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Comic Review: Ant-Man #1-5 - Cephus' Corner

Comic Review: Ant-Man #1-5

July 18th, 2015

MarvelComics_Ant-Man-NickSpencer-03I’m really not sure why I picked this up, I suppose that some of it had to do with the upcoming Ant-Man movie that will probably be out by the time this posts. I also picked up the 2-issue Ant-Man preview and I guess that I just kept going with the next Ant title.

This isn’t about the original Ant-Man, but Scott Lang, the man who stole the Ant-Man suit and has been desperately trying to make a living with it.  When he decides to go it alone in a new town, his estranged daughter Cassie becomes the focus of a fight against time.  Can getting small help save her life?

Scott Lang is a loser.  He stole the Ant-Man suit and has been trying to make money with it, everything from a life of crime to being a security consultant for Tony Stark but nothing has worked.  He moves south to Miami Beach where he’s reunited with his ex-wife and his estranged daughter Cassie.  His ex wants him to keep his distance but Scott is, if nothing else, a good father.  However, when Augustine Cross thinks he can borrow some parts from Cassie to resurrect his father Darren, you know Scott is going to… shrink to the rescue.

This is really a short story into which Spencer stuffs a ton of background on Lang.  Some of it is great material, some of it is a bit unnecessary, but it’s a great read regardless.  The real meat of the story comes in the last half, where Lang tries to save Cassie.  Some of that story is fantastic, some is a bit confusing.  For one thing, Spencer doesn’t acknowledge a lot of things that happened to Cassie lately, such as her being brought back from the dead and being reunited with her father in Avengers World #16.  The other part I questioned was where Cross stole Cassie’s heart to bring back his father and she had another heart that was just conveniently laying around reimplanted to save her life.  When her  body started to reject it, Scott miniaturized himself to molecular size to wipe out the white blood cells that were attacking her new heart.  Okay, organ rejection is not something that just happens once, it will go on for the rest of the life of the recipient, that’s why they end up taking medication to control it for the rest of their lives.  This might not be as big a deal, but later, Scott’s ex wife is told that Cassie is just fine, she is never told that her heart was replaced or that Scott went inside to save her life.  She’s told that Scott called the doctor who saved her life instead.  So how is anyone going to explain the huge scar on Cassie’s chest or the anti-rejection drugs she needs to take?  Even if something happens and she stops rejecting her new heart, the scar is going to remain.  It just didn’t make sense and I wish they had explained it away at the end somehow.

The writing by Nick Spencer is fantastic and art duties by Ramon Rosanas and Jordan Boyd are great. You remember Ramon Rosanas, who did the Night of the Living Deadpool mini, he’s still cranking out some really awesome artwork.

Minor problems aside, I found myself enjoying Ant-Man more than I thought I would.  It’s not really a character I care much about but there was plenty of humor and just the right amount of pathos to make it a fun read all the way through.  I have no idea what might happen to the character through Secret Wars but this story, at least, was fun.


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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.