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Why I Support the Institute in Fallout 4

November 29th, 2016

I never really got the paranoia of the Institute in Fallout 4.  In fact, the Institute seems to be one of the only decent factions in the game, if you want to look at it realistically. Yet when I say I favor the Institute, even other Fallout 4 players get upset with me because they’re supposed to be “evil”.  But why are they evil?  Why are they worse than anyone else in the game?  Let’s look at that, shall we?

No TV Thursday for a While

November 24th, 2016

Just wanted to say that TV Thursday won’t make an appearance for a bit, just because I’ve used up all of my backlog and until a series ends, I won’t be able to review it.  That said, there is a *TON* in the queue, I think I counted 18 series that are currently on the air that I’m watching, or at least trying to watch, and once they start to roll off, I should have enough material for a number of months.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten, there just isn’t anything to write about at the moment.

Belated Review: Tomorrowland (2015)

November 20th, 2016

I ended up getting Tomorrowland at the same time that I got Ant-Man, and for the same reason.  The price on Amazon finally started to drop and since I was ordering a couple of things anyhow, I threw these two in.  Now I’ll admit that I was really intrigued by Tomorrowland from the trailers, but I had also heard that the movie had problems, that’s why I never jumped on it.

So was it as good as I hoped, or as problematic as I’d heard?  Let’s find out.

Belated Review: Ant-Man (2015)

November 19th, 2016

Wow, it took me forever to get this, and honestly, that’s because Amazon didn’t drop the price on Ant-Man for a year.  I had so many other things going on, and usually Amazon does a significant price drop on Blurays almost immediately, that when this and another movie I waited forever on, Tommorrowland, sat virtually unchanged at their release prices for a year, I just didn’t bother.

So was it bad that I waited and watched other things?  Let’s fine out as I review the smallest superhero that Marvel has done to date.

The State of App Gaming

November 6th, 2016

I’ll be honest, I’m not particularly happy with the state of app gaming right now, especially so-called freemium games.  The idea that you either have to suffer through a “free” game because you refuse to engage in micro-transactions, or that it just costs you an arm and a leg to “win” is absurd to me. I wouldn’t say if these companies offered a paid version, give them $30 and you get a game that isn’t hobbled with pay walls, but they’d lose money that way, everyone would just buy the game and they wouldn’t get tons of cash from those with poor impulse control.

But I’m not one of those people.  I don’t care what the business model a developer chooses to use, I will play the game as released, whether they choose to charge for it up front or not, not give them a red cent in micro-transaction money ever, and if it’s fun, I’ll keep playing, if not, I won’t.

There are really only a few games I’m currently keeping up on, but I’m really unhappy with all of them.  I started playing Dragonvale because they said you can breed all of the dragons with enough patience and time.  That means you don’t have to pay, you can just breed.  That’s fine, but that’s not really the case anymore.  As with games like Dragon Story, they would release so many new dragons that it would be literally impossible to ever get them all without handing over your credit card and I have a serious problem with pay-to-win games.  Dragonvale has started to do that and as soon as they did, I stopped caring very much.  The other is Simpsons: Tapped Out, which has the same problem, the constant whining for money and introducing so much stuff that you can’t get it all without paying.  It used to be that you could, if you were attentive, get everything in an event just by playing a lot.  Now that’s impossible in both Dragonvale and Tapped Out.  Therefore, I’ve almost completely stopped playing them.

In fact, with my new tablet, while I downloaded Tapped Out again, I don’t think I’ve logged into it once.  Dragonvale gets played half-heartedly, if at all, I’ll go days without starting it up.  Fallout Shelter really only gets started when I sent dwellers out on quests because that’s the only really fun part of the game.

Don’t think I’m cheap though, I spend a ton of money on games, but most games out there are “freemium” because it makes more money and those aren’t really that much fun.  I think I’m playing Pokemon Go more than anything right now, which is kind of sad.  I just want to have fun.  I want games that are fun. I don’t care if they want to charge for it, but I will never engage in micro-transactions because that’s not fun.  What else is left these days?

Belated Review: X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

November 1st, 2016

As badly as I think Fox has handled pretty much every comic book property they’ve had, I genuinely liked the first two X-Men movies they made.  I think Bryan Singer did a really good job on the first and a passable job on the second, but from there they went straight into the toilet.

Now we have X-Men: Apocalypse.  Does it follow the horrible slide into utter crap that the X-Men movies have made thus far, or does it reverse course and actually make a comeback?  I guess you’re going to have to read on to find out.

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A Place to Share my Geeky Side With the World. Comics, movies, TV, collecting, you name it, I indulge in it.