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Comic Review: Wolverines #1-20 (2014) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Wolverines #1-20 (2014)

February 13th, 2016

Following the end of the vastly underwhelming Death of Wolverine storyline that I reviewed last year, Marvel did a 20-issue weekly series following the same set of characters trying to hunt down the adamantium-coated corpse of Wolverine, hoping that it could save their lives.

I pretty much panned the other mini-series that they did, really didn’t like any of these characters and frankly, only got this because I’m a completist, but now that I’ve read it, how is it?  Was it worth getting 20 issues of Wolverine-hunting action?  Here’s my look at Wolverines.

Honestly, one of the problems I had to mention here was the artwork.  Yes, I know this is a weekly comic, but the artist changes week to week, understandably out of necessity, but it is jarring to have so many entirely different art styles.  Some of them are really nice, some of them not so much.  If you can’t pick one of two artists who can do the same kind of artwork consistently, it just isn’t going to work, sorry.

But the biggest issue was the story, or lack thereof.  This just didn’t warrant a 20 issue run.  So much of it was just “guest of the week” nonsense that didn’t actually advance the storyline one bit.  Fang shows up for a couple of issues so he and Wolverine can go on their annual romp, but finding that he’s dead, sets out to figure out who done it.  Badly.  Then Deadpool does a throwaway one issue cameo where he buys a bunch of Wolverine memorabilia and tries to be the new Wolverine, but nobody wants him.  Additional unnecessary cameos by the X-Men, Avengers and She-Hulk.  Then Blade shows up.  It does nothing for the story.  If they had just told the story of the “Wolverines” hunting down Logan’s corpse and trying to get it back from Mr. Sinister, that would have been fine. It’s clear they were just filling space so they could make more money though and that just sucks.

Also, the part where they kidnapped all of the “Wolverines” for their healing factors and were completely unaware that Daken had lost his to Siphon back in the Logan Legacy storyline really makes no sense.  Why didn’t Daken just say he didn’t have one?  He could have walked away scot free.  It makes no sense.

In fact, pretty much nothing makes any sense. All of the things they started out to do got dropped by the end.  Where did Wolverine’s corpse go?  Who knows? What happened to Fang?  Never explained!  What about that scent marker that he gave X-23?  Never brought up again!  They could have told this “story” in half as many issues, but no, they want money, not integrity.  Should have known better from Marvel.

So yeah, it sucks, totally not worth the time to read, much less $4 a week to buy it.  Don’t bother.  In fact, entirely ignore the whole Death of Wolverine nonsense. It all sucked and now, doesn’t even matter.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.