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Comics on the Decline - Cephus' Corner

Comics on the Decline

August 16th, 2016

Comics are dying and one of the reasons is that comic writers and publishers have bought into this whole social justice mentality, where they’ve given up on just writing good stories about interesting characters and situations and taken to catering to artificial diversity and regressive philosophies.

And because of this, comic books are hitting an all-time low in readership and sales.  Comic readers aren’t stupid, but apparently Marvel is.  Here’s why they are failing miserably.Lots of people, myself included, were upset last year when they decided to make Thor a woman.  I posted my problems with this move here, and nowhere did I ever, not once, have a problem with a female character, just with a character coming out of the blue, taking someone’s name (and yes, Thor is a name, not a title) and running around like a rabid SJW.  So I didn’t read Thor anymore.  Now Marvel is doing it again, tossing Tony Stark aside as Iron Man and putting a black woman in the suit.  Now I honestly don’t care, after all, Rhodey has worn the Iron Man suit many times and I adore Rhodey as a character, but the only reason they’re doing it is to bump sales.  This Riri Williams is going to spend a couple of months in the suit, then Stark will come back and ride the wave of increased sales.

But it’s having an opposite effect.  Cliff Biggers of Dr No’s Comics in Georgia says, “We’re seeing the worst falloff of Marvel and DC sales in the store’s 38-year history.  Both companies are losing established readers who no longer feel that the company’s output reflects the sort of comics they enjoy. Stories are lackluster, unfocused, and excessively long as companies think in terms of collected editions, not individual issuees. The tone is mostly dark and uninviting.”  He goes on to add, “The most disturbing trend involves established readers who have sufficient disposable income that they can afford to buy what they like to read. A significant portion of these readers are trimming their title lists by 50% or more because they don’t enjoy the current output. When a dedicated DC customer who was buying EVERY New 52 title in 2011 and 2012 is now buying no DC titles, or a dedicated Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man/Thor customer has dropped all of these series, it’s troubling.”

Marvel especially has had problems riding this artificial diversity bomb into the ground.  I’ve got no problem with diversity, but what they’re doing is completely fake.  It isn’t creating new characters that just so happen to be black or female or gay or whatever, it’s taking established characters and forcing them to become things that they have never been in the past.  But they are really shooting themselves in the foot.  They act because the SJW parasites have decided to focus on them and in seeking sales, they are doing what the SJWs want them to do, not realizing that the SJWs don’t read comics.  They don’t really care.  They sweep in, create chaos and dissension and then when they have ruined the industry, they sweep out again to find a new target for their stupidity.  They aren’t interested in Marvel Comics, they are only interested in pushing their own identity political ideology.

Change for the sake of change, just because you’re desperate to do anything you can do to make a buck, isn’t a recipe for success.  This is especially true when you’re catering to people who don’t have your financial best interests in mind in the first place.  It doesn’t matter what Marvel does, the SJWs are not going to buy their comic books, but taking this kind of action is driving away lifelong readers who actually *DO*!  And it’s not because they’re misogynists and sexists and hate women and black people, it’s because you’ve taken long established characters and changed them for absolutely no good reason to appease a group of libtards who don’t give a damn about you!

That’s not good business sense, sorry.


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