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BoardGameGeek Gets Dumped - Cephus' Corner

BoardGameGeek Gets Dumped

May 26th, 2014

BoardGameGeekToday, I deleted my account on BoardGameGeek and removed it from my list of forums, although by the time you read this, it will have been several weeks, at least, in the past.  It’s something I should have done long ago, I’ve written several times, far too often, truth be told, about how distasteful I found a lot of people over on the Geek and how little I really enjoyed being on there.  Finally, I had enough and I decided that my frustration at being around those idiots vastly outweighed any information or enjoyment I got.

Therefore it’s gone.

Now I’m not particularly mad at the people who run BGG, I’m frustrated at the fandom. I’m frustrated that so many people within the fandom are complete and utter fanatics. They are no fun to be around.  It’s virtually impossible to have any kind of intelligent discussion on the forums.  If you disagree with the prevailing “wisdom”, you get attacked and insulted and vilified.  Very few are willing to just have a chat, present points intelligently, discuss differences, etc. They want to “win” and grind their enemies beneath their heel.  That’s what the most vocal majority wants and those are not people I choose to spend my time around.

Therefore, away it goes.

They’re probably not alone though, I’ve spent the last couple of days purging similar sites from my life, forums where people are not willing to be rational, blogs where fanaticism reigns and intelligent discussion is unheard of.  It’s just not fun anymore and I realized that I wasn’t getting anything worthwhile out of it.  Where is the fun in people running around screaming “my collection is better than your collection!”  What enjoyment is there in being constantly insulted because you’re not Kickstarting every new game under the sun?  In fact, I recently pointed out that Kickstarter is probably harming the board gaming hobby, something I spoke about in detail here, and was told that if local game stores went out of business, fuck ’em, at least they got their games!

These people are idiots and not worth my time.

BGG isn’t the only one to get the axe, there are a couple of others that I summarily deleted my account from as well, for many of the same reasons.  I also culled my Google+ community list quite dramatically because mostly, those communities are not for discussion, they’re for posting mindless memes, idiotic ‘shipping and links to blogs and other money-making schemes.  No thanks.  I gave up on the Tomorrow People community, for instance, when I pointed out the absurdity of the “they can’t kill” idea and was attacked by people who said that not only should I not watch the show if I don’t love everything about it, but that I should go die in a fire.  Yeah, right.  I’m there to talk, not to look at pictures and make people money.  There’s probably another round of Google+ cuts that need to happen and, unfortunately, I fear that the overwhelming majority of the site is centered around such things.  No thanks, I pass.

I know this is a question I’ve asked before, without a satisfactory answer, but where do the intelligent, non-fanatic people go?  What do people who want to talk about their interests without it turning into a major dick-waving incident do?  If there is such a place out there, I certainly haven’t come across it.  Some sites may not be as bad but all of them suffer from this kind of irrational stupidity to some degree or another.

It really sucks being a rational, intellectual person in an irrational world.

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