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Conflicted on Doctor Who - Cephus' Corner

Conflicted on Doctor Who

August 22nd, 2014

keep-calm-and-hate-doctor-who-8I have a love/hate relationship with Doctor Who recently, I love the idea, I hate pretty much everything Steven Moffat has done with it since he got his grimy mitts on it.  If you go back and read my TV Thursdays when the last season of Doctor Who was on, I pretty much hated it all, even though I really, really, really tried to like it.  Since Moffat has started revising 50 years of history to ensure his own fanboy fantasies, I’ve grown to despise the direction of the show.  I had almost  decided to boycott this new season and any others until Moffat goes away forever.

Then I heard that the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi feels much the same way about Moffat and now that he’s got an air-tight contract, is dedicating himself to ruining everything that Moffat is doing and working his hardest to bring the classic Doctor Who feel back to the airwaves.

Now I don’t know what to do.

Some of the rumors about Capaldi are really making me reconsider my opinion. According to things I’ve seen online, and we all know how reliable that can be, but Moffat wanted a romance between Clara and the Doctor and Capaldi is telling Moffat where he can stuff it.  Apparently, Capaldi is a huge old-school Doctor Who fan who hates what Moffat has done to his beloved franchise and is going to do everything he can to sabotage the stupid things Moffat has done.

Steven+Moffat_1fc1f1_4534041Yeah, I know that Russell T. Davies was horrible before him, Moffat is awful for entirely different reasons.  Russell T. Davies turned the Doctor into a pervert, out trying to screw his companions.  Moffat continued that to a much lesser degree but then wanted the Doctor to be his own personal Mary Sue so he could feel like he was really a part of the show.  Then he started changing the past, he inserted entire new Doctors into the timeline and generally tried to make himself the most important person in the history of Doctor Who.

Fuck Steven Moffat up the ass with a sonic screwdriver.

So yeah, maybe I am going to watch the first episode, at least to see if Capaldi manages to keep Moffat under control.  I know there have been so many complaints about the direction things have been going and, since I’ve generally hated most of Matt Smith’s run (Matt’s doctor wasn’t interesting, he was a lunatic, not befitting his age or experience), I guess I at least owe Mr. Capaldi a chance to show me that Doctor Who can be good again.

I guess I really will be watching on August 23rd.




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