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Comic Review: Spider-Man 2099 #6-12 - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Spider-Man 2099 #6-12

September 12th, 2015

It’s really hard to gauge Marvel comics these days, you don’t have any idea if a new title is going to go 6 issues or a dozen or a hundred.  When I decide how to split these things up into groups for reviews, I have to arbitrarily pick an arc or a number of issues or, honestly, as much as I feel like doing before I give up and in the last couple of weeks, there have been titles that have died at issue #12, mostly because of Secret Wars, that I had already done the first batch and now, I get to go back and resume my review where I left off.

Such is the case with Spider-Man 2099, which I first reviewed here.  So let’s go back to 2099 to see how this particular series finishes up, shall we?

When last we left Miguel, he had finished his fight with T.O.T.E.M. and now he moves into a couple of different mini-arcs, the first part of the Spider-Verse story that I reviewed here.  I’m not really going to go into any detail because I’ve talked about the overall storyline, but after that, Miguel gets sent back to 2099, but it’s a future alternate timeline where the world was destroyed and it’s run by a future evil version of the Hulk, called Maestro.  Maestro is tired of ruling the radioactive wastes and now wants Spidey to fix Doctor Doom’s Time Platform. However, Miguel isn’t amenable to this so he’s beaten by Maestro and thrown into a cell with the Sorceress Supreme from his timeline, but she’s been chained up and unable to escape.  She heals Miguel, he sets her free, but there is more than meets the eye here and even as Miguel uses the Time Platform to return to 2015, something just isn’t right…

Unfortunately, the Spider-Verse and Secret Wars events really wreaked havoc with this title, several issues were dedicated to the Spider-Verse storyline and they had little time to wrap up all of the hanging plot threads before the book ended and Miguel went off to the Secret Wars spin-off title, Secret Wars 2099. However, with very little time, they really don’t wrap up any of the major story points.  Apparently, Alchemax was responsible for the nuclear war that destroyed the future, but none of that is even addressed in any serious way in the last issue.  As I had said in my last review, there was clearly some plan for Miguel and his landlady to have something happen, but other than healing her cancer and turning her into a giant Spider-Wasp, dedicated to killing him, they didn’t have a chance to really do anything there either.  If they could have cut out the Spider-Verse stuff or had another issue or two, they could have done more and ended on a much more satisfying note.  I suspect that in the fall, we’ll get the book restarted and we can keep going on these plotlines.

As I said before, artist Will Sliney and color artists Antonio Fabela and Andres Mossa do a phenomenal job on this title, everything looks fantastic and I couldn’t ask for more.  Peter David, other than some minor quibbles about having to jump around so much, didn’t have any major problems like I thought he did in the first couple of issues, more so because he had no time, rather than he decided better of it.

Would I recommend someone pick this up in trades?  That’s kind of iffy, only because of the Spider-Verse issues shoehorned into the middle.  The stories are good, the art is great, even the writing for the two SV issues isn’t bad at all, I really enjoyed seeing Miguel and Lady Spider interact, it just felt very much out of place.

Therefore, I’m going to give this half the same rating as I did the first half, even thought it probably deserved an extra star.  I really hope this one comes back, I want to see more of Miguel’s adventures.


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