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Board Game Review: World War Z - Cephus' Corner

Board Game Review: World War Z

May 21st, 2014

World War Z

My oldest daughter really liked the original World War Z book by Max Brooks.  The same can’t really  be said for the movie, which I didn’t really care for, but we ended up getting her this a while back and never got around to playing it.

All that’s changed now, we’ve got a couple of games under our collective belts and now, it’s time for my review of World War Z: The Card Game.

I’ll be honest, the theme here is entirely pasted on, it has little, if anything, to do with the original book, virtually nothing to do with the movie and if it didn’t have zombies, there wouldn’t be any kind of connection at all.  Like the Godzilla game that I reviewed earlier, it’s a quick, fun little card game that only has a theme to draw fans of that particular genre.

World War Z CardsSo what is the World War Z Card Game?  Each player takes a continent and each continent can be attacked by zombies from each of the four card edges.  Players start with five cards and each turn, they draw a single card and can play either on their own continent or on the other players.  You can play zombie cards on other players and you can use soldiers or elite soldiers to make your own continent safer.  There are three weapons in the game and if you collect three of a single weapon card, they can be played to make one of the card edges on your continent permanently safe from zombie invaders.  The first player to make their continent safe, meaning they have all soldiers or weapons around their entire border, wins the game.

This is a very simplistic game that plays in 5-10 minutes and requires very little brain power.  It makes an interesting filler game but, to be honest, the card quality is really, really bad, they’re thin, with square corners and that makes them both easy to damage and difficult to shuffle.  The artwork leaves something to be desired, there is a single design for all of the cards and it almost looks like it was copied off the Internet.  Still, for a game that costs less than $10, there’s something mindlessly fun about it. Throwing down zombies on your opponents is enjoyable and the fact that, as you put out weapons to permanently block others from playing zombies along that coast, the number of cards in your hand goes down and cannot be replenished just feels right. After all, the harder you work to keep the zombies away, the less time you have to gather resources and those resources do diminish.

Certainly this is never going to be a  go-to game, it’s quick, it’s absurdly simple and visually, it’s not the most interesting thing on the planet.  Still, if you like zombies and quick “gotcha” action, for the price you probably won’t find a more quirky, fun game. It won’t hit the table often but when it does, it’ll make you smile.

World War Z: The  Card Game

University Press

List Price: $11.99, available for $8 online



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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.