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Anime Review: Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 (2015) - Cephus' Corner

Anime Review: Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 (2015)

May 10th, 2016

As I mentioned at the end of my review of the first season of Aldnoah.Zero, the main character was shot in the head and knowing the Japanese, he just might be dead.  While they didn’t actually do that, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but the war continues between the embattled people of Earth and the technologically superior Vers Empire from Mars.  Political aspirations rise and fall as humans fight for their very existence.

Who will survive?  Let’s take a look.

I already noted that our main character, Inaho, who had been shot in the face in the last episode of the first season, survived.  Oh, he suffered significant damage, they had to replace his left eye with an artificial one and parts of his brain with what they call an “analytical engine”.  This makes him faster and more accurate of a fighter, able to analyze the situation with extreme precision and take many variables into account.  It’s also slowly killing him as it takes over more and more of his brain.  Princess Asseylum was also shot, but while her injuries were less extreme, she fell into a coma for a year and a half.

As we start season 2, 19 months have passed, during which Inaho has recovered and learned to use his prosthetics, Slaine has rejoined the Vers Empire under his master, Count Saazbaum and Princess Asseylum floats in a recovery tank and no one is sure if she’ll ever wake up.  Her half-sister, Princess Lemrina, has been impersonating her, using one of the holographic generators that we saw in the first season, to keep up the illusion that the Princess is still alive and well. Only Saazbaum, Slaine and Eddelrittuo know the truth.  But as the war heats up, Slaine’s machinations and hunger for power bring him to the leadership of the 39 Clans and he launches an all-out assault on Earth, determined to take it for the Vers Empire and his own glory.

I’ve actually heard people complain that Inaho was too powerful but I don’t really get it.  He was the hero.  He played the hero role.  This is common in virtually all anime, especially mecha anime in the Gundam tradition. Amuro Rey was very powerful.  Camille Vidan was very powerful.  It’s one of the tropes of the genre.

I had also complained about the ridiculously powerful enemy mechs that were all individualized and had virtual godlike powers.  I said that they should have mass produced them for the troops and they did so here, or at the very least, they did have a mass produced machine that the individual counts didn’t pilot. Still, the godlike machines were not only ludicrously powerful, every single one of them had a really fatal flaw that allowed Inaho and his team to wipe it out once identified.  All of them had that exhaust port that led directly to the reactor, which was a bit silly.  It’s plot convenience though and it let the heroes face unbelievable odds and still come out on top.  It does make the bad guys look a bit stupid though.

In the end though, the war ended a lot differently than I thought it would, Inaho rescued Slaine and he ended up in a Magneto plastic prison, complete with plastic chess pieces, and the world… two worlds in fact, were saved.  This is a show I am really, really going to miss.  I know there is no more, although I’d love to see a movie or something, but damn, sometimes there are series that you just identify with and this was one for me.  Get out there and watch it.  If you like the standard mecha tropes with a couple of twists and turns, it’s only a 24 episode commitment,  you owe it  to yourself to see Aldnoah.Zero.


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