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An Entirely Different View of Games - Cephus' Corner

An Entirely Different View of Games

August 27th, 2013

We’re taking your controller, you’re not playing the right way!

I used to play a lot of MMOs, I’d still play them if there were any good ones to play, but since there aren’t, I don’t bother.  I do play a lot of single-player games though, although it’s hard to find many really good single-player games that aren’t just a training ground for multi-player content.

I don’t really want to play with anyone.

No, I’m not being particularly anti-social, it’s just that it’s hard to find anyone who wants to play the way I want to play and I see no point in playing a game and having no fun doing it.  In your typical MMO, the overwhelming majority of people are racing to end-game, they want to kill as many mobs, grab as much loot, level as fast as humanly possible so that they can enjoy the end-game.  I don’t enjoy the end-game, in fact, I think the concept of an end-game is idiotic.  I don’t have the slightest interest in raiding, I detest all forms of PvP with a passion and the gear grind is ridiculous, that essentially makes an end-game worthless to me.  I actually enjoy leveling and exploring, I go through dungeons making sure I killed every single thing within, looted every single coin, searched every single room.  In the time it might take me to go through a single dungeon on my own, the end-game-racers could have probably cleared half a dozen.  Where they want to measure their battles in seconds, I don’t mind spending 10-15 minutes fighting a particularly difficult boss.  There’s no fun in constantly chasing after a group who is doing something I hate, therefore I don’t do it.

The way I look at games, any games, is it is a way to waste free time and have fun doing it.  That is the sum total of my interest in playing games.  They are no different than watching a movie, they’re just more interactive.  A good movie can take up a couple hours of your time.  A good single-player game can take up weeks.  A well-done MMO, potentially, months or years.  I’m really more interested in seeing the story that the game developer crafted, while blowing my way through pixelated bad guys.  I don’t want the experience to be totally milk-toast but neither do I want to be frustrated.  I’ll usually play through a game on normal difficulty setting.  If I really enjoyed it, or I’m replaying it at a later date, or I’m just in the mood to mow down monsters, I might put it on the highest difficulty setting and then kick on “god mode” so I can’t be killed but I have an endless mass of enemies constantly thrown at me.


Fun is apparently prohibited in video games, it’s all about dick-waving.

For some reason I don’t understand, this tends to piss off the video game “purists” who seem to think that the only way to play a video game is as a dick-waving contest.  See, that’s the thing, I run into so many people who want to treat games like they’re competitions.  They want to beat people.  They want to show off.  They want to turn in a personal best on the hardest settings with one hand tied behind their back.  I don’t.  In fact, I have absolutely no interest in any way, shape or form in showing off, I find such things terribly immature.  They gasp in horror that anyone would play a game for any reason other than to feel superior about themselves.  “God mode” is a dirty word to them.  All they care about are their stats, showing off, wagging their tiny dick around for all to see.

I honestly don’t get that kind of gamer.  Are these people so pathetic in real life that they have to live vicariously through their in-game achievements?  Are they such losers in the real world that they have to strut around as virtual pixels, showing off?  What gives?  Is the only challenge they can achieve sitting behind the keyboard, clicking on the mouse as fast as they can?  These things strike me as pretty weak and absurd ways to feel good about oneself, but hey, who asked me right?

It’s sad, but I see tons of people whining endlessly about how everyone needs to play every game exactly the way they play it, that their way is the only way that ought to be acceptable and if you play any other way, you’re doing it wrong.  Be a dick-waver, or at the very least, be a target for the dick-waver to pwn so they can feel good about themselves.

Whatever happened to just having a good time on your own terms?  In the days where Lego sets are designed to build one or two things, where’s the imagination?  What happened to just getting a bunch of pieces and you decided where they went and nothing you did was wrong, or right for that matter, so long as you enjoyed yourself.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only way I want to play games.  They are for wasting time and having fun.  They are not a sport.  They are not a confidence-enhancing mechanism.  They are  a way to have a good time.  I just hate feeling alone in that conclusion.

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