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Bad Movie Review: Einstein's God Model (2016) - Cephus' Corner

Bad Movie Review: Einstein’s God Model (2016)

October 22nd, 2017

It could have had potential, I’ll give it that, but 2016’s Einstein’s God Model, directed by Phillip T. Johnson, just never delivered on the promise.

Now this is an indie movie that has been around the indie circuit and has some things to recommend it.  Some of the acting, although certainly not all of it, is decent, the idea, as I said, has potential and the visuals are interesting, but I really think the whole thing falls apart in the end into incoherence.

So let’s take a look at a movie that I started off with high hopes for, but which just couldn’t make it to the end.When anesthesiologist Brayden loses his girlfriend to a car accident, he starts searching for a way to talk to her again.  To that end, he discovers an experiment proposed by Edison that might allow him to get into contact with her and that throws him into a world of undercover physicists trying to reach the other side.

Right off the bat, this reminds me of a lot of movies, it isn’t all that original in its premise.  I was thinking of a couple of movies while watching it, from Flatliners to Brainstorm. Trying to talk to the dead is a staple of science fiction and while this certainly isn’t the worst, it isn’t the best either.

Now I will say off the bat that the death of Brayden’s girlfriend is extremely silly. First, they announce she is pregnant at a dinner party, only to have her lose the baby for unexplained reasons.  She manages to wander out of the hospital and into the street, where a distraught Brayden drives around searching for her, narrowly avoiding running her over, only to have another car come by and plow into her.  It was a comedy of errors that deserved in a Monty Python sketch.  I didn’t find any of it touching, I found it funny.  That’s not how you start off your movie.

And the God Model experiments were painfully predictable as well.  In the opening sequence, college student Craig Leeham is getting hooked up to a machine.  The second I saw the thick goggles he was wearing, I knew his eyes were going to explode.

Now that’s not to say this is a terrible movie, if you can get past the blatant low budget and predictability of it all.  The actors all do a passable job and the CGI, while not amazing, is certainly interesting in its design and usage.  I can see that this was an effort of love for director Philip T. Johnson, but sometimes, a passion project doesn’t turn out to be a great movie.

But in conclusion, please, someone explain to me why, since everything is Edison’s equipment, why did they put Einstein’s name in the title?  It makes no sense at all.


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