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Comic Review: Elektra #6-7 (2014) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Elektra #6-7 (2014)

December 21st, 2014

Elektra #6 CoverI just finished up my first Elektra review in which I mentioned a second arc that continued from the first.  Well heck, since I’m here already, why not do a quick review of the second 2-issue story called Double Tap?

So what happens when you piss off all of the best assassins on the planet and their Guild?  They come after you, of course, but if  you’re Elektra, one of the best of the best, they’re going to have a hard time actually putting you down.  However, trained killers aren’t know for giving up so how do you stop the Assassin’s Guild from hunting you to the ends of the Earth?

You read on and find out!

Now that Elektra has committed to protecting Cape Crow and Kento, it isn’t like she had much of a choice, in accepting Kento’s job, she’s made herself an enemy of the entire Assassin’s Guild and now they want her dead too, they have trouble finding a safe resting place because the Guild has DNA-seeking satellites and psychics searching the planet for them.  Cape Crow has a number of hideouts stashed away but the Guild always finds them and now, they’ve come to the last of his hideaways and Elektra knows it’s only a matter of time before they’re found again.  Elektra knows the only way to find true safety is to take the fight to the leadership of the Guild but since nobody knows who, or where they are, she has to wait until a truly worthy assassin, someone high ranking in the organization, comes after them.  The only problem is, high ranking assassins are actually dangerous and they might not survive the experiment.

Elektra 7 InteriorAfter spending some time saying I liked the art in the last arc, they go and change artists this time out.  Alex Sanchez takes over the art duties and he’s got a much more traditional style which really works with this story.  In the first arc, there was a lot of dream-like sequences where the softer style worked well.  Here it’s all action and calls for something a bit different.  Unfortunately, there are moments where Sanchez misses the mark, Kento’s face changes dramatically from panel to panel and he distort’s Elektra’s anatomy badly here and there.  Maybe he just needs time to work out his craft, but it won’t be here, Michael del Mundo is supposed to be back with the next issue.  The story, still by H. Haden Blackman, leads logically, for the most part, from the first arc, my only real concern is that this first issue is more of a set-up for the completely non-surprising reveal at the end that the assassin that’s been sent after them is Lady Bullseye from the first issue.  She was left nearly dead by her first encounter with Elektra and she allowed the surgeons to inject her with nanites that will probably kill her, but she doesn’t care so long as she gets to kill Elektra first. However, her motive for this desire to kill isn’t really well defined.  She blames Elektra for her treatment at the hands of Bloody Lips but I never saw that any of it was really Elektra’s fault.  Therefore, Lady Bullseye’s abject hatred really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Overall, I really enjoyed this follow up to the first arc.  It’s only two issues and the first of them is largely set-up, but as a means of moving through the storyline, it worked great and now we get to see Elektra going after the Assassin’s Guild.  I’m looking forward to issue #8!



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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.