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Belated Review: Jason Bourne (2016) - Cephus' Corner

Belated Review: Jason Bourne (2016)

January 10th, 2017

Yes, we know his name and it isn’t Jason Bourne.

I was a fan of at least the first couple of Bourne movies, but never got around to seeing the latest one until Christmas when, having nothing better to do, we threw in the Bluray and gave it a watch.  So here’s my review of the 2016 film, Jason Bourne.

Set a decade after the previous film, Bourne still lives a life in exile, fighting in illegal clubs for an income.  His ex-handler hacks into the CIA to expose a new top secret program and this brings Bourne back into the fray. Meanwhile, rock-star Aaron Kaloor is bringing a new social media platform online, but it’s stuffed full of CIA spyware and he feels bad about it.  Now the CIA is trying to kill Bourne again, or bring him in, and he gets wrapped up in online privacy concerns and a murder plot linked back to his very origins in the agency.

The problem is, we’ve seen all of this before.  CIA bad.  CIA wants to kill Jason Bourne.  Jason Bourne kicks the crap out of the CIA.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Seriously, if they’d just leave Bourne alone, they might survive, bad things only happen when they rouse the Bourne beast.  You’d think they’d learn.  Even in the fourth movie where Bourne played “Sir Does-Not-Appear-In-This-Movie”, they were still after Bourne.  Seriously, why is Bourne so bloody important?

The whole Deep Dream sub-plot was totally wasted.  They could have  dropped it and not lost a thing.  Bourne wasn’t invested in the plot at all, he didn’t really care about the CIA invading American privacy, he just wanted to be left alone and for his friends to survive.  So what did the character of Aaron Kaloor do for the film except provide a heavy-handed message on privacy?  Not a thing.  And at the end of the movie, you had Kaloor try to tell the American people that the CIA was involved and it never really goes anywhere.  We don’t see any repercussions from that revelation.  So why bother?

I don’t know where they could really go beyond this.  I mean the director of the CIA is dead now.  The guy who killed Bourne’s father is dead now.  Bourne knows his past.  I’m not seeing any reason to do any other movies, but they’ve already announced another one.  So long as they continue to make money, I suspect they will continue to make movies, whether they have any artistic merit or not.


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