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Comic Review: Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 (of 4) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 (of 4)

November 22nd, 2013


It’s the end of the world as we know it and Deadpool feels fine, at least as fine as he can when his various incarnations get hacked, slashed, disemboweled, decapitated and ripped limb from limb on every page.  We finally get to the last issue of the last mini-series of the Killology and we get down to the last Deadpool… or do we?

If you’ve read the first three issues, you know what to expect.  Blood, guts and all the Deadpool body parts flying around the page that you can handle.  It’s Deadpool and Pandapool taking on Trexpool, Deadpool the Duck and D.E.A.D.P.O.O.L. and it doesn’t stop there.  After making sushi of the assorted ‘pools, our friend the Deadpool Watcher sacrifices himself to wield the power cosmic-pool (why not, everything else is Deadpool, right?) and open up the portal to the planet of the Deadpools where, what else… more bloodshed. Pages of it.  Finally, he comes face to face with the Deadpool who killed the Marvel Universe, who is convinced that the Deadpools are some kind of creative deities who can control the universe.  They all have to die so that the multiverse can live.  DKTMU-pool has, through sheer strength of will, turned off his ability to regenerate and invites 616-pool to do the same thing so they can fight to the death and finally bring an end to all of the ‘pools everywhere.  616-pool waxes philosophically and realizes that he really does have the power to manipulate reality by not only generating a knife sticking out of DKTMU-pool’s chest but then restarting his healing factor to keep him from dying.  Oh, let’s be serious, 616-pool lops his head off and pours acid all over the body.  It can’t be that easy.  However, as 616-pool wanders off into the sunset, wondering if there are any Deadpools left out there who might have been spared from the fighting, a shadowy figure plots and plans, he has more in store for Deadpool.

Now I’ve really enjoyed this series so far, it was silly without being ridiculous and it’s felt very… Deadpoolish, I guess.  Cullen Bunn is really good at writing Deadpool-esque dialogue most of the time and Salva Espin did a great job on this issue, especially considering the ridiculous number of dead Deadpools that had to be drawn.  It’s a bloodbath.  It’s a huge bloodbath.  It’s a ridiculously huge bloodbath and we can add some more adjectives to it as well.  In fact, they added dozens of entirely new Deadpools just to kill them off in this issue.  Grootpool!  Roninpool!  There are lots of them.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool 004-010

Unfortunately, that was also a problem.  The unfortunate reality is that there just isn’t all that much here in the final issue.  Oh sure, things get wrapped up, but plot-wise, it was pretty thin.  They ran page after page of Deadpool slaughter and it all felt like filler.  They were just trying to get in enough pages to make the comic and in the end, it’s really an anti-climax where “Jerk-pool”, our sewn-together villain, survives the whole thing and has something more in store for our hero.  Um, huh?  Nothing was really resolved, we just cleared the ranks of the <fill in the blank>-pools and are now right back where we were at the beginning of the first issue.  I found that very disappointing.  I guess I shouldn’t be because, as I now know, this might be the end of the Killology but it’s not the end of the story, a fourth mini-series, called “Night of the Living Deadpools”, is planned for sometime next year.  I hate it when this happens, just like this year’s Under the Dome TV series that was promised as a complete story in 13 episodes getting a second season.  I guess we can look forward to Deadpool taking on the Marvel Zombies?

Looking at this from an entire series standpoint, it was great, the writing was fantastic, the art was amazing and the creativity to come up with all of those different Deadpools, not to mention the different characteristics for those who stuck around longer than a page or two, was really wonderful.  However, this was touted as being the end of the saga, the last of the Killology and I was hoping for a great wrap-up to the story and I don’t know that I got that.  It was a “oh hi there, I’ll kill you now, bye bye.”  That’s not what I was looking for, especially since, on the next page, they set up their next mini-series.  Next one?  This was supposed to be the last.  I guess we can’t trust Marvel to keep their word, can we?  Had this issue finished stronger, I would have given Deadpool Kills Deadpool near-perfect marks.  I just can’t though, given the weakness of the last few pages.  Close, Marvel, really, really close but no cigar.

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