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Comic Review: Daredevil - Dark Nights #7 (of 8) - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Daredevil – Dark Nights #7 (of 8)

January 28th, 2014

Daredevil Dark Nights 7

So far, as anyone who has read all of my reviews of the Daredevil: Dark Nights mini-series, I’ve really liked most of the various and sundry story arcs and as we come to issue #7, the middle issue of the final arc, things are still going pretty well.

However, just like the middle movie in a trilogy, things have slowed down a bit to set up the finale that comes next month.  The same thing happened with issue #2 and it’s no surprise it happened again.

Is it a good slow down though?  That remains to be seen.

Last issue, Nestor Canosa was kidnapped by a drug kingpin named King and his brother Oscar Gomez.  He had been brought to Florida by Matt Murdock to be the lead witness in a legal case against Oscar,  but King wants to keep that from happening.  Therefore, his minions captured Nestor and killed FBI agent Keller in the process.  This made Matt Murdock mad.  Joined by bionic detective Misty Knight, they’re trying to get Nestor back, alive and well, before the authorities have to let Oscar go to spread more of his drug filth on the streets of Miami.  So it’s off to Cuba, where King has a huge compound, they go, but King’s well armed and more than a little crazy and he shoots them down.  Together, they raft aboard, with Misty hitting on Matt constantly, trying to sneak in under King’s radar, but he knows they’re coming and he’s ready for them…

And that’s about all that happens.  Oh sure, there’s the sequence where King is playing video games with a girl and when she loses, he makes her fight her twin brother with swords.  That made a lot of sense.  Who in their right mind is going to work for a psychotic madman with a penchant for randomly killing their employees? I also don’t get the far-too-often used plot device that you let the heroes get right up into your business without bothering them because… I don’t know really.  Why not just kill them when you have the opportunity?  They think that Matt is dead after a running battle through the streets and Misty mourns him, but if they really wanted them dead, wouldn’t it have been easier to kill them in the raft when they were out at sea?  Illogical, irrational bad guys bug me.  King knew that they’d survive the missile attack on their helicopter so why did he do it?  Why do these villains just mess with the heroes?  That bothers me a lot.

Daredevil DN 7 PgWhat else bothers me?  Misty and her bionic horny overload.  Okay, they have a history together, we know that, but they were blown out of the sky, they almost died and they’re lucky to have an inflatable raft, but all she can think of is getting it on? They barely manage to get to Cuba, they’re in the middle of enemy territory and are trying to stay incognito and Misty is trying to peek at Matt changing his clothes?  She makes jokes about the tight pants she bought him?  Seriously?  Tone it down a few dozen notches please!

Because not a whole lot happened here and it’s almost all setup, I can’t give this as good a score as I might have, had anything of interest really gone on.  Usually, middle-movies give a lot of exposition or drama to fill in the holes made by a lack of progress in the plot.  I didn’t get that here.  It was long and drawn out and while there was action, it wasn’t action that really meant anything, it was just filler and Misty humping Daredevil’s leg.  It should have been better.  That’s why Daredevil: Dark Nights gets:


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