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Belated Review: Doctor Strange (2016) - Cephus' Corner

Belated Review: Doctor Strange (2016)

May 7th, 2017

Oh look what came out on Bluray!  Just happened to see it while out shopping and now that I’ve seen it, it’s time for me to weigh in on the adventures of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange.

I want to say I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Doctor Strange over the years.  I loved him as part of the Defenders and am looking forward to seeing him in the Netflix mini-series, but as an independent character, he’s never been particularly interesting to me.  I’m not a magic guy and he’s a mystic character.  So I have some trepidation going into this, we’ll have to see how the movie fares.

Doctor Stephen Strange is an egotistical, but highly talented surgeon, but when he’s in a terrible car accident, his hands are injured beyond repair and he can no longer use his talents to save lives.  Instead, he travels to Kathmandu, where he seeks out the Ancient One, who he believes can heal him, but instead of fixing his hands, she gives him a new path in life as the Sorcerer Supreme.

First off, if you’re looking for bizarre eye candy, this is the movie for you.  It’s Inception on steroids, where what’s going on makes no sense, but wow is it pretty to look at.  Of course, I’m not really an eye candy kind of guy, I want substance over style, but even I had to admit that they were doing things that you don’t see every day in a Marvel Movie.

But beyond the aesthetics, there really isn’t a lot to recommend the movie from a plot perspective.  It isn’t badly written, but there’s nothing here to write home about either.  Even if you know nothing about the comic characters, there isn’t anything all that surprising here.  It comes off like your generic origin story with flashy graphics.  I really expected a little more.

Plus, they start the movie saying that you can never play with time or there may be immense consequences, then Strange not only reverses the destruction of a city, but he plays time games with Dormammu over and over again.  There are no immediate and significant consequences to either, which makes me wonder if there actually are any.  That kind of thing bugs me, it’s like setting up Chekov’s gun, then forgetting all about it.  Even though they say there will be consequences, as a stand-alone movie, it needs to be shown here, not in some unspecified future.

I’m certainly not trying to tear the movie down, I just wanted a little bit more substance and a little less flash.  The casting was well done, the CGI is amazing, but looking back at it from a story perspective, it just needed to be better.  Maybe the inevitable sequel will be a little different.


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