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Comic Review: Death of Wolverine - The Weapon X Program #1-5 (2014) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program #1-5 (2014)

February 28th, 2015

Yes, I did have to use the obnoxiously cute variant cover. Thanks for asking.

This is the last of the Death of Wolverine mini-series I’m going to be looking at for the moment. If you read my review of Logan Legacy, you know that it, like The Weapon X Program, are just a set-up for a new series called Wolverines. Unlike Logan Legacy though, this isn’t just a series of memories, it’s an actual story that tells how Neuro, Sharp, Skel, Junk and Endo meet up and start to discover what has been done to them by Doctor Cornelius.

So let’s dive into this five-issue mini-series and see if it fares any better than it’s brethren.

When there’s a catastrophic fire at Camp Paradise, many of the mutated experiments who were housed and experimented on there escape, including our five “heroes”.   However, their tormentors are on their tails and they flee across the countryside, at least until they realize that they’re all carrying a tracking device. Neuro cuts them out, finishing with an unconscious woman who they picked up along the way, but she’s a telepath and reveals that there’s more to Neuro’s mysterious past than he wants anyone else to know about, therefore he kills her and makes it look like an accident.  In fact, none of these characters are what you’d call boy scouts, they each hide a darker secret and none are eager to share.  They run into Victor Creed, Sabretooth, who was also apparently an experiment (see Logan Legacy for more on that) but he’s just a dick and attacks them.  Finally, Neuro turns in the rest of his comrades, but he’s backstabbed and it’s revealed that they all have an expiration date.  Neuro turned them in, presumably to correct this problem but it’s really handled very badly.  They defeat the baddies and escape and wander off into the first issue of Wolverines.

You know, for people who have been experimented on against their will and changed genetically, none of these people seem the slightest bit disturbed, or even surprised by it.  None of them regret the change, in fact, none of them seem to care that they’re no longer human.  Some even revel in it.  That seems a bit odd, even if these are murderers and psychopaths.  It seems to me that you’d have to be Joker-level crazy not to even react and that’s not how they come off.

Weapon X Program Interior

Sorry, why does Wolverine look like Fabio?

This is a better mini-series than Logan Legacy to be sure, it has a cohesive story of sorts, decent enough characters and enough surprises to keep me reading, something that I admit has been hard to do in some of the other Death of Wolverine titles.  I do think that some of the “surprises” were a bit meaningless though.  Why did they bother with Sabretooth?  He shows up, they fight, that’s the end of it.  It came off as page filler.  Endo used to be a man before Cornelius experimented with her/him and his fiance.  Sorry, because we have no emotional connection with Endo at all, the murder of the fiance and the gender-shift have zero impact.  Neuro was a murderer?  So what?  Most of them turned out to be.  It was clear from the beginning that everyone was psychologically damaged.  Even the revelation that the voice Sharp heard in his head was Ogun really had little meaning. We were meant to think it was Wolverine, but that seemed a little farfetched from the beginning.  The appearance of Sharp as Shogun at the end was probably the most surprising, after all, the original Shogun was just an armored suit imbued with Wolverine’s soul, I find that revelation to be the most interesting of all throughout the series.

Charles Soule, who plotted the whole Death of Wolverine thing, turned in scripts here, the art was a mixed bag and I really have a problem with that. If you can’t get a single art team on a 5-issue mini-series, something is wrong. Still, it wasn’t bad, sometimes it was actually quite good, others merely meh.

I’m going to give this a better rating than many things in the Death of Wolverine storyline.  While I’m not really sold on any of the characters, I will give Wolverines a shot to see if they can actually make something of themselves. The “crazy people given superpowers and a desire to be heroes” thing isn’t the most original idea in the world but it isn’t done that often and I’ll see how they fare.


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