of those battles fair and square, this time I was going to cheat.

I already had a “cheat” mod installed from the last time anyhow.  Once I finished the game and was just building settlements, I was sick and tired of grinding mindlessly for resources so I said screw it and just imported everything I needed to build.  So this time, before I even got to Sanctuary, I ran over and set myself up with the best weapon I had previously, plus top-of-the-line X-01 power armor, plus all of the resources I’ll probably ever need.  I’ll go through the game again  but I’m not going to struggle.  Heck, when I met up with Preston in Concord, I took out the Deathclaw with one shot to the head.  I’ve got unlimited ammo and unlimited Stimpacks.  I’m ready to go.

The one thing I didn’t do is auto-level to the top, which I considered but decided that I’d do it not-quite-legit, simply so I could get all of the lower level power armors along the way.  I’m also going to build out my settlements one at a time instead of trying to juggle them all at once.  So right now, I’m working on Sanctuary.  I’ve got Red Rocket, Ten Pines and Starlight Drive-in, but other than cleaning up a bit and putting in a nice, new bunkhouse at Ten Pines, I haven’t touched them.

But I am doing some nice work at Sanctuary.  I’ve built my house, which is bigger and better than it was last time.  I’ve got the framework on my Armor Vault, which has room at present for 52 suits of power armor, even though it only has 2 at the moment.  I went from level 1 to level 38 in about 5 hours, mostly through building, and I just have to get to level 41 so I can put in fusion reactors for powering my settlements.  I’m avoiding talking to Preston at the moment so I don’t have to go running all over the Commonwealth.  I was just headed off to Diamond City for the first time when I decided to turn it off for a while.  I’ve already started to stockpile arms and armor for companions that will be coming down the road.  This is actually fun.

And I learned a lot from my last play-through.  The things I liked, I’m keeping. The things I didn’t, I’m not.  The first floor of my house was a museum before and still is, it’s just larger and better laid out.  My second floor, which is my residence, used to be filled with containers, which I hated, so I moved all of my storage up to the top floor, where I can organize it all much better than I did before.

I shifted my Armor Vault to the front of Sanctuary, where I used to have my Mall.  That got moved to where I used to have my massive defense tower.  That’s now going to be back where my Vault once was.  When I built it all the last time, I had no idea where the spawn points were.  Now I do.  My goal is to make Sanctuary, and all of my settlements, completely impervious to attack.  Nothing will ever get through so I never have to go running off to save them.

I also decided I’m going to save my original house.  The last playthrough, I just trashed everything, this time I’m not.  I’ve also decided to extend my front gates forward, I had a lot of unused space around the river, now I’m not.  Of course, I have a mod that expands the build-able area, but for Sanctuary I’m not going to go beyond the borders.  I will for some others though, most notably Red Rocket and Hangman’s Alley.  In fact, I think this time I’m going to make Hangman’s Alley a multi-story structure, but we’ll have to see when I get there.

Anyhow, put together a short video on my new Sanctuary Hills settlement, so feel free to take a look.

A final addendum before this posts, but as I hit 24 hours of play, I’m already at level 130.  Previously, it took me almost 400 hours to get to level 112.  This is just insane.  I haven’t even met up with the Railroad or the Institute yet!

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