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Comic Review: DOW - Deadpool & Captain America (2014) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: DOW – Deadpool & Captain America (2014)

January 20th, 2015

Death_of_Wolverine_Deadpool_&_Captain_AmericaWhile I didn’t particularly like the Death of Wolverine mini-series, what is even worse is the onslaught of tie-in titles  designed to do nothing but make money for Marvel.  So far, there are four tie-in minis that exist just to show character reactions to the temporary disappearance of Logan from the mainstream Marvel Universe.  At least this one is a one-shot that explores the loss from the perspective of  Deadpool & Captain America.

Ah well, let’s take a look at it anyhow, shall we?

Now that Wolverine is dead, the Avengers are trying to eliminate every single part of his DNA so that no bad guys can regrow a new Wolverine.  Of course, if they were going to do that, they could have done it at any time in the past, Wolverine wasn’t exactly careful about leaving his blood all over the place and, as they say, he sheds like a sheep dog.  So that part really makes no sense, why wouldn’t they assume that every bad guy on the planet doesn’t already have a supply of Wolverine DNA?  I would.  Anyhow, after burning all of Logan’s belongings, they learn of a knife that once cut Wolverine being sold to A.I.M. in Moscow.  Old-timer Steve Rogers and Deadpool head off for Russia where they’re supposed to infiltrate the highest security A.I.M. facility, which really seems to have no security to speak of. A couple of guards, that’s about it.  So they wander inside, hold up the two scientists with the knife and make good their escape, while dumping burning jet fuel all over the place.  They are aware that they’re in the middle of Moscow, right?  How are they sure that they didn’t start a massive building fire that will spread?  I just don’t know.  In the end, Deadpool gets possession of the knife and tries to decide if he should clone Wolverine.

I’m going to say that, following the first Captain America movie, having him point out every single pop culture reference is getting really obnoxious.  I don’t care if he understands it or not.  It stopped being funny a long time ago.


Spellcheckers are your friend.


Oh, and Deadpool?  It isn’t Star Trek 3, it’s Star Trek 4.  Get your pop culture references right.  Oh, and spell “chimichanga” right, it says “chinichanga” on your grenade.

The writing by Gerry Dugan is actually pretty good, the exchanges between Rogers and Wilson are funny and the art, done by  Scott Kolins and Veronica Gandini worked for the story, even though I would have been less enthusiastic for a more serious story.  If you’re a fan of Deadpool, this is more of the same. If not, you probably won’t be that impressed.  This is a very niche  one-shot, aimed at people who are fans of Deadpool more than fans of Wolverine.

That said, the whole bit where Deadpool philosophizes at the end is really kind of pointless. We all know Wolverine is coming back sooner or later (probably sooner, he’s a cash cow), but they were absolutely correct that just cloning Wolverine doesn’t give you anything worthwhile.  It gives you a feral madman with a healing factor.  It doesn’t give you his years of experience or his adamantium skeleton.  Those aren’t part of his genes.  Deadpool already has a healing factor and what comes back won’t be Wolverine, so why do it at all? Deadpool is crazy, I don’t think he’s outright stupid.

If you want a fun romp, this is your book.  Yes, it’s a blatant cash grab from Marvel, especially at a $4.99 price point, but it is entertaining, you do get to see Captain America team up with Deadpool, even if it is a geriatric Cap, and they might be setting up for Logan’s eventual return, although as I pointed out, it’s pretty stupid to do it that way.  Give it a shot, especially if you’re a fan of Dugan’s Deadpool.


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