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Comic Review: Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1-4 (2015) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1-4 (2015)

December 25th, 2015

Deadpool finds a way to interject himself into everything, but this time, he hasn’t joined the craziness that was the 2015 Secret Wars event, no, Wade Wilson went back and played around in the original 1984 version of Secret Wars, where the Beyonder took Earth’s Greatest Heroes and pitted them against Earth’s Vilest Villains in a war for supremacy.  And they might have gotten away with it if not for the Merc with a Mouth.

So as we near the end of our Secret Wars week, does this 4-issue mini stack up?  Let’s find out as we look at Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars.

After the Avengers and the X-Men and Spider-Man and most of the Fantastic Four arrive on the original Beyonder’s world, there’s one extra person hanging around, Deadpool.  He’s not supposed to be there, heck, he wasn’t even created way back then, but that has never stopped Wade Wilson, has it?  So off they all go on an adventure, with Deadpool trying to convince everyone that he’s really a hero, as things go entirely wrong.  But what more can you expect when Deadpool is around?

With Cullen Bunn on board, you know this is going to be perfect Deadpool, he’s the one that has brought us all of the most memorable DP material of late and he doesn’t fail us here.  Yes, Deadpool does get in the way of a lot of the action that we saw in the original maxi-series, but that’s kind of the point.  This isn’t really a re-telling of the original Secret Wars, it’s Deadpool gumming up the works and making everything go sideways.  It’s what Deadpool does.

Apparently, Deadpool also jumps into bed with a lot of women too.  He shows up hitting on anything female in spandex and continues throughout.  It’s mostly playing spoiler to the romances that took place in the original comic, Colossus falling in love with the alien healer Zsaji, Lizard falling for Wasp, both of whom have the wind taken out of their sails by Deadpool.  As I said, getting in the way, that’s what DP does here and he does it well.

Matteo Lolli brings us the art, which is perfect and very reminiscent of the original Secret Wars comics.   Lolli and Bunn are two great tastes that worked great together in this comic.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

I’ve seen some complaints that Deadpool, a classic anti-hero, wasn’t nearly anti-heroic enough here, but there really wasn’t any room for it in the story.  This is a classic good vs. evil story and while DP played spoiler most of the time, when he wished for Zsaji to be brought back to life at the end, to live happily on another planet, that was certainly a selfless act.  I don’t know how heroic, but it was definitely selfless, especially since he could have wished to come back to Earth as a fashion model.  Of course, that’s not Deadpool so it was kind of a pointless wish to make, so I’m glad that he fixed Zsaji in the end.  It was a very nice gesture.

In the end, this isn’t the funniest Deadpool story you’ll ever read but I think it does exactly what it needs to do, given the storyline.  Deadpool playing the spoiler is a great setup, throwing a monkey wrench into situations that we thought we knew and being classic Wade Wilson in scenarios he’s never been in before.  They only had four issues to get through the original 12-issue story, I think they hit all of the high points, ignored the low points and gave us a really fun story along the way.  It’s a fun ride, I recommend it.


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